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Commonwealth for Peace UKOK!
UKOK.fr.gd For Real Global Democracy

We are delighted to be working together
with The Swiss Army to promote British
and Swiss remembrance of 1914 to 1918
from 2014 to 2018 in order to stop all war
by opening many permanent war museums
which will permanently Stop The War.

The Swiss Army, just like The British
Royal Navy, have a duty to Stop all War
which we do together with remembrance.

The Good German People realise today
that war is pointless so we are grateful
that Germany today stands with us all
together for World Peace from now on
with the Bodensee Friedensweg project.

There is certainly much more money to be
made from World Peace than World War,
so I am happy that UBS, TKB and Credit
all support our new joint venture.

The revolutionary NEW UK TOWN of
Robinshorn is a BrightEducation project
to help families travelling by SBB Trains
and SBS as well as BSB and Vorarlberg
lines ships on their way to Mainau Island
helping children travel with NO CARS.

Robinshorn is essential for the BRexit
when British Railways will be brought
back by Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn
since we will no longer be importing the
deadly VW, BMW, Audi, Mercedes or
Porsche 9/11 types to the UKOK!

Changes are essential to Save The NHS
so we must replace private cars with UK
public transport. This means exports of
SWISS TRAINS to the UK will ensure
Good Jobs for everyone in Thurgau!

Zeppelin Airships are offering a special
family airlift price of just 99 euros per
person for a day trip floating over the
lake of Constance. Small children do
love to sit with their parents so both
travel in one seat. FREE Red wine
will be poured and all parents will
enjoy celebrating Family Freedom
now the UK National Curriculum is
available to all students free of charge
in association with the Department of
Education DepEd of The Philippines.

DepEd teachers are all very well qualified
and extremely experienced so we are able
to offer the BEST possible education to
everyone. A good job always followed
graduate study at the UK University of
but now everyone will be
getting a good job simply with the
successful IGCSE completion.

Mainau Island have agreed to pioneer the
365/365 all year round season in English
especially for our Cambridge University
Churchill College World Peace 

Everyone is welcome on Mainau Island all
year and everyone speaks English as well
as at least one of the other United Nations
UN official languages as decided in 1945

Arabic, British English, Chinese, French
Russian and Spanish were all selected as
The official languages after the defeat of
Nazi Germany in 1945. NEVER AGAIN
was the slogan used to describe The War
and Holocaust so we do remember that.

Remembrance is how We The British did
manage to STOP Donald Trump from the
unthinkable act of starting a nuclear and
total holocaust of the entire human race.

The DOTARD which Donald Trump is, as
well as being an accurate description of the
savage monster man, demonstrates a good
use of the English language by Kim Jong
who was educated in Switzerland
with the UK National Curriculum.

Regular contact with Kim Jong Un via
the North Korean Embassy ensured we
kept North Korea informed of British
support for Peaceful Korean family
reunification using the BRexit.

The BRexit for British Railways will
replace the need for private cars with
the social provision of Public Railways
to help everyone in Britain get to work
without needing Saudi Arabian fuel.

The BRexit is 
different from Brexit since
Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister by
the time it happens. We therefore do not
need any deal with the EU
as it is best
for all if we have a 'level paying field'.

The EU maybe reformed but this is not
our job any more. We simply offer all of
our european neighbours a True British
Education and access to our market on
World Trade Organisation WTO terms.

German cars are not welcome on British
roads but The Germans are welcome on
our Great British Railways with an Inter
Rail pass which the EU may supply.

Whatever happens in Europe is up to the
Europeans. If Poland continues to smash
up Russian war memorials we expect The
Russians will act to stop such vandalism.

If Estonia insults Russian war HEROES
from World War Two by removing their
statues we expect Tallinn to become one
more suburb of Saint Petersburg. Good
for Russia and Good for humanity we
say as we shall

As for Donald Trump, he better get
a Great British BrightEducation fast
because the Russians are coming and
Jeremy Corbyn is after all a RED.

RED is also BLUE as we say all together

mv Pont-AvenImage result for bus and mobility scooter
The purpose of GREAT Public Transport is 
to promote walking and cycling for everyone.
By completely removing the need for cars we
bring mobility and more opportunity for all.


With no need for cars on public roads risk
is removed enabling healthy mobility for all.

Promoting walking and cycling is a key 
policy response to the health needs of the
population. Physical fitness is of vital
importance for the delivery of Public
Health for everyone which is one of
the responsibilities of the UK=OK!
National Health Service NHS

UK=OK! Free Public Transport
for those people who need it most.

With no need for private cars you can 
sell yours today and live a healthy life on a 
better planet which is free from risk! 

Sell it now, because with no need for fuel 
there is no need for war.

Travel in style with HMS Royal Megayacht Travel

One Happy Family 

Peace and Freedom for all
Travel ~ Health ~ Fitness
Housing ~ Education

Glorious Britain UKOK!
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