On Her Majesty's Service - VIP WHO
STOP RISK promotes road safety, equality and democracy.
My work is to support the Decade of Action for Road Safety and
it is my firm belief that we can end road incidents with a clear message.
We can also create millions of excellent new jobs worldwide by promoting
local shopping for locally produced food and craftsmanship. Therefore we
at STOP RISK work to improve local conditions with safe local roads and
attractive areas for shopping with the family.
Our family focus is to raise the status of women worldwide which is achieved
when women are the main drivers of choice of shopping. It is logical for women
to share all purchasing decisions because women play an equal role in the
family. Traditionally women have been marginalised by the dominance of
men who through their economic dominance of society have used the 
motor car to control access to shopping, as well as other opportunities.
Public Transport and safe cycling are of vital importance for women and
children to have equal opportunities. Therefore we run the brightconnections
website which promotes safe cycling on car free roads and public transport.
We feature public transport operators where the needs of families are taken
into account with inclusive free childcare and level access for pushchairs as
well as wheelchairs. Brittany ferries currently offers a very good servcie and
is also fully trade unionised and therefore democratic and safe. In Germany
public transport is also very good with especially good provision on the 
lake of Constance. We constantly seek to find the est public transport
offers and promote these through our websites.
It is our hope that by promoting equality of movement and opportunity
we can help prevent violence and injuries.
We reach out to local communities all over the planet promoting safe cycling
and trade unionised public transport as a good way to increase local prosperity
for everyone. We hope that we will be able to be of assistance to your valuable work.
With very best wishes for 2012.
Paul Bright
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