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SAVE all The Children!

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We help all famillies of the JURA WIN JUSTICE
as Swiss FEDERAL POLICE arrest sex traffickers

 British Embassy Berne Reference: ENQW073713 
UK Metropolitan Police Ref: ATH-305-20-0100-000

The Department of Digital Culture Media and SPORT sponsored Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 to the UK as a FIANCEE of Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 but she NEVER MARRIED HIM.

Sadly Maria is now ADDICTED TO DRUGS (COCAINE) and a SLAVE of Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who needs to be arrested for her own protection. Needless to say Pascal BEDIN is a MENACE to civilisation and The Catholic Church.

We EXPECT Bernese Police to arrest the TWO CRIMINALS as they are BOTH in Berne at Belpstrasse 45 holding our TWO daughters HOSTAGE as they demand our family apartment in Paris and our BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED company hotel in BONCOURT as a RANSOM.

Obviously this has been going on for far too long as ONE AND A HALF YEARS of kidnapping is ridiculous. Furthermore it is absurd that the local Child "Protection" officer Charlotte CHRISTENER recognised Maria as a "Mother" even though Sophie was legitimately ADOPTED in Montpellier before she was even born.

Catholic families like the BRIGHT Family adopt children becuase we do not approve of abortions BUT Russian SEX TRAFFICKERS are then allowed by SWISS "authorities" to claim to be "mothers" of the children, years later

What sort of country is Switzerland

The KIDNAPPINGS on 28/04/2013 were committed as Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 questioned the FALSE ADDRESS on his own mother's death certificate. Sadly the sister of Paul who is Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 is ALSO addicted to cocaine and is a SEX SLAVE of her NAZI Serbian husband Andrew POSPIELOVSKY who is the MASTERMIND of the whole sordid business of CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING from The Philippines and France to Switzerland as he is also a LOAN SHARK for brothelkeepers.

Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was MURDERED
on the 20th of April 2013 following weeks of very
poor but expensive "care" in private London
"hospitals" that were in fact death clinics.

Only following the KIDNAPPINGS by Marsha
ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 from GORKY in the
Soviet Union did the horrible history unfold:

Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004
was KIDNAPPED with
her sister Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 by our 
RUSSIAN company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971
on the orders of Andrei POSPIELOVSKI who is the abusive
husband of Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 because
family apartment in Paris and ANISIMOVA wants
to EXTORT the family property at Rue du stade
in BONCOURT because they are RACISTS 
and do not respect the Philippines, the UK 
or the laws of Switzerland or France at all. 

LOCAL SWISS Italian MAFIA accomplice from JURA
TAX office Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 was USED to falsify
family tax and population office records so Child Protection 
officials could be deceived with a FAKE MARRIAGE.

THREE Violent acts of aggression were carried out including the assassination marking with the end of a walking stick on the S3 train in Porrentruy. POLICE must act now if Switzerland is to be considered a safe and civilised country. Kidnappings are resolved in a few days in the Philippines, France and the UK but hundreds of children go missing in Switzerland each year. POLICE must STOP RISK of serious reputational damage to Switzerland and STOP RISK of further abuse of missing children and victims of human trafficking in Switzerland.

TOTAL FAILURE of SWISS officials has led Rachel and 
Sophie to be TRAFFICKED to Belpstrasse 45 in BERNE
from The Philippines and France over many years and 
finally last week with a DANGEROUS JUDGEMENT.

We especially ask lawyers to help us and STOP this very
extreme and racist child abuse and blatant criminality.

Sadly money talks in Switzerland and for over a year
officials at the APEA Child Protection agency have
used a FAKE MARRIAGE to argue that the KGB
FSB Russian Secretary (the Kidnapper) is
married to her company director !!!

This incredible but true story illustrates the DANGER
of doing business in Switzerland with a Russian or any
sort of secretary who is dishonest and deceitful. Please
contact Leo GLENDON of Bournemouth Police as we
were TRAFFICKED on Brittany Ferries from Poole.

The Grandmother of the children Enid Valerie BRIGHT
17/04/1937 was MURDERED and a FALSE ADDRESS 
was given on the death certificate at Croydon Coroners 
Office so as to avoid a Police investigation in London 
or Paris as the correct residential address is in fact 
24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris and NOT the
"Maadi, Cairo, Egypt address actually given".

