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Monday 10 July 2017

Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT
c/o BAE Surface ships
HMNB, Victory Gate, Visitor Centre, GCHQ


Dear Richard Ashworth, Daniel Hannan, Nirj Deva,
 Anneliese Dodds, Keith Taylor, Catherine Bearder, 
Nigel Farage and Raymond Finch,

The Royal Navy has always stood for World Peace and International 
Friendship so please support our World Peace project with BAE Surface 
ships in Portsmouth that will create over a million excellent UK based jobs 
starting as Jeremy Corbyn returns The UK to our true path:
leading the World to Peace as we do stop the war.

The Royal Navy has always existed to stop the 'great' war that Germany 
started in 1914 and we are stopping in 2018 since we remember 1914 to 1918 
and 1939 to 1945 from 2014 to 2018 together with increasingly 
Good German friends. Angela Merkel is going to resign.

Starting in 1983 my work for The Royal Navy has been to remind everyone 
that Great Britain is Great because we do stop the war. General Galtieri was 
incredibly evil and brutalised The Argentine people, as well as trying to invade 
our islands so today The Argentine People all love The Royal Navy and visit 
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and shoot Galtieri's exocet at Action Stations.

My job is to promote The Royal Navy so I am opposed to those who wish to 
harm our reputation like Theresa May and David Cameron who sponsored
terrorists in Syria and have directly caused the ISIS menace that is troubling 
the world today. Theresa May is on the side of evil ISIS and Nazi Germany.

My organisation is based in Bournemouth where I lobby the Conservatives to 
wake up and remember that our job is to stop the war and their support for 
Theresa May is not just against the UK national interest but threatens 
our very good foundations which have been built up over the centuries
at Great cost in Lives lost. The Royal British Legions remembers every
life lost in all conflicts. We promote Royal British Legion Membership.

The damage that the 'conservative' regime in Downing Street is doing is 
terrible. We are at risk of destroying our Good international reputation 
just when we need it most as we pursue Brexit. Only Jeremy Corbyn will 
deliver True Brexit that does mean BRexit for British Rail which will pay 
for Our NHS, Council House building, FREE Education and provide 
everyone with a good, decent, worthwhile UK job.

Converting Royal Navy warships into Brittany Ferries passenger ships with 
BAE Surface ships is a huge project which will see the dockyard fully well 
employed and also expand to other towns such as Glasgow, Plymouth, 
Newcastle and Swansea. British steel will be made for Britsh ships.

Our NEW attraction at HM Historic Royal Navy Dockyard in cooperation with
friends at Bletchley Park, Cheltenham, Bude and Scarborough GCHQ is all about
the role of Signals Intelligence in ensuring we target the correct enemy. Russia
is NOT our enemy and neither is China or the USA but The German regime of
Vicious Volkswagens, BMW Bribery, Audi Aggression, MAD Merkel in The
Mercedes (Just like Hitler) and their Porsche 9/11 Types of terrorists are
The enemy as is obvious. Millions more children are murdered on the
roads than in World War Two. All the Germans did in 1945 was to 
switch off the gas chambers and murder people on the roads
instead. Obviously they call it an 'accident' but we prefer to
use the correct term road incident or ROAD CRIME in fact.

We work with the local Police to help STOP RISK on the roads so the UK=OK!
Our work involves helping Police confidently arrest deadly drivers & make
them fully pay up for any Traumatic Brain Injuries they cause by reckless 
driving, obviously insurance companies must pay for NHS and social care 
costs but have managed to evade responsibility by blaming cyclists for their 
being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'. I speak from experience.
I am still awaiting justice for my incident in 1983, today!

Working together let us remember our GREAT British Royal Navy achievements
so that we can help Jeremy Corbyn evict the evil squatter Theresa May very soon:

Sir Francis Drake saved the world from a very evil Spanish EU armada in 1588.
Admiral Lord Nelson helped stop the evil French EU dictator Napoleon in 1805.
Sir Winston Churchill saved the world from extremist EU ISIS Nazis in 1945.
Lady Thatcher stopped the extremely evil Galtieri EU dictatorship in 1983.

Needless to say, we are NOT Political and are simply Loyal to Almighty God and
Her Majesty The Queen. We accept a democratic government be it Labour or be
it Conservative (as was Sir Winston Churchill) but we do not tolerate the evil
CONservative Theresa May who sponsors ISIS and cuts our UK Police forces.

Currently we are planning the attraction 'GCHQ Signals Intelligence' at
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in cooperation with BAE Surface ships
as this will help win the contract to create a million new British jobs
after The BRexit for British Rail with Sir Jeremy Corbyn UKPM.

Yours sincerely,

Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT
c/o BAE Surface ships
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 
Visitor Centre, Victory Gate, 
HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ

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