Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - Lunes de Miel avec Philippine Air Lines

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CHOOSE PEACE today with
because the way to STOP The Russian Mafia is with JUSTICE
and not just bombs and missiles for Ukraine. Only JUSTICE can
STOP CORRUPTION which is the real problem because corrupt
MAFIA Gangsters like Christian MINGER the child trafficker
are responsible for financing the fascist Putin regime, in fact !

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Le nouveau musée de la Grande Guerre de Meaux - YouTube
In A Raid – Open Your Door To Passers-By

We are delighted to confirm that Philippine Air Lines will be buying 10 concorde aircraft from The British and French AIRBUS consortium in Toulouse. From our department at 27 Arundel Street in PORTSMOUTH United Kingdom we are very happy supporting the excellent work of The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs in General Santos, Manila, London, Paris and Berne in Switzerland. The Great British Philippine Islands have been connected and growing together since 1579 when Sir Francis DRAKE who was deployed by Queen Elizabeth the First landed in Davao, Mindanao, home of Vice President Sara DUTERTE. By remembering our shared history of defending JUSTICE we can achieve JUSTICE TODAY and STOP THE RUSSIAN MAFIA by the Grace of God ! 

There has never been a better time for a honeymoon with prices starting at just €14.40 for a one way trip to Porrentry in Switzerland via DELLE to a UK Cruise to Portsmouth for just €144.00 including a Honeymoon cabin for the overnight crossing and €1440.00 for a one way trip to Manila with Philippine Air Lines aboard CONCORDE from 2025.

Of course, before you fork out a small fortune to fly to the Philippines in just four hours on the Hypersonic Jetliner you need to TEST out your marriage partner, after all it's better to know before you go. So start today and for just €14.40 book your TER Train Express Regional Honeymoon to DELLE after the D-Day Landings via Dijon and Belfort from Paris BERCY.

If you're both still together as a loving couple after HITCHHIKING back to Paris or London then upgrade to The Portsmouth ROYAL NAVY honeymoon and if you're STILL together after that one then it's well worth investing in CONCORDE which is being borought back into service by The FRENCH Government following our confirmed orders from Philippine Air Lines. It's all real and CONCORDE has been flying since 1969, in fact !


The Philippines and the United Kingdom (UK) share a long history of interaction dating as far back to Sir Francis Drake’s landing in Mindanao in 1579 after an almost three-year circumnavigational voyage on board the Golden Hind.
Genre historical oil painting of Queen Elizabeth I with Sir Francis ...
Defense cooperation between the Philippines and Great Britain will result in the PANTO Pacific Atlantic Northen Treaty Organisation which is a partnership of NATO and SEATO to protect the FIRST ISLAND CHAIN and defend all types of SEA LIFE such as Sea Turtles and Dolphins from illegal Communist Chinese and Racist Russian Regime militaristic aggression. As well as defending SEA LIFE we are also defending millions of JOBS at British Aerospace and AIRBUS with the purchase of hundreds of new A321 Passenger aircraft. 

This is an actual airline project with
British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale France which will make it possible to fly from Paris to Manila overnight or directly in the daytime. At present connections are via SNCF to Caen and then Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth for the Victory Liner National Express coach to London Heathrow. 

Philippine Air Lines connects London Heathrow directly with Manila.

Brittany Ferries has confirmed the Cork-Roscoff sailing ...

Our core mission is to Stop Child Trafficking in Switzerland and therefore STOP THE WAR in Ukraine by exposing the SWISS CORRUPTION responsible for funding the war and perpetuating the lies and deceit of the fascist PUTIN Regime. We achieve our aims with peacful remembrance as we are totally opposed to all forms of violence. Only Education can truly STOP THE WAR.

Présidentielle : à Aubervilliers, Anne Hidalgo refuse de se résigner mais  peine à mobiliser.