Perjury to the Coroner by Caroline Helen BRIGHT 
can be excused as the abusive husband was controlling 
her by holding her three children as HOSTAGES while 
she was in London for the funeral. We ask everyone 
to PLEASE HELP and print this so the whole
world can share our pain and help us to 
rebuild our family by the Grace of God !

MURDER, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, FRAUD,
Racist Extortion, TERRORISM, Holocaust Denial 
Theft of Passports are very serious crimes against our 
family committed by Andrei POSPIELOVSKI who is the
abusive husband of Caroline BRIGHT in conspiracy
with our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 as an 
elaborate conspiracy to totally destry our family as we 
are victims of RACIST EXTORTION of The family 
apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris.

Our Notary Gilles HASSLER of BELFORT and Judicial
services are now working with the Delle Gendarmerie
to step up protection of families travelling by train as
people are unaware of the serious risks of kidnapping
in Switzerland where authorities find it "too difficult"
to rescue children and bring serious criminals to
JUSTICE so we depend on France of JUSTICE
for our children, for their Grandmother and
also for us as we are seriously victimised 
having has money and passports stolen 
to prevent us from returning to the UK.  

We are dedicated to promoting remembrance of serious 
war crimes in the past in order to STOP WAR CRIME
today. The KIDNAPPING of our children on the 28th
of April 2019 following our family being trafficked
from BELFORT to Boncourt for the kidnapping
it was also committed on the same day the
Jewish Population was deported by The
NAZI Germans in World War Two.

Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 was forced by her
abusive and RACIST husband to most fraudlently file
a false address on the death certificate of Grandmother
Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 so that the Paris Police 
would not investigate her suspicious death in Croydon 
on the 20th of April 2013. On the 28th of April 2019 as 
the family were trafficked to Boncourt in Switzerland 
the children were kidnapped, passports stolen and 
their father Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/2019 is 
effectively improsoned at Rue De Stade 2 in 
Boncourt with no money to live on and
local secial services have been lied 
to and deceived by a FAKE 
marriage contract used 
to justify the kidnap.

World War Three is a WAR on Childhood by aggressive 
and GR€€DY RU$$IAN Child Traffickers like our EVIL and 
VERY NASTY KGB Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 
from GORKY where Chemical, Nuclear and Psychological 
weapons are made and used against children in Syria. 

Maria ANISIMOVA is now in BERNE where Child Trafficking for
Prostitution and "entertainment" is organised and is also in fact 
PROTECTED by the local Berne "Police" forces who do not 
investigate the catalog of crimes which make this possible.
Maria ANISIMOVA is a Psychogical WEAPON deployed

against our family and against the United Kingdom

We are Eva and Paul BRIGHT married in London in 2002 
and dedicated to protecting our FOUR Children as well as 
all children affected by Human Trafficking and deception.
Russian aggression is behind the HOLOCAUST of our
times with kidnapping and child trafficking now
rampant backed up by Police corruption, and 
abuse of Social services by traffickers. 
SWISS Authorities are especially 
GUILTY of helping criminals 
as flesh becomes money. 

The Racist Extortion of our family apartment at 24 
Rue Philippe De Girard in PARIS is the financial 
motivation for the crimes but there are clear 
political motivations as well. The JEWISH
Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937
was making the the WILL for all her Grandchildren

equally: Sophie, Jacob, Rachel and Kristina BRIGHT 
would all be included. The child trafficking PLOT was 
finalised in Serbia in April 2019 in order to silence the 
legal parents of the children Eva and Paul BRIGHT.

