Entente Cordiale - STOP RACISM

SUPPORT The United Nations and Commonwealth

because WE DO NOT Tolerate racism in the UK=OK!

This is URGENT On Her Majesty's Service UK=OK!

Remembering our HEROES from 1914 enables us to
comprehend why we are supporting the return to the 1914
maps which will restore The British Peace of 1815.


We Restore the 1914 maps of Europe: NO G€RMANY.
STOP fascist expansionism and German proxy
invasions of Ukraine and Syria. STOP WAR.

This is Copied in Person and by hand to
HM Ambassador to The Philippines for
diplomatic action against the fascist Germans.

So racist is the fascist German regime that not even
an application form was given to my family
at a visit to the German embassy.

Consular assistance is required in order to facilitate the
speedy passage of our United Nations family mission
to deliver The United Nations goals which are
documented at www.MyWorld2015.org
which is happening now.

Thanks to our Kings Godly Business KGB branch in
Minsk the war is now closing in Mariupol with the eviction of Petro
Poroshenko due to our Tradeunion (RMT UNION) inspired

Remembering our HEROES from 1914 enables us to
comprehend why we are supporting the return to the 1914
maps which will restore The British Peace of 1815.

I am somewhat dissappointed by David Cameron who is
not a Great British Prime minister like Sir Winston
Churchill was and indeed is as we depend
on Churchill anti-fascist internationalism now.


Therefore I am requesting full RMT UNION backup
and the deployment of The ABSOLUTE BLOCK
SYSTEM which will STOP all UK trains, buses and
freight transport by Air, Sea and Land by
means of the ABSOLUTE BLOCK.

We must topple the G€RMAN R€GIM€

Thank you very much for your help
with this matter of International Importance.

Yours sincerely,

HMS RMT GBR Fleet Admirals Eva and Paul #Bright


Number Two, Lansdowne crescent, Bournemouth. BH1 1SA
www.UKOK.fr.gd The UK is OK! For Royal Global Democracy


Democratic Europe. Total Liberation.

URGENT On Her Majesty's Service UK=OK!

Remember 19142014 For World Peace today
WEST it's 2015!

  United  Nations     
YES Glorious Britain  OK!   
Remember 1914 2014
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Tego's Traditional Kurdish
Family Vegetarian meals

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10 Dishes @ 1 Price: £9 each
Lunchtime Special £5 each
Schoolchildren Half price
Kurdish Tea included

Dinners come with your choice of soup or salad from the menu.

Tego's finest Pure Malt Scotch whiskey is also served at
Tego's Microgolf lawn course by the sea on special days.

*1-   Garbanzo bean Shilla - This delicious vegetarian dish is
Garbanzo beans simmered in a light broth with pure
olive oil, curry and other Kurdish spices.      

*2-  Kubey Sawar – Crushed wheat made into a dough and
filled with lentils, spices, and onion then
sauteed in olive oil.  This dish was first made famous
in Nineveh – Modern day Mosul, Iraq.    

*3-  Kubey Brinj – Similar to Kubay Sawar, this rice
“dumpling” is filled with lentils, special
spices, olive oil and parsley, then quick fried to a crisp
brown shell.                      

*4-  Vegetarian Dolma – A variety of vegetables (Cabbage,
onion, and grape leaves) stuffed with rice, red lintles
and special herbs.  Steamed in fresh garlic,
lemon and tomato juices.         

*5-    Biryani – A traditional rice dish, baked with peas,
potatoes, raisons, vegetables, carrots, wheat noodles
and a blend of Kurdish spices.          

*6-   Tofu Tawa – Tofu sauteed in lemon and other
spices then baked in layers of potato, green pepper,
onion, and dried limes.  Served with basmati rice    

*7-    Sheik Babani – Named after a distinguished man’s
striped trousers, this Kurdish delicacy is cored egg
plant peeled in decorative stripes and filled with spicy
Tofu and vegetables.  Served with a red sauce over
Basmati rice.                      

*8-    Bakla – Kurdish saute of mushrooms, broccoli,
zucchini and onion in olive oil with pepper and other
seasoning. (Vegetarian)     

*9-  Nineveh Saute – Kurdish Saute of mushrooms and
tomatoes in olive oil with pepper and other Kurdish
seasonings.  (Chicken, Beef or Vegetarian)      

*10- Kurdish Salad - Layers of rice, lentils, tossed salad,
silopi salad, topped with Feta cheese and peppery
chicken breast.  Comes with a slice of bread.    


Tego’s Family Evenings
for groups of two or more

£9 per person. Children with their parents eat for half price.

Includes:  Naskanan Appetizer/ Cup of soup per person/ Combination
salad plate/ A choice of entrees that total one more than your group

Kurdish tea is also included as is one serving of finest Scotch (Adults only).

* Signifies vegetarian options

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Vote YES for Scotland and Kurdistan
FREEDOM and Independence

One Happy Family


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