Entente Cordiale - Welcome cards

Stop commercial risk with bright welcome cards...
Stop the risk of competition by being the best there is...
Bright welcome cards grow your business...

Welcome !

Our cards give hotel guests and city visitors FREE transport
and good incentives to be loyal customers again and again
so you will earn more money and keep the best customers !

bright cards grow business...

Based in Bournemouth ~ we serve the world.

We provide bright welcome cards to tourists and business visitors.
With a bright welcome card the holder is entitled to FREE
use of public transport and FREE or reduced admission to
museums as well as other participating resort and city attractions.

We connect customers across Europe, Asia and the World.
As well as our affiliated air connections everywhere,
We have train and ship connections every day from
London to
Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen,
Oslo, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Beijing
with onward connections to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand
Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and all the Pacific Islands.

brightconnections for good
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