Our daughters have been to hell and back, quite literally
as Russia Today is quite a hellish place of intolerance
and that is because Vladimir PUTIN makes a profit
out of human misery by imposing himself on the
people of Syria, Libya, Ukraine and Russia so
by understanding our suffering for 18 years
we hope to help others realise that evil
can be defeated and persistence
does pay as criminals are all
eventually brought to


OVER ONE MILLION British Pounds has now been lost
to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and the Russian
UK Tax Evader Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 is in Berne.
HATRED for the UK and our harmonious multiracial way
of life is what motivates her as she has KIDNAPPED
BOTH of our youngest daughters to EVADE TAX
by trying to silence us but BEDFORDSHIRE
POLICE are on the case with INTERPOL
Anti Terrorist Helpline:

Met ref: ATH-14-20-0100-000

 Ref: CRI/40/IQN2/212020
British Embassy Berne reference: ENQW073713
Updates: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com

MAYORS who tolerate SEX TRAFFICKING and the 


Operation PATTERN is a UK POLICE initiative
Switzerland where normal laws do not apply as
Russian MAFIA and secretive BANKSTERS
rule with RUSSIAN MOB$T€R$. Sophie &
Rachel BRIGHT need you to fight this evil
by emailing the Child and Adult protection
services to make them understand it is 2019
and we do not tolerate terrorists kidnapping
OUR Children and stealing British Passports.

It's 2019 and we remember 1939 just 80 years 
later on as NAZI RU$$IA has declared war on 
freedom and democracy, demanding total & 
obedient loyalty to the PUTIN dictatorship
that openly kidnaps British Children. We
defeated the NAZIS in 1944 and 1945 so 
now we do it all over again with MUSIC.

The SWING KIDS where Sophie once enjoyed 
a happy childhood remember Sophie BRIGHT 
and rally support in Switzerland to help Sophie 
escape from The very EVIL FORCES in BERNE.

Band leader Dai Kimoto is helping Trombonist
Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT now forced to be a
HOSTAGE at Belpstr. 45 in BERNE for an
apartment in Paris demanded by
. Please help Sophie to
send daily 
emails to all SWISS
authorities. Please help Sophie
and her sister Rachel to be
FREE AGAIN and then
return to the UKOK!

DAY SLAVERY with the UK, French and The
Philippine Governments to STOP RISK of
EVIL RU$$IAN child trafficking MAFIA
thugs that also enslaved our secretary
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971

who is in charge of International Rescue to
KEEP The UK Safe from Russian Mafia &

Save all The Children:
BrightRailLimited@Gmail.com 00 41 32 599 1073
EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com 00 63 905 689 2624
UKOK.fr.gd StopRisk.de.tl

VIA BELFORT in France as we

Metropol Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000

Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000
PLEASE email or call and HELP
US to repatriate all lost children:


Swiss JURA Police 00 41 32 420 95 00 
Manchester Police 00 44 161 856 0250

Modern Slavery Helpline & Resource Centre Ref: 15170.
Bournemouth Police 00 44 1202 222 222  Ref: 55190107045
UK action FRAUD REF: NFRC 190803128509

BRITISH AMBASSADOR Jane OWEN Phone: 00 41 31 359 77 00

VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "Human Trafficking is the most serious problem on our planet and we understand the reality of this evil trade having become victims of it. We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughters against us. Rachel & Sophie have suffered Extremist (NAZI Russian) 
Emotional Abuse as well as Violent Physical Abuse. Police suspect Maria plans to TRAFFIC the children to RUSSIA and Romania for MURDER and HUMAN ORGAN THEFT. Sadly Paul is too old to be much use so he has been abandoned at Rue Du Stade 2 in BONCOURT on the SWISS BORDER with FRANCE. The children are in BERNE where Sophie is USED to play the TROMBONE and Rachel is deprived of BOTH her mother Eva and father Paul while being brainwshed against them by Maria (a crime known as GROOMING).

We are a British Family as Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 01/03/1971 married Paul BRIGHT
28/10/1969 on the 6th of January 2002. Paul had TWO British Parents Enid and Michael BRIGHT but Enid BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was MURDERED on 20/04/2013 after an agonising death caused by a LACK OF CARE at a private hospice in CROYDON where lights were LEFT ON at night to speed the DEATH of Enid. The Royal Navy is deployed on 24/24 alert 7 days a week, 365 days a year to STOP RISK of Russian attacks on the UK as we do not tolerate HUMAN TRAFFICKING or MURDER. Enid was murdered and Sophie was TRAFFICKED and KIDNAPPED to EXTORT the apartment at 24 Rus Philippe De Girard from Eva and Paul BRIGHT and hand it over to Maria ANISIMOVA for her RUSSIAN R€GIM€. Gendarmerie in DELLE and BELFORT are on the lookout and other Police forces are joining the effort to Save Our Sophie and Recue Our Rachel from HUMAN TRAFFICKER and MURDERER Maria ANI$IMOVA who is victimising our family in order to EXTORT the apartment in Paris away from our children.

