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The UK and Russian Passport THEFT and TRAFFICKING of our daughter by our Russian Secretary is an internal corporate RISK we really need to STOP. Therefore Maria can SURRENDER the STOLEN PASSPORTS or face trial at the TRIBUNAL DE GRANDE INSTANCE IN BELFORT.

Dear Justice SCHERB, High Court Judges, POLICE, Social Services, elected representatives and members of the public,

BRIGHT versus ANISIMOVA is a very diplomatic and complex case where a fair outcome is in the national interests of France and The United Kingdom as well as Switzerland. Understanding the actual reasons for the deeply deceptive and unreasonable behaviour of Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 and her many accomplices in this case is vital for JUST and FAIR Judgement to be made. The correct judgement of this case will save millions of British, French, Swiss and allied lives as well as protecting Global Freedom and Democracy for future generations to enjoy a happy and safe childhood. Every generation builds up wealth and experience to pass on to the next generation. We hope this case will protect humanity by The Grace of God !

We are Eva and Paul BRIGHT and are Christians married on the 6th of January 2002 in London, United Kingdom. We are the parents of Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 who takes her second first name from the first name of her loving paternal Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT and is a British Citizen currently studying at the Porrentruy Lyceum in Switzerland in preparation for a career serving Her Majesty The Queen in The Royal Navy and an excellent education at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. We are also the parents of Jacob Michael Panganiban BRIGHT 26/05/2004 who takes his second first name from our loving paternal Grandfather Michael John BRIGHT who served Her Majesty The Queen in The Royal Air Force at Chivenor Royal Air Force base in the United Kingdom.

Our beloved daughter Rachel Enid takes her second first name from the first name of her Paternal Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT of 24 Rue Philippie De GIRARD in the 10th arrondissement of PARIS next to the Gare d'est where our HEROES set off to fight German aggressors in VERDUN in 1916. The BRIGHT FAMILY is committed to defending the memory of FRANCE as our Key Friend and Ally in the ongoing war against fascism which is why our loving mum bought the apartment for Rachel Enid. The apartment is next to the historic railway line from Paris to Belfort, Delle, Boncourt and Berne which was vital for VICTORY in the defence of BELFORT from 1870 to 1871 and in both World War One and World War Two. The BRIGHT FAMILY are determined to prevent World War Three from becoming nuclear which requires an effective deterrent to Russian Aggression. Rachel Enid stated her intention to serve FRANCE and The UK and our allies with The Royal Navy when asked about her future career intentions by her teacher Frau End as part of a class exercise at Primary school in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Rachel was a member of the local Romanshorn Canoe Club at the time in 2012 and especially wanted to serve aboard a submarine. We now understand why our Family secretary and trusted friend Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has been acting very strangely over the last few months.

On The Morning of Sunday the 28th of April 2019 it was discovered by Bright Rail Limited Director Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 that our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 had stolen the British Passport of Rachel from inside his suit pocket and was secretly boarding a train to Bienne with Rachel and her adopted sister Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 with what we now know was the intention to traffic our beloved daughter Rachel and her sister Sophie for exploitation and deny them both a normal, happy family life together with us at our temporary family home and Bright Rail Limited representative office located at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt, Switzerland.

We had no idea at the time that Rachel was perhaps thinking of HMS VENGEANCE which is a very large nuclear submarine carrying the United Kingdom nuclear deterrent, namely the TRIDENT SYSTEM. As we now piece together evidence from over the years we begin to understand the TRUE NATURE of our Russian Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA who did hit our beloved daughter Rachel many times in 2009 when her father Sergei ANISIMOV was visiting his daughter Maria in Switzerland. Rachel will need to be strong and courageous to overcome the long term Psychological harm inflicted on her by Maria in 2009. The Royal Navy will also need the complete support of the Great British Public in order to successfully deter further Russian aggression. Domestic Violence in the bedrooms of foreign children is an evil, dark art that is sadly what The Russians have now perfected. Millions of children in Syria have suffered far worse abuse than our beloved Rachel suffered in Switzerland.
Russian aggression must be stopped.

Maria ANISIMOVA was brought up in GORKY which is the TOP SECRET Military city 440 km EAST of Moscow where The latest Chemical, Biological and Nuclear weapons are made together with missile delivery systems that have been used repeatedly in Syria against helpless and defenceless children. The domestic violence and betrayal by Our Bright Rail Limited secretary Maria ANISIMOVA is therefore part of a much larger pattern of Russian aggression against the United Kindgom and our allies including France, The Philippines, The Commonwealth and The United States. We therefore request appropriate legal assistance including Police Protection and state support for our family because we have been placed in a completely destitute financial situation by the behaviour of Maria ANISIMOVA who is working for RUSSIA.

We stand with all the people of the FREE WORLD who are increasingly victims of Russian aggression and extreme domestic violence.

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School: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com
Travel: BrightRailLimited@Gmail.com

Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT serve Her
Majesty's Government of The United Kingdom
and Her Majesty's Commonwealth as well as
The Philippine Commonwealth that will soon
be connecting Malaysia to Australia over
the West Philippine Sea with HM Royal
Megayacht Travel Services by ship.

We promote educational family & school travel
to Normandy, Versailles, Paris, Verdun and the
historic city of Belfort with the newly reopened
 railway connecting Northern Europe to the
Global Southern hemisphere via DELLE
in the South of France next to the FIRST
CFF station in Switzerland: BONCOURT
HOTEL is located to promote One
World For Peace in Our Time.