At The Jewish Association Cordiale of Paris Est VERDUN where we promote remembrance of The Siege of Belfort, World War One and World War Two in order to STOP World War Three which Russia started in 2014 with the illegal invasion of Ukraine and the blatant WAR CRIMES of Vladimir PUTIN and his army of bought and paid for PROSTITUTES known as MERCENARIES in military terms because they are inglorious bastards, in fact. 

We are delighted to welcome all
Philippine Air Lines passengers to London from The Philippine allied Commonwealth of World War two allies. Together we stopped World War One and World War Two and now it is time to stop World War Three with The Department of Education. The Philippine National Curriculum is unique in the World as all students are well educated in working together and solving problems together for World Peace.

ONLY Education can save the children from a repeat of the last century because by understanding history everyone can realise the pointlessness of war and fighting. Loyalty is the key and from a very young age children can learn the importance of Loyalty to The Queen and The Great British Crown at Disneyland in an age appropriate fun environment with their teachers of parents. We are very happy to inspire everyone to follow the educational trail from The Churchill War Rooms in London to The Portsmouth Historic Royal Navy Dockyard in Portsmouth. D-Day landings now take place all year round starting on D-Day the 6th of June 2022.

Learning in real life how the allies of The Philippine allied Commonwealth managed to stop the hateful fascists from 1944 to 1945 will ensure that by the 8th of May 2023 we really do STOP THE WAR in Ukraine and achieve World Peace for all the children. From Portsmouth sail to Sword Beach with Brittany Ferries departing every day at 9pm from the continental ferry port. Landing on Sword Beach at 7am gives families and schools plent of time to explore the bunker and visit Pegasus Bridge to learn about the important Royal Air Force contribution to ensure the success of the Royal Naval Beach landings. From Caen continue to Paris, Disneyland and The Museum of The Great War 1914~2022 at Meaux. See the many Ukrainian flags at the entrance and understand why we must all work together to STOP THE WAR in 2022 PEACEFULLY by diplomatically encouraging the Russians to go home and fix their own country first, by the Grace of God !

Eva and Paul Panganiban BRIGHT together with their son Jacob are responsible for developing the British and Philippine Diplomatic presence across Eurasia to completely STOP THE WAR in Ukraine peacefully by education the Russian People about the Triple Entente. Russia was actually allied peacefully to France and The United Kingdom in 1914 and The People of Russia Today also want to be peaceful but they have been BRAINWASHED by the EVIL NAZI Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN.

Sadly France and The UK and especially GERMANY funds the war by buying fuel from Vladimir PUTIN; this needs to stop immediately so that the war will stop today. There is no excuse for filling up cars with Russian Petrol and buying Russian gas. Everyone needs to learn how to help stop the terrorists that are allied with the fascist dictator Vladimir PUTIN. Every day more children are being trafficked and more teenagers are being sent to die on the battlefield. This madness has to stop so that is why we are publishing this on VICTORY DAY the 8th of May 2022 to remember that we can STOP THE WAR in 2022 just as we did in 1945.

Sadly the world is once again menaced by GEOPOLITICAL TERRORIST NAZIS who only love money. The terrorists know that they cannot win the war which is not their aim as they only love money. The reality is that if Russia did win the war there would be nothing to spend money on so he is just a trublemaker seeking to STASH MONEY in his SWISS BANK ACCOUNT and then escape Russia to be with his mistress in Switzerland. Vladimir PUTIN is simply a MAFIA BOSS and the main aim of his war against Ukraine is to displace refugees so that his MAFIA TERRORISTS can PROFIT from Child Trafficking and Exploitation.

Everyone needs to really care about the victims of terrorism, the trafficked and exploited children, and boycott russian oil and gas immediately. War against the DESPOT PUTIN and his EVIL NAZI MAFIA of RACISTS only leads to more kidnappings, more extortion and more suffering. So a united response to Russian aggression must be the PURSUIT OF JUSTICE AGAINST TERRORISTS. When the entire population realise that Vladimir PUTIN is just a Child Trafficking MAFIA BOSS and a warlord then nobody will buy his Oil and Gas and he will be removed from office, peacefully by the Russian people as they wake up from being brainwashed.

