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>Trafficked in Switzerland<
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Thank you for visiting our website for the BRIGHT CNN Freedom Project to STOP CHILD ABUSE by corrupt SWISS officials who receive bribes from very evil people who exploit children. By understanding what happened to our family everyone can understand the serious RISK in Switzerland posed by corruption.

This is a case of Racist extortion by a Russian MAFIA connected child protection office in Switzerland. All facts have been reported to the Police and the case reference is BM203770 in Berne criminal court: BRIGHT vs Maria ANISIMOVA, Andrew POSPIELOVSKY, Christian MINGER and The APEA MAFIA.

(And Good reasons not to go to Switzerland)

1: THE VICTIM Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 normally lived in Paris and simply wanted her son-in-law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 to recognise her daughter in law like a normal person; sadly POSPIELOVSKY had other ideas as he wanted to EXTORT the BRIGHT Family apartment in Paris and TRAFFICK the BRIGHT children with the help of his RUSSIAN Accomplice Maria ANISMOVA 01/03/1971 and his MAFIA MATE Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 from the NAPOLI MAFIA working in collusion with Christian MINGER.

2: The VICTIM who is The loving Grandmother in the centre picture was LURED to Cairo in Egypt where Serbian Gangster POSPIELOVSKY was with is abused wife, the daughter of the victim who was then POISONED.

3: The victim became sick and was flown by pre arranged ZURICH Insurance to London to be "helped to die comfortably" in a private BUPA "care" home. The son and daughter of the victim were unable to move her to proper NHS care due to the orders of the brother-in-law who was holding the grandchildren as hostages in Belgrade, Serbia, which is a dictatorship. Sadly in Serbia a gangster like POSPIELOVSKY with a lot of ill-gotten gains can easily bribe local Police and officials.

4: The daughter of the victim was forced to sign off a false death certificate saying that the victim normally lived in Cairo. This was done both the prevent a Police enquiry between London and Paris Police and also to block the succession of the apartment as a false address on the death certificate prevents the normal succession by the notary.

5: Upon questioning the falsification of the Death Certificate by the son of the victim his children are then KIDNAPPED by accomplice Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 on the 28th of April 2019 which is the same day the Jewish population was deported from Belfort to the NAZI German extermination camps in World War Two.

6: Upon reporting the KIDNAPPING to the local Police in Switzerland and The Gendarmerie in France the father was directed to the APEA where MAFIA Corrupt enabler Christian MINGER decided to ignore official documents from France, The UK and The Philippines in favour of a FAKE Russian "marriage" and declare, officially, that there was "no kidnapping" and that the father was insane as he would not agree to be married to his company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED. Many threats were made by this corrupt official. Justice has so far been impossible to obtain in Switzerland.

7: Police investigations discovered the medical records were destroyed after 3 days and body of the victim had been quickly cremated.

8: The investigation is ongoing and case BM203770 at Berne Criminal Court is pending but WHY has it been over THREE YEARS since the kidnapping with no sign of justice?


The NAZI Terrorists at the APEA who abuse the human rights of others and Traffick Children for a PROFIT and are supported by a VAST Russian MAFIA Network of corruption need to be brought to JUSTICE.

If you can help, please email us because this case is a clear example of how MAFIA groups in Switzerland abuse families with the collusion of officials who are supposed to be there to protect children, in fact.
London~Belfort~General Santos
One World Together for Peace

  THE World unites to STOP RUSSIAN Terrorists   
 WE REMEMBER 1942 in 2022 to STOP the NAZIS 
 because fascist dictator PUTIN must be stopped 
1942, des rafles à la déportation - PARTENAIRES : Mémorial de la Shoah
A sign at Dachau Concentration Camp reading "Never Again" (photo credit: US AIR FORCE PHOTO ILLUSTRATION/SENIOR AIRMAN BRIANA JONES)
STOP RISK is dedicated to helping UK & French Police arrest Vladimir PUTIN and his huge entourage of NAZI Criminals including Marine LE PEN and RACIST Extortionists Andrew POSPIELOVSKY and Maria ANISIMOVA who have organised the extermination of our entire family for their own profit. Criminal MAFIA Groups who have no regard for the lives or human rights of others traffic people and extort property. They are protected by and pay hommage to the KREMLIN. Helping your local Police to STOP NAZI Mafia Child Traffickers, Kidnappers, Loan Sharks and property extortionists will help STOP THE WAR in Ukraine and make the world a better place for all. Act now before it is to late.
The Russian Holocaust against humanity has been going on for 20 Years

because SERBIAN Russian & Swiss MAFIA TERRORISTS have harmed
our family since 2002. Please share our story so we can STOP THE WAR

British Embassy References Paris: ENQW321267 Berne: ENQW067944 
 French Police IGPN reference S-2022/1128 to STOP The 2022 Holocaust 

Metropolitan Police Hate crime reference 4.12.19 TV1-6887-19-0100-DP 
 DO NOT vote for NAZI Serbian Russian & SWISS 
  REALLY EVIL NAZI CRIMINAL MAFIA BOSSES:   The image of Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin used  in the Rassemblement National campaign leaflet.


