On Her Majestys Service - STOP FASCISM
Dear People of Constance,
I am a CARITAS Volunteer from The United Kingdom, visiting here 
to help integrate Constance for World Peace and real jobs in our time
with the NEW JURASSIC RAILWAY from Bournemouth to Cherbourg
and Delle serving to lift up the poor and depressed Swiss people in
The name of Almighty God, Jesus Christ and Her Majesty The Queen

Come and enjoy a coffee with us at our NEW Coffee shop today!

By The Grace of God I survived my journey and made it here alive!
Everyone is welcome at CARITAS JURA for clothes, furniture and coffee.
Our NEW COFFEE SHOP is opening up at the Boncourt Railway Station
where you can come to drink coffee and talk about life, the world and
everythng. If you a problem then come and share it with us!
We work with the Metropolitan Police to STOP

Many people in Switzerland are victims so WE CAN HELP.
I am a victim of Road Crime but thanks to Victim
Support I have been able to recover and now I
am helping myself doing something positive.

We speak Arabic, British English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish
& The NEW Railway connects One World for Peace UK=OK!

With Brittany Ferries Churchill Night Line you arrive in Great Britain
ready for a Great British Breakfast and business lunch in Bournemouth.

The UK will be OK! when Jeremy Corbyn is appointed by The Queen.

Integration means we all try our best to live in Peace together and we all 
try our best to understand each other. Arabic, British English, Chinese,
French, Russian and Spanish are the official United Nations international
languages so it is important to promote languages for true understanding.
My job is to bring Peace to the World and stop the war in Syria by reminding 
everyone that Great Britain stands for World Peace and our job, as a Great
nation is to Stop The War. I have been doing this now for over a decade.
Remembering 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945 is the way to stop the war
now from 2014 to 2018 I am working together with Stadtkonzil Konstanz and
The University of Constance. The World Peace and International Development
course documents the international struggle for World Peace in our time.
Constance was always working to Stop The War and the 1414 to 2014
Stadtkonzil celebrates the Glorious and Global role of Constance
together with the Popular University of The Jurassic Republic.

Switzerland used to sell weapons to make wars so it is being punished
by God but there is no need to suffer if you ask Jesus to forgive you.

We found Jesus and we found a better way to earn a living: instead of war
and weapons making (Switzerland made a lot of Nazi German weapons in 
World War Two and they helped the Nazis steal a lot of Jewish gold as well)
so Switzerland is very, very guilty. Don't suffer, seek salvation with Jesus!

Helping Syria: it's time for an end to regime change wars; Time for Peace

Many people in Romanshorn and other poor Swiss villages are deeply in debt
and suffer a range of serious psychological, behavioural, social and chronic
medical problems due to the imposition of the 'SWICA' by the KKK and this
is quite unacceptable. In our case we have already got much better health
insurance provided by The British government. Living with Traumatic Brain
Injury means it takes me longer to explain things and also that it is difficult
for me to learn new languages. It was reasonable to expect that there is one
person, at least, who can help me here and so I could avoid deep debts.