Stopping the war would be easy if there was JUSTICE in Europe and the criminals who kidnapped and trafficked our own daughters were brought to justice but they are in SWITZERLAND where there is no such thing as justice because MONEY TALKS. Learn about what happened to our family and understand why corruption in Switzerland and The LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.

Do your bit to work with the Police and Help Police STOP TERRORISTS because there is a lot of human trafficking in Europe and a lot of corruption. We advise against all travel to Europe until our children are safe. The CHILD TRAFFICKING TERRORISTS must be locked up behind bars because they are just animals that deserve to be in a ZOO:

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Rue Fbg St. Denis by the GARE DU NORD
Sail to Portsmouth UK and JOIN The Royal Navy D-Day Landing PARTY for 6/6/2022

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Because the UK stands with Ukraine and
The Philippines stands with HUMANITY

British, Ukrainian defense chiefs discuss cooperation in ...

Modern day HEROES bring you home

To celebrate 20 years of resistance to terrorism and remember all the victims of terrorism we are promoting the WALK AGAINST HATE in association with the Anti-Defamation league. By walking together we can show the terrorists that they have NO CHANCE to turn people against each other as we are ONE UNITED JURA that is OPEN and INCLUSIVE to everyone, by The Grace of God !
Pour célébrer 20 ans de résistance au terrorisme et commémorer toutes les victimes du terrorisme, nous promouvons la
MARCHE CONTRE LA HAINE en association avec la ligue Anti-Diffamation. En marchant ensemble, nous pouvons montrer aux terroristes qu'ils n'ont AUCUNE CHANCE de monter les gens les uns contre les autres car nous sommes UN JURA UNIS qui est OUVERT et INCLUSIF à tout le monde, par La Grâce de Dieu !

RACIST NAZI NETWORKS of TERRORISTS are a serious problem in Switzerland where corrupt local officials at The Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children recognise FAKE Russian "marriage" documents in order to traffic children and extort family property. It is very true that many people in Switzerland only love money and have no regard whatsoever for the basic human rights of others. This enables advantageous family members to take advantage of the death of relatives in order to PROFIT illegally from an inheritance. 
Les RÉSEAUX RACISTE de NAZI TERRORISTES sont un grave problème en Suisse où des fonctionnaires locaux corrompus de l'Autorité pour la "Protection" des adultes et des enfants reconnaissent les FAUX documents de "mariage" russes afin de faire le trafic d'enfants et d'extorquer des biens familiaux. Il est vrai que de nombreuses personnes en Suisse n'aiment que l'argent et n'ont aucun respect pour les droits humains fondamentaux des autres. Cela permet aux membres avantageux de la famille de profiter du décès de proches pour BÉNÉFICIER illégalement d'un héritage.