Know the Truth about the Russian MAFIA in Europe:
SAVE FRANCE and rest of the world from these evil
terrorists who only love MONEY~your money!
CORRUPTION is deadly and destroys families.

Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT together with their son Jacob are responsible for developing the British and Philippine Diplomatic presence across Eurasia to completely STOP THE WAR in Ukraine peacefully by education the Russian People about the Triple Entente. Russia was actually allied peacefully to France and The United Kingdom in 1914 and The People of Russia Today also want to be peaceful but they have been BRAINWASHED by the EVIL NAZI Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN.

Sadly the world is once again menaced by GEOPOLITICAL TERRORIST NAZIS who only love money. The terrorists know that they cannot win the war which is not their aim as they only love money. Vladimir PUTIN is simply a MAFIA BOSS and the main aim of his war against Ukraine is to displace refugees so that his MAFIA TERRORISTS can PROFIT from Child Trafficking and Exploitation.

Everyone needs to really care about the victims of terrorism, the trafficked and exploited children, and boycott russian oil and gas immediately. War against the DESPOT PUTIN and his EVIL NAZI MAFIA of RACISTS only leads to more kidnappings, more extortion and more suffering. So a united response to Russian aggression must be the PURSUIT OF JUSTICE AGAINST TERRORISTS. When the entire population realise that Vladimir PUTIN is just a Child Trafficking MAFIA BOSS and a warlord then nobody will buy his Oil and Gas and he will be removed from office, peacefully by the Russian people as they wake up from being brainwashed.

Stopping the war would be easy if there was JUSTICE in Europe and the criminals who kidnapped and trafficked our own daughters were brought to justice but they are in SWITZERLAND where there is no such thing as justice because MONEY TALKS. Learn about what happened to our family and understand why corruption in Switzerland and The LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Do your bit to work with the Police and Help Police STOP TERRORISTS because there is a lot of human trafficking in Europe and a lot of corruption. We advise against all travel to Europe until our children are safe and the TERRORISTS are locked up behind bars because they are just animals that deserve to be in a ZOO:

 BRIGHT RAIL Secretary
 Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 The secret KGB RUSSIAN TERRORIST kidnapped our youngest daughters who she was paid well to look after when we questioned the falsification of the Death Certificate of their loving grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 RIP. The falsification is part of the ongoing EXTORTON of the BRIGHT Family apartment in Paris organised by Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who is a SERBIAN Gangster and wife abuser. This disgusting social worm actually FORCED his wife to FALSIFY The Death certificate of her own mother by holding her children HOSTAGE in Belgrade where there is rampant Police corruption. It is difficult for anyone to cope with domestic abuse but the kidnapping of grandchildren after the highly likely murder of their grandmother is sadly typical of RUSSIAN MAFIA crimes in Switzerland. A global crimewave of RUSSIAN AGGRESSION has been rising in the last two decades and now it is time to STOP RISK of more Russian criminality including the TERRORIST WAR against Ukraine. 

It is a sad reality of business life that people you invest in and trust can betray not only the family who helped them but also The British Government so there are now updated travel warnings on the Travel Advice pages of the Foreign and Commonwealth office

All children have a right to a happy childhood with their legal and legitimate parents but increasingly children are victims of trafficking for exploitation and the extortion of family property. Of serious concern to Police in Paris and Berne as well as London is the MURDER of Grandmothers and the kidnapping of their grandchildren for the extortion of property. The parents who try to stop the abuse are defamed and destroyed by a RUSSIAN MAFIA of corrupt and racist officials who abuse their positions of trust in society. Our children are now being used as HOSTAGES in order to EXTORT their property and destroy their family, all for the benefit of a few greedy men and the Russian KIDNAPPER who betrayed the United Kingdom and our family. The good news is POLICE DO ARREST KIDNAPPERS in Nigeria and perhaps even also in Switzerland...

If you see the kidnapped children please report this immediately to the nearest Police station and email the parents at as well as contacting our lawyer Philipp KUNZ on 
00 41 31 971 25 00 email: because these French, British and Philippine children must be saved from the SWISS & RUSSIAN TERRORIST MAFIA. Remember Switzerland is the most dangerous country in the world due to official corruption.

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