Sadly, there WAS NO HELP in the east so we invite you to GO WEST!
There is no point in pushing people into debts or something they do not need
and do not want because when they cannot pay there will only be more very
serious problems. I am somewhat disappointed by the way I have been given
extremely poor service by the town hall in Romanshorn since the mew mayor
arrived. Forcing people into debt, deliberately targeting foreigners and using
this to stir up hatred of foreigners who do not 'integrate' is pure fascism.
We have spent many generations fighting fascism so that is why I am writing
to you all today to ask for your help in stopping it. Integration is a two way 
thing not a Germanic domination of minds to earn money for a corrupt and
very evil, in my experience, organisation. It is for this reason that I am taking
serious legal action, with the help of The British embassy, against SWICA.
We in The United Kingdom want to help Switzerland and the rest of Europe
integrate into the World economy for new opportunities after the BRexit for 
British Rail. Great British Railways will create many jobs in Romanshorn as
we require many new trains. We are especially interested in the THURBO
commuter electric trains and the Intercity family trains from Winterthur.
The Bering strait "Trump" Tunnel which we are now promoting from Russia
to Alaska will be three times longer than the channel tunnel from France to
England. A railway bridge will also be built from Scotland to Ireland as we
restore the UK that was OK! in 1914 before Germany started the war.
The German people are good. It is my job to explain that to everyone. The
German people are good but they live under a fascist regime where 311 is
supposedly bigger than 320. Angela Merkel has no majority yet, just like
Theresa May she thinks she is in charge. Thankfully the British people
have already demonstrated their displeasure at the ballot box and it is 
only a matter of time before Jeremy Corbyn is formally Prime Minster.
In Germany the people voted for the Left/SPD/Green coalition which has got
320 seats yet the German constitution is fascist so people are not respected,
it is not much better in the UK so there are ongoing strikes and demonstrations
led by the RMT UNION of which I am a member deployed overseas, right here.
We would like to help local people and can offer FREE help with English, French
and Russian language skills. We promote travel to The UKFrance and Russia
which we call UK=OK! since we were all OK! together in 1914 before Germany
started the war. By remembering The Triple Entente we can restore Peace
in our time and stop all war. The Syrians are most welcome and I would
like to be the first to volunteer to help rebuild Syria since it was my own
"government" under David Cameron that actually started the war there.
Please help me to defeat fascism in Switzerland and help integrate
us all into The new Global British Economy for FREE and FAIR trade
with One World of Peace. Angela Merkel and Theresa May will be history
but just like Adolf Hitler and The Kaiser they will be on the wrong side of it.

Join Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Jeremy Corbyn and be on The Right Side!
The British Chamber of Commerce and The British Embassy as well as
The British Council are all at your service to help create real jobs and a
bright future
 for all with Churchill Night Line sailngs to Bournemouth.
With very best wishes,
Fleet Admiral Paul Bright CEO Great British Railways and
HMS Royal Megayacht Travel Service, connecting oneworld airlines
with sea and land transport from #ZRH to #FDH and from #CDG to #LHR. 
The new Delle to Cherbourg train service is starting on 
11/11/2017 as we celebrate armistice day every year.
Her Majesty The Queen will be in Port Royal (aka. Friedrichshafen)
next year as 2018 marks 100 years since 1918 when Britain and Germany
did Stop The War. We did it in 1918 so we can do it again in 2018! 

The attached websites have more information for you
about my work and The NEW BRITISH EMBASSY opening in 2018

Thank God It's Friday...
...or at least it will be soon...

Welcome to the British American
oneworld Embassy BONCOURT

The GREAT British Embassy is now opening for business
to promote the UK and promote Great British Railways
NEW Sealink services to PORTSMOUTH from Bern
as well as Geneva and Zurich via PARIS from the
Switzerland by train and ship

We can help you get back to the UK with TRAVEL ADVICE
and you can also use the internet at 
DELLE railway station.

Kindly note we are NOT the "official" British Embassy so 
if you need their services you will 
still need to go to Bern
and will need to 
make an appointment to see someone.

CHRISTMAS has come early for The Great British citizens
of England, Scotland and Wales and we are also able to
help Irish citizens get home in an emergency such as
awaiting a NEW PASSPORT due to our Railway station
which is useful for getting to 
Roscoff for sailing to Cork.

The NEW SBB CFF FFS Railway station is just 5 minutes
walk away from the Embassy at Stade II which is next
to a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD in case the Germans want 
to play football as we remember 1916 in 2016 so we
welcome Good Germans (with footballs, not guns).

We even have a Wehrmacht football (quite deflated)
so due to the deflation, of the football, we serve beer
from Bavaria (which is now independent again) and
we also serve GUINNESS and MURPHYS as well as UK
OK special stout rations supplied by 
HM Government
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