BERNE Police are preparing to arrest Marcel RYSER and Christian MINGER who are primarily responsible for the deeply racist and antisemitic persecution of The family of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 who sadly died very suspiciously in CROYDON after being poisoned in Cairo, Egypt. The criminal network used ZURICH Insurance to arrange and pay for the QUICK Cremation to destory the evidence of POISONING in fact. Marcel RYSER had already falsified the Population office records to make it apear that her son Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 was not married to his wife Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 so that Christian MINGER could (and he did) actually TRAFFICK their daughters into the "care" of their SECRETARY Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who was sadly temped by MONEY to betray the BRIGHT Family as well as The BRITISH Government. The DEFECTION was arranged at the IBIS HOTEL in Delémont where Christian MINGER is known to RAPE young girls and women who are seeking the help and PROTECTION of his Authority for the Protection of Adults and Children. This disgraceful behaviour by SWISS Public officials is quite normal so we advise against all travel to Switzerland until case BM203770 in Berne is safely concluded and the criminals are in the SWISS Federal Prison, locked up forever by the Grace of God !
La police de BERNE se prépare à arrêter Marcel RYSER et Christian MINGER qui sont principalement responsables de la persécution profondément raciste et antisémite de la famille d'Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013 qui est malheureusement décédé de manière très suspecte à CROYDON après avoir été empoisonné au Caire, en Egypte. Le réseau criminel a utilisé ZURICH Insurance pour organiser et payer la crémation RAPIDE afin de détruire les preuves de l'empoisonnement en fait. Marcel RYSER avait déjà falsifié les archives de l'Office de la Population pour faire croire que son fils Paul Edward BRIGHT le 28/10/1969 n'était pas marié à sa femme Eva Asilla Panganiban BRIGHT le 19/02/1971 afin que Christian MINGER puisse (et il l'a fait) effectivement TRAFIC leurs filles aux "soins" de leur SECRÉTAIRE Maria ANISIMOVA le 01/03/1971 qui a été tristement tentée par l'ARGENT de trahir la famille BRIGHT ainsi que le gouvernement BRITANNIQUE. La DÉFECTION a été organisée à l'hôtel IBIS de Delémont où Christian MINGER est connu pour violer des jeunes filles et femmes qui sollicitent l'aide et la PROTECTION de son Autorité de Protection des Adultes et des Enfants. Ce comportement honteux des fonctionnaires SWISS est tout à fait normal, nous déconseillons donc tout voyage en Suisse jusqu'à ce que l'affaire BM203770 à Berne soit conclue en toute sécurité et que les criminels soient dans la prison fédérale SWISS, enfermés à jamais par la grâce de Dieu !
ONLY by returning to the United Kingdom can we visit the most excellent British Police and seek proper legal help to bring brother in law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 to JUSTICE. He will have all his UK property confiscated by the UK Supreme court judge and be held to account for the highly suspicious death of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013. Her falsified death certificate at The Croydon Coroner prooves that brother-in-law POSPIELOVSKY is the PROBLEM. All the documentation was supplied to Christian MINGER so he is well aware he is seriously breaking the law. Instead of reopening the case he is trying to silence Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 by imposing a "curatorship". This clear violation of international family law and human rights law needs to be stopped. If you have any information to help the Police Stop Terrorists like POSPIELOVSKY, MINGER and ANISIMOVA. Please telephone Police officer Philippe JOSS at Berne Bumpliz Police station on 00 41 31 638 82 20 to pass information on confidentially to Berne Police; Berne Criminal case reference BM203770.
UNIQUEMENT en retournant au Royaume-Uni pourrons-nous rendre visite à la police britannique la plus excellente et demander une aide juridique appropriée pour amener le beau-frère Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 à la JUSTICE. Il verra tous ses biens britanniques confisqués par le juge de la Cour suprême du Royaume-Uni et sera tenu responsable de la mort très suspecte d'Enid Valerie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013. Son certificat de décès falsifié au Croydon Coroner prouve que le beau-frère POSPIELOVSKY est le PROBLÈME. Toute la documentation a été fournie à Christian MINGER donc il est bien conscient qu'il enfreint gravement la loi. Au lieu de rouvrir le dossier il tente de faire taire Paul Edward BRIGHT le 28/10/1969 en lui imposant une « curatelle ». Cette violation flagrante du droit international de la famille et du droit des droits humains doit cesser. Si vous avez des informations pour aider la police à arrêter les terroristes comme POSPIELOVSKY, MINGER et ANISIMOVA. Veuillez téléphoner au policier Philippe JOSS au commissariat de Berne Bumpliz au 00 41 31 638 82 20 pour transmettre des informations confidentiellement à la police de Berne; Référence affaire pénale Berne BM203770. 

