Royal Navy NEWS - Megayachts 'я' us
Megayachts 'я'us
We are the Winners ~ Sei il vincitore
Nous êtes un Gagnant ~ Wir sind die Gewinnern
Aber, but, Roman Abramovitch has stolen our megayacht...
He is wanted for questioning at the Kremlin but as "his"
megayacht is infact state property, we have a replacement.
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Traum Leben Vivez le rêve
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Passengers are Kindly requested to keep a good lookout
for the "Abramovitch" as we have reason to believe he
may have stashed OUR YACHT under the "Great"
British Naval flag as is shown in the evidence picture
and text below, but unfortunately he might have lost
OUR Megayacht in a game...
View large version of image: Roman Abramovich Wins Defamation Case Over False Superyacht Claims

The Russian/UK billionaire Roman Abramovich,
owner of London club Chelsea, won a public apology and
substantial libel damages Thursday over false newspaper
claims that he had lost one of his superyachts gambling.

An Italian Newspaper published that Mr. Abramovich lost
a 500,000 dollar superyacht whilst playing a poker game in
Barcelona, during a visit to watch Chelsea, the
team he bought for £140m in 2003.

The Russian Navy, just like the Royal Navy is Loyal to
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second and her
heirs and successors and GOD = Naval Logic.

The ROYAL NAVY IS NOT loyal to David the Dictator
ConDem Cameron whoose ministers swear at HM
Royal Police AND insult the grieving relatives of
HEROIC Police officers who have made the
ultimate sacrifice to uphold the law.

DICTATOR David Cameron MUST resign NOW and
call a general election IMMEDIATELY or face the
consequences of an RMT led General strike.

join rmtrmtjoin rmtrmtjoin rmtrmt

he is wanted in the Kremlin
Do not let the boat out of
your sight ~ report
let's all be very careful out there
cars kill every minute.

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