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International Labour Organization
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Lets work together to STOP RISK
for real global development.
Many economic problems are caused by unsustainable development
so as well as saving lives on the road, by replacing cars with bicycles we
enable the achievement of the United Nations Millenium development goals.

In the UK we do not need cars from the €URO slavery zone so we have
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CSR means Child Safety on the Roads.
Improve Corporate Social Responsibility
in your organisation today: support us.
Promote a healthy life work balance.
Promote the car free workplace.

We Campaign to Protect Children at work on the roads
by promoting roads without the danger of cars and by
promoting trade union protection for child workers.

In the UK today we are returning to the
social conditions of the time of Charles Dickens, and
globally children are not protected. The road environment
is the most dangerous threat to the life of children and to
a happy childhood. STOP RISK on the road.

Dangerous cars have no place in good neighbourhoods.
These days anybody can be driving ~ so the only way to
ensure safety is with physical barriers to STOP RISK.
Learn about the realities of an unprotected childhood.
Read the books of Charles Dickens from Portsmouth.

Children are particularly at risk in nations with
very severe social injustice and income inequality.
SO this is why we say to the UK and the world:

for really good development - worldwide
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...by making roads safe and extending Trade Union protection to Children.
Children at work on roads are working in the Transport Industry so we
call on Industrial Transport Unions like the
RMT for child protection
by extending
trade union benefits to all children at work on the roads
and to puruse negligent employers and councils who were responsible
for serious road incidents involving child workers on the road previously.
Protecting all children working on the road is a top union priority and duty.

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International Labour Organization
You are not a dummy:  so:
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...by leading a better life travelling in style by
bike ~ bus ~ buggy ~ gondola
~ train & ship...
Help build a better world for all children ~ free from cars.
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Protect your children from road risk 

and enjoy happy family holidays and Megayacht day trips
with the cash you receive from selling your car and travel in safety.
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Are you worried about the dangers on the road getting to school ?
Educate your family anywhere
with the ONLINE curriculum.

Visit Butlins, SeaLife, Legoland, Disneyland and Museums.
No car required: all attractions are served by public Transport.


Welcome to the Global Campaign to Protect
Children at work on the roads.

We STOP RISK for good.

Lets Work Together for a better world
of peace where everyone is safe and free

Message from Paul Bright
Director of campaign to STOP RISK for children at work on roads.
Working to make roads safe and extend trade union protection to all
children who work on the roads around the world.

United Kingdom and Global Public Policy
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Paul says: "Lets work together to replace all the private cars with bikes, SAFE
buggies and public Megayachts, Trains, Gondolas, Buses, Trams and eTaxis.
With the money saved by not importing dictatorship oil the governments of the world
can provide enough money for families to look after the children well with no need for
children to go out to work and risk their lives everyday on the very dangerous roads.

A better world is possible and is happening now as YOU sell your car for a better life
supporting SAFE public and sustainable transport for everyone in your community
and setting an example worldwide that DANGEROUS CARS ARE NOT OK !

Everyone who sells their car for a better life for all is a community hero.
Because a car free community is a safe and happy place to live.

This is how to stop risk from entering your community:


Post these signs at all road entrances to our neighbouhood
as far and wide as you possibly can. Enforce the car free safe
area by placing large rocks or flowerpots on the road.

Physically blocking dangerous cars is the only way to
STOP RISK AND double the value of your home
AND give everyone a MUCH better life.

The GREEN party will help you
with political support and if you
elect GREEN councillors then
they'll do the work for you.
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