Entente Cordiale - Welcome
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Welcome to Common Wealth UK=OK!
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2016 UK GREATBritish BRexit OK!
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Common Wealth is Common Sense with Sir Jeremy Corby PM
Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn is On Her Majestys Service
connecting our World for Peace with
Great British Rail
and Her Majestys Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel.

I am HMS RMT Fleet Admiral Paul Bright including
everyone in the Inclusive Commonwealth, especially
our German and Philippine sisters and brothers who
have only just recently learned about the UK=OK!
Inclusive Commonwealth. The whole world is
going English with GO ENGLISH so we need
millions of English Teachers, Nurses,
Doctors and Seafarers from
all over the world.

Since 1414 a few Good Council of Constance members
together with Great Britain have been working for
World Peace and now the possibility of this
Great Goal is finally within our reach
with The Inclusive Commonwealth.

From Peace to War and Peace again...

In 1899 The Konstanz Inter Stadt Strassenbahn
was planned for sustainable travel for all to
Constance and now in 2016 we are building
our Bodensee Strassenbahn Betreib which
connects everone to the Elisabeth Line
ships and trains from Australia to
the Philippines, China, Russia,
Germany and on to the UK.


WISE nations of W
ales, Ireland, Scotland, England,
France and the rest of the world are all
independent and free with BRexit.

BRexit with B
ritish Rail and Sealink replaces
deadly cars on our roads. We help all drivers
sell their cars and lead a better life with RMT
Trade Union protected Public Transport for all.

The UK is OK! with The Inclusive Commonwealth.

Everyone can participate in the buildup to YES
Scotland and FREEDOM. Selling your car and
getting a bicycle will be good for you and
good for the neighbourhood too and
more passengers means more
buses and more trains


JOIN STOP RISK and Save Our Children while you work.

We replace cars with bicycles in support of The United Nations
Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011~2020. We have opportunities
for GREAT people everywhere who are dedicated to STOP RISK.

WE are an International NGO with opportunities worldwide.
Our website is www.STOPRISK.de.tl Democratic Excellent
Travel Liberty sets the World FREE for a better tomorrow.

Everyone is invited to Join The Inclusive Commonwealth
LEFT Party standing for Decent Democratic Royalist Europe
since 2016=1945 with VICTORY over
German fascists in cars.

We STOP RISK by protecting The Commonwealth
together with our allies in The Police and Royal Forces.
We support the Royal British Legion for World Peace.

We shall rescue our children who were kidnapped
by the €U backed Bokum HAR€€M and I$I$ terror
groups and now held in German owned brothels.

The LONG ARM OF THE LAW is a global operation.

Join us as an agent helping LOYAL Commonwealth supporters
replace deadly German cars with Commonwealth
produced Bicycles and Public Transport.


Flag of Hawaii
Flag of Canada.svgFile:Flag of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars).svgFlag of the People's Republic of China.svgFlag of South Africa.svgFlag of Australia.svgFlag of New Zealand.svg Cycling
Stena Explorer at Dún Laoghaire

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BOND for World Peace and Love
Live on Top of the World
SKYFALL onto your Ship:

More http://rlv.zcache.com/i_love_faroe_islands_postcard-p239161204187868032envli_400.jpg fun

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