SBB stands for Super Bright Bus (Jeepneys)
CFF stands for Chemin Ferroviare Filipino
FFS stands for Filipino Family Services

Eva and Paul BRIGHT are teachers and civil service
professionals and have been on a Global MISSION
ever since 1994 when they celebrated the VICTORY
of Nelson MANDELA becoming The PRESIDENT of
South Africa ending the fascist apartheid R€GIM€
that oppressed black and mixed families in order
to give purely white only families unfair priveleges.

Sadly apartheid and family separation continues
to this day so we promote hope for all in 2019
because we remember 1919 and 1944 and 1969
and 1994 and the VICTORY of Nelson MANDELA.

After 25 years of Struggle, Sacrifice and Sometimes
loneliness in the foreign fields Eva and Paul will now
soon be reunited. Their first official meeting was on
The Princess of The World, a passenger ship in
Davao awaiting departure to General Santos
where Paul met the family of his future wife.

As an STA Travel passenger with an OPEN JAWS
Type of airline ticket Paul had the right to travel at
his own pace and in his own style on his own as
he was looking for someone special and he knew
he would have to go hunting high and low if he was
to satisfy his cravings for someone like you, Eva.


Thankfully for Eva as well as Paul the sad song
by Adele "Someone like you" will not have to be
played on the Bright Rail Limited stopping trains
to Brisbane via Barangay MABUHAY as they're
reunifying their family at The HOTEL Churchill
De Gaulle in the UKOK! Jurassic Republic
where we say no2eu.com and certainly
NO Corruption, NO Racism, NO sorts
of Antisemitism and cerainlty NO!
NO! NO! Prostitutes in our
Public Offices!!!

Dear Teachers, Justices and Police officers,
We Teach Peace with Royal Navy trips of remembrance to the Normandy Beaches of 1944, The Palace of Versailles for 1919 and The beaches of Davao for 1579 when Sir Francis Drake landed in Mindanao to inspire Philippine Independence as just nine years later the BRAVE Philippine HEROES of independence enabled Sir Francis Drake to sink the entire Spanish Armada while bowling in Plymouth near to Devonport Dockyard...

Sir Boris JOHNSON the new UK=OK! and no2eu.com Prime Minister is committed to investing in BAMBIKES for every Great Bright Rail station across Eurasia to enable everyone to sell their cars and live a better life by Train, Bus, Boat and BIKE!

We remember 1579, 1588, 1815, 1919 and 1944 in 2019
with our newly reopened railway line from JURA to Joncherey, Belfort, Paris and Normanday for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in order to rebuild One World For Peace and put the people first above corporate profits so that we can stop risk of aggression and risk of war by restoring the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th of June 2019 in Versailles, France.

Great Britain, France and Ireland are working together as we remember the Entente Cordiale and The Triple Entente that enabled us to STOP RISK of German invasion from 1914 to 1919 and defend France by fighting back German corporate sponsored aggression. The Good People of Europe today also reject the German CDU Corrupt Disgraceful Undemocratic regime of War and Austerity imposed via the EU in favour of Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, IG Farben group (Holocaust era) companies and of course Deutsche Bank...

Great Britain is leading the way out of this mess to rebuild One World For Peace with the Great British BRexit! for Bright Rail family holidays of remembrance that will practically enable A Connected Commonwealth as all friendly allies are invited to Join The Commonwealth as discussed at The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in 2018 with the theme "Towards a Common Future" which has now moved on to build A Connected Commonwealth with through Advanced Passenger Trains from Glasgow to Genoa for Her Majesty's Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel Ships to General Santos and Darwin in Australia:

avec l'amerique et
Grande Bretagne
et les Philippines!

Berne, Bienne, Moutier &
Porrentruy to Portsmouth
for Philippine Airlines 007
flight to Manila DIRECT
for your Bambike 2GO!

Berne 07:46
Bienne 08:19
Moutier 08:38
Porrentruy 09:22
DELLE (fr) 09:40
Joncherey.    09:43
Grandvillars 09:46
Belfort Ville 10:10
Gazelle d'or

Belfort dep: 13:20
Paris East:- 17:16
Louis Blanc Buffet
Paris S.L.:- 19:09
Sword Beach 21:45
Brittany Ferries
CHECK IN: 22:00
Sailing 2UK: 23:00
Portsmouth: 07:00

HMRN Dockyard

Soft Interchange UKOK!

Coach departs at 13:50
Coach arrives at 17:50
First class evening meal
Heathrow LHR 22:20
Manila:-) MNL 18:40
:-) MNL 08:00
Melbourne MEL 06:20

Melbourne MEL 04:20
Manila:-) MNL 10:50
:-) MNL 13:25
Heathrow LHR 20:35
£578 all in via Manila
+Brittany Ferries £50.00
+SNCF €100 First Class

Bright Rail Limited is
based in Bournemouth
& investing in Philippine
National Railways
Inter City 125 Types &
Very High Speed TGV
trains from Aparri and
on to Gensan, Cotabato 
Marawi and Zamboanga
in Mindanao for pleasure:

2GO Passenger ferries sail
on to Zamboanga for
Sandakan in Sabah
Malaysia and on to
Davao for Bitung
in Indonesia and
then on to Darwin in
Australia for Melbourne

Please call and visit Our 

Philippine Embassy in
Berne for details:

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Philippine Embassy
Kirchenfeldstr. 73
CH-3005 Berne
Tel: +41 (31) 350 1717 
Fax: +41 (31) 352 2602

Hotline (for urgent/emergency matters): +41 79 5421 992

Email: info@philembassyberne.ch berne.pe@dfa.gov.ph 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Embassy-of-the-Philippines-Berne-Switzerland-1891038291122403/

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