Paris 2024 Olympic Opening D-Day Landing Celebrations - Victory Celebrations


For D-Day landings with Brittany Ferries

On the 8th of May we all celebrate 77 years of VICTORY over fascism
as we remember 1945 in preparation for our own D-Day landings from
Portsmouth to Sword Beach in remembrance of 1944 to WIN AGAIN.

STOPPING The evil Russian Terrorists who invaded Ukraine is easy
when we are all working together to STOP Vladimir PUTIN this week
by simply selling your car and denying the monster payment for fuel.

With no money from Oil and Gas sales the PUTIN REGIME will fall
within a week. As everyone understands the EVIL Russians have done
since their ridiculous 1917 "revolution" we will overcome fascism.

It's important to study history and know that Hitler and Stalin were
actually working together to dominate Poland in 1939 and today we
can see the true nature of the fascist Putinist regime and supporters.

Life is for living so be happy and Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart !
PUTIN will very soon be PUT OUT by the Good Russian people who
can think for themselves. So it's time to plan our D-Day celebrations !

The Orient Express is returning to Paris thanks to The Philippine and
allied governments of The Philippine Commonwealth who all stand very
firmly together now as we fight to survive and STOP THE WAR again

Philippine Airlines has bought 100 NEW AIRBUS Planes from France
in solidarity with President MACRON as we
STOP THE WAR again by
remembering the shared sacrifices of French and Philippine HEROES
in World War One and World War Two as we
STOP World War Three.

We are stopping the war peacefully with Passenger planes.
Reopening the sky over eurasia as we stop all risk.

Clearly understanding the pure evil of Marine Le Pen is essential for all
French people this weekend as we support President MACRON so the
Fascist Le PEN is totally REMOVED from French Political life forever.
BE A HERO remembering 1944 as we do it all over agiain in 2022...

Standing together with The Free People of France who resisted Le Pen
and WON the election is the way to make our planet Great Again.

Stopping World War Three that Russia started in 2014 by invading the
Free and Independent state of Ukraine will be achieved in time for us all
to celebrate VICTORY for Europe VE Day again on the 8th of May 2022.

We celebrate Democracy and Freedom once again as we defeat fascism.

We will achieve this victory only by the Grace of God because it is only
by remembering the sacrifices of previous generations who are now 
watching over us from heaven that we have the certainty of victory.

The Genocide of Good people is happening again in Ukraine today as
the FASCISTS led by Vladimir PUTIN pretend they're not the nazis
as deception and twisting the truth are trademarks of the Putinists.

Everyone knows that Russia Today is a Fascist REGIME of hatred for
anyone who stands up to tell the truth and there is even a 15 year prison
term for anyone who dares to speak the truth and call a war a war in fact !

JOIN our historical MISSION to STOP THE WAR today by remembering
the sacrifices of our parents and Grandparents and Great-Grandparents
for our FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY that we can all enjoy today.

Promises of cheap and NAZI Russian oil and petrol and gas will not be
free because the price of freedom is eternal vigilance

Learning about history and travelling is the way to stop the
Terrorists but always be sure to have TRAVEL INSURANCE !

In actual fact Switzerland abuses people today in a HUGE and
very EVIL Protection racket in Delemont led by the FASCIST
Christian MINGER who recognised the FAKE Russian
"marriage" contract so as to justify the KIDANP
for RANSOM of TWO British schoolgirls.

This is explained on the page:
On Her Majesty's Service - HELP Police STOP TERRORISTS

So the ORIENT EXPRESS at the Gare de l'est has a practical
purpose, it's there to remind us all that we can all travel to Verdun
and MARIUPOL so we will be able to help rebuild Ukraine.

There has never been a better time to support Ukraine and
show your support so JOIN The coalition to STOP THE WAR.


Learn more from the letter copied:

Dear Family, Community of Boncourt and JURA Population, 
Social Services and Social ACTION, Ministry of the Interior,
In 2007 Eva and Paul BRIGHT together with our trusted Friend and 
secretary Maria ANISIMOVA bought the property at Rue Du Stade 2
in Boncourt with the intention of BRIGHT family EEA reunification.
As I explained to Patricia and the Chief Constable at POLICE JURA 
in Porrentruy I first arrived in Boncourt and I felt welcome in 1986
here on my first Inter Rail Trip as a tourist seeing Europe by Train.
In 1992 the line was closed by European Union austerity and roads
were built for cars that did not benefit the community and have sadly
caused many deaths and injuries while making just a few people rich.
So in 1992 Paul started to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics
at HULL UNIVERSITY in order to understand how to fix the line. In
1993 we discussed the line and the European Union transport 
policy at the University of Cambridge in the springtime.
The opaque object (the European Union) was by then so opaque,
corrupt and impossible to see through it had in fact become very
transparent as the problem causing so much death on the roads.
SO: Family, Community and Country: Love and
Kindness Towards All Matters
 means we are
dedicated as a family to Public Service and
restoring the long range passenger services
from London to Berne via Boncourt
by The Grace of God !

Already we have achieved the reopening of the 
main line so we now work with Mayor Damiem MESLOT and Deputy Ian BOUCHARD of BELFORT
to bring the Australian TILT TRAIN to the Philippines and on to BELFORT as the TILT TRAIN is ideal for 
the Philippine and western European classic railway
lines as it does travel at FULL TILT around the tight corners.

Only the TILT TRAIN can compete with airlines to deliver passengers into the centre of towns as well as serving the longer distance TGV and RZD French and Russian railway Networks. Travel to the Philippines by ship is already possible from Malaysia to Zamboanga where the Philippine TILT TRAIN will commence The Philippine National Railroad PNR Journey into the future.

We cordially invite you all to visit our home at Rue Du Stade 2 and observe our growing Garden JUNGLE RAILWAY which will soon circumnavigate the garden. So just as Sir Francis DRAKE completed his circumnavigation of One World For Peacefrom 1579 to 1580 we, Eva and Paul BRIGHT continue our circumnavigation from 2019 to 2020 by The Grace of Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen of UK=OK!

We are always, at your service,
On Her Majesty's Service !



Jeremiah 29:11-13 “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’”

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