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Family Values: Three Films by Hirokazu Kore-eda Blu-ray (I Wish / Like  Father, Like Son / After the Storm | Arrow Academy | Limited Edition)  (United Kingdom)
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Learn more about the BATTLE of CABLE STREET on the 2023 Paris Louis BLANC and Porrentruy Lyceum school trip, email us to book today and be OK in the UK now with DIRECT Connections to the Philippines and Australia by Air or over land and Sea for the promotion of Traditional Filipino Royal Navy Family Values by The Grace of God ! EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com
 Learn how Traditional UK Filipino Family Values can SAVE OUR NHS MABUHAY MILES TRAVEL CARD: More Than Just Miles. More Than Just Flights

We propose that the Mayor of the 3rd District in Paris works much more closely with the Mayor of the 10th District who has a serious NAZI MENACE in her town hall pretending to be the "concierge" and this matter is with the Social Services and Madame Cholet is our social worker. This is also being reported to the IGPN Inspection Generale Police Nationale as the Police in the 10th District are afraid of the "concierge" who is a REAL NAZI German in Paris in 2022. It is not 1922 and the Treaty of Versailles must be respected, so say we, The Great Philippine British Initiative representatives of President MARCOS and Prime Minister SUNAK our Indian Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to urgently SAVE The EUROSTAR because we are WOMBLES and we need to see ORINOCO and go back to TOMSK by the Grace of God !

Eva and Paul BRIGHT are UK Conservative Inner Party Members (True Royal Navy Blue) from Portsmouth responsible for promoting Family Values in France by the Grace of God ! Our 20 year mission to STOP RISK of an overpopulation of illegitimate FROGS who are slippery, slimey, scheming and generally very untrustworthy has uncovered Emmanuel MACRON as the chief FROGMAN with real TOADS from TOAD HALL in the TOWN HALLS of France. The new UK VISA REGIME  is being introduced in The UK to PROTECT the United Kingdom from FROGS.
We are therefore organising a School Trip for LEGITIMATE French Families with a COMMONWEALTH background from: India, Bangladesh, Pakistain, Sri Lanka, Cameroon and all Commonwealth countries and French citizens who are not Frogs and genuinely want to learn how to speak English and behave in a civilised way. We met on the Princess of the World in 2000 on the way from Davao to General Santos and Brisbane in Queensland Australia. We are happily married with 4 children by the Grace of God !

We are The Great British and Philippine citizens responsible for the AUKUS deal becuase we KNOW that the RUSSIANS need to be STOPPED and STOPPED NOW before it is too late by the Grace of God !!!
Learn more with BBC ATOMIC LABS for schools!

Learn more on the 2023 Paris Louis BLANC and Porrentruy Lyceum school trip, 
email us to book today and be OK in the UK now with DIRECT Connections to the Philippines and Australia by Air or over land and Sea for the promotion of Traditional Royal Navy Family Values by The Grace of God !
 Learn how Traditional UK Filipino Family Values can SAVE OUR NHS 

Welcome to The Hotel CHURCHILL in BONCOURT, JURA

One World For Peace with UK=OK! EDUCATION
Eva and Paul BRIGHT are The Philippine and Global British civil servants responsible for the AUKUS deal to supply 100 nuclear submarines to Australia from Her Majesty's Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. While everyone has heard about the deal on TV and the sound radio we explain why it's 100 Nuclear submarines and not just 10 or 20 or so... Repelling the communists from China is not the most serious problem facing the Philippine islanders today. Repelling the Racist Russians from the port of Murmansk is also less serious than exposing the SWISS MAFIA Child Sex racket of "Doctor" Michael SCHNEIDER and "Doctor" Jens SOMMER who both work for the MOST EVIL MAN on the planet namely Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who used to be employed as a SWISS Tax inspector in Delémont by Pascal STUCKY (who cannot even speak English)...

Switzerland has a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world and eliminating SEXISTS like Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 and RACISTS like Christian MINGER and Marcel RYSER who are also part of the MAFIA is very important. Of course such evil men have many bought and paid for accomplices like Marc LABBE the MAFIA Lawyer and Remo GILOMEN who is also a MAFIA Lawyer pretending to fight Marc LABBE over a fictitious "divorce" that was concocted by Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who really is the brother-in-law of Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 who was persecuted by Christian MINGER for exposing the TRUTH abut the APEA in Delémont...

Nobody needs a First Class Degree from Cambridge King's College in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a Masters Degree in Development studies from SOAS at The University of London to understand that cheating a Philippine wife just because she is in the Philippines is totally wrong. We were very dissappointed that our family and commercial secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED namely Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 decided to side with the MAFIA against the BRIGHT family that had helped her so much but then we did not understand the intimidation and violence of Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 who is from the Italian MAFIA capital of Napoli...

Napoli is so dangerous that Italians from Palermo even have a special boat service from Genoa to Palermo just to avoid the MAFIA in Napoli. Of course there is also a MAFIA in Palermo but that is a good MAFIA of Trade Unionists ensuring that shipping workers are paid properly and given plenty of time for shore leave and money to send home by western union and so on...

So there is a GOOD MAFIA and a BED MAFIA and we are with Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom and that's The ROYAL NAVY which is of course not a MAFIA but the justified and ancient power of The British Crown defending the planet from all manner of evil things and SERPENTS. Sadly we call our secretary "The SERPENT" as she turned on us like a snake but maybe the snake can be charmed by special Indian Commonwealth snake charmers and turn the venom on the MAFIA of Pascal BEDIN and Maroc LORENZINI and Christian MINGER and the PSYCHOPATH "Doctor" SCHNEIDER who we are formally inviting to sincerely apologise today...

Doctors who abuse patients and put their lives at risk are seriously risky to employ so we understand we probably cannot see him as he has already been FIRED by his boss Professor Undine LANG...


We do not advise anyone actually use Basel University Hospital because it is still very dangerous. Alternative private doctors that accept UK NHS cards include Doctor Gernot Bonkat who is a urology specialist. The Picture Diagnostic centre can help with images of internal problems and the NHS back in the UK is probably the best option for getting unwanted PLASTIC TUBES removed...

HOW did the plastic tube get there in the first place ?
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 POISONED her Director Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 when he refused to sleep with her. The RUSSIAN PLOT was to get a FAKE Russian "marriage" accepted as real and this might have been possible if PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS had been neglected...

Professional standards are non existent at Basel University Hospital where SCHNEIDER tried to argue that the secretary was the wife of the director JUST to extort an apartment in Paris for the Brother-in-law and a Hotel in Switzerland for the secretary and TRAFFICK THREE BRITISH Schoolgirls probably for his own selfish pleasure... That is NOT OK!


For Police enquiries please email:

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