Her Majesty's coroner service in Croydon is investigating.


Our family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris next to the Gare Du Nord and the EUROSTAR in in succession. Maria has KIDNAPPED SOPHIE to EXTORT the apartment.
Kidnapping for ransom is a crime!  
The apartment is worth about a million euros so Maria is MOTIVATED to KILL OFF PAUL and claim she was his wife in order to win herself a MILLION QUID... Talk about gratitude for helping Maria over the last 24 years to achieve her job at ZHAW in Zurich. If this is how she treats her friends, you don't want to be her enemy, so we ask you to please talk to Maria today becuase either her behaviour must change or she will fact many lifetimes in PRISON.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING was carried out to weaken the family as without UK Police and Social Services the family is very vulnerable and dependent on Maria who gives the children some food to earn thier TRUST and LOYALTY so they can be more easily TRAFFICKED when the time is right for Maria from ZURICH Airport.

Maria works at ZHAW in Wadenswil and was born in 01/03/1971 just 10 days before Eva and is PSYCHOTICALLY LOYAL to Vladimir PUTIN the fascist dictator of Russia. This is all about money as Putin wants his corrupt regime to survive and Maria is afraid to stand up for humanity so she does the easy thing and holds her friend Paul who trusted her in 1995 as a hostage and abuses his wife and children. FRAUD has been committed against our family firm BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED as we sold TWO houses and an apartment in the UK to support Maria in her studies to get the good job in ZURICH.

The plan was for Maria to help us once she had a good job and money but she decided to betray us instead. This is the sort of behaviour RUSSIAN business partners do all the time so Paul was taken advantage of as was his wife Eva who met Maria with Paul in person in 2001 before they got married. Please help us. Call the POLICE and NSPCC and if possible come and rescue us from Switzerland as it is very cold here and REALLY HOSTILE as without money we are nothing. There is NO NHS and NO Social Service to speak of. We really need help from the UK=OK!

Eva and Jacob BRIGHT managed to escape from captivity and are safe with our family in The Philippines where Philippine National Police are helping arrange an international coalition to TAKE DOWN the fascist PUTIN Regime that funds Maria and her EVIL Employers at ZHAW in Wadenswil so we need help NOW.

Dear Justices of The High Court, Mayors Ronnel RIVERA, Damien MESLOT, Their Excellencies Denis Yap LEPATAN and Jane OWEN, Presidents MACRON and DUTERTE, Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON and Conor BURNS MP,

Thank you all very much for your help
with our establishment of The CAUSE:

entre for Authorised family 
Unification Services in Europe 

We STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING by placing ARMED Gendarme responders on every Train, Bus and Boat in the same way as airport security at Saint Louis BRIGHT JAZZ Airport (aka. Basel Euro Airport) control all adults who accompany children on flights.

Family names on PASSPORTS must be identical and in accordance with the LEGAL CODE of the Philippines, France, United Kingdom and Swiss JURA meaning BRIGHT=BRIGHT and NOT "Anisimova" who is our secretary with a PACS agreement NOT a marriage contract as she knows well. 

TRUE FAMILY Happiness requires a loving MARRIED COUPLE who are serving God like Eva and Paul BRIGHT who employed the services of "Mary Poppins" but Mary Poppins is a NANNY and NOT a Parent and we should all be aware of this fact!

FAKING the character of an official DISNEYLAND Character to GROOM a child or children is an OFFENCE against the law of copyright and also a SERIOUS CRIME against humanity if it results in the TRAFFICKING of a Philippine British or French British child to Switzerland for Exploitation. CHILD TRAFFICKING IS A SERIOUS CRIME !!!

by The Grace of God !

One World For Peace

HMS Royal MegayachtTravel

Please Kristina BRIGHT on 00 41 78 798 7335
Please call Paul BRIGHT on 00 41 32 599 1073
Please call Sophie BRIGHT on 00 41 76 741 3035
Please call the TRAFFICKER on 00 41 76 787 6006

HELP: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com Tel: 00 63 905 689 2624

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