La décision de quitter la Suisse est prise en raison de la Corruption institutionnelle profondément enracinée à l'Autorité pour la "Protection" des Adultes et des Enfants à Delémont où les RACISTES et ANTISEMITES ainsi que la MAFIA Criminelle ANTICATHOLIQUE de Christian MINGER ont reconnu un "mariage" totalement FAUX RUSSE afin de justifier l'ENLEVEMENT de nos plus jeunes filles le 28 avril 2019 par notre secrétaire chez BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED à savoir Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971. Ce manquement total au devoir public est dû au trafic de Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT le 22/10/2004 qui est née et adoptée par la famille BRIGHT à La Mairie du Montpellier en France. Le trafic d'enfants de citoyens français et britanniques ainsi que de citoyens philippins vers BERNE à des fins d'exploitation est assez courant car les autorités bernoises ne prennent pas la peine de vérifier correctement les documents et une décision corrompue est donc répétée sur la base de décisions corrompues antérieures en Suisse. 
Cela explique le nombre record de cas de traite des êtres humains signalés en Suisse en 2021
The decision to quit Switerland is made because of the deeply rooted institutional Corruption at the Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children in Delémont where the RACIST and ANTISEMITIC as well as ANTICATHOLIC Criminal MAFIA of Christian MINGER recognised a totally FAKE RUSSIAN "marriage" in order to justify the KIDNAPPING of our youngest daughters on the 28th of April 2019 by our secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED namely Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971. This complete dereliction of public duty led to the trafficking of Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 who was born and adopted by The BRIGHT family with The Mayor of Montpellier in France. Child Trafficking of French and British as well as Philippine citizens to BERNE for exploitation is quite common because the Bernese authorities do not bother to check documents properly and so one corrupt decision is repeated based on previous corrupt decisions in Switzerland. This explains the record number of Human Trafficking cases reported in Switzerland in 2021.

Des enfants sont kidnappés et exploités pour gagner de l'argent pour la MAFIAS RUSSE ET ITALIENNES et Madame ANISIMOVA a déjà avoué qu'elle n'a JAMAIS été "mariée" à son directeur à mais Christian MINGER veut toujours faire taire le père et éliminer tout autre témoin. De nombreuses personnes dans le Canton et la République du JURA ont été TUÉES ou ont failli être tuées, en fait. Le SEUL moyen d'ARRÊTER LE TRAFIC D'ENFANTS de nos enfants est de retourner immédiatement au Royaume-Uni et d'aider la police métropolitaine dans l'ENQUÊTE DE MEURTRE en cours sur la mort très suspecte de la grand-mère de nos enfants qui est liée à l'EXTORSION RACISTE de notre appartement familial. au 24 Rue Philippe De Girard à Paris et notre projet hôtelier familial BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Rue Du Stade 2 à Boncourt. Les criminels n'aiment QUE L'ARGENT et la MAFIA SUISSE est ÉNORME, il y a donc peu d'aide de la police locale et les avocats locaux ont également peur de nous représenter correctement. La Suisse commence à peine à comprendre la violence domestique complexe où un beau-frère domine sa femme et organise l'élimination de toute la famille. La Suisse ne comprend tout simplement pas et ne veut pas comprendre la violence complexe parce que TROP de responsables SUISSES comme Christian MINGER et sa Criminal MAFIA profitent de la violence dans les faits.

Children are kidnapped and exploited to make money for the RUSSIAN AND ITALIAN MAFIAS and Madame ANISIMOVA has already confessed that she was NEVER "married" to her director at but Christian MINGER still wants to silence the father and eliminate any other witnesses. Many people in The Canton and Republic of JURA have been KILLED or nearly killed, in fact. The ONLY way to STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING of our children and to STOP THE VIOLENCE is to return immediately to The United Kingdom and assist the Metropolitan Police with the ongoing MURDER ENQUIRY into the highly suspicious death of the grandmother of our children which is connected with the RACIST EXTORTION of our family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris and our BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED family hotel project at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt. Criminals ONLY LOVE MONEY and the SWISS MAFIA is HUGE so there is little help from the local Police and local lawyers are also afraid to represent us properly. Switzerland is only just beginning to understand complex domestic violence where a brother-in-law dominates his wife and arranges the elimination of the entire family. Switzerland simply does not understand and does not want to understand complex violence because TOO MANY SWISS officials like Christian MINGER and his Criminal MAFIA are profiting from violence in actual fact.

We are very grateful to the Catholic Church and Social Serives as well as The Philippine Government for helping us through the SWISS NIGHTMARE and long to return home safely to be reunited as a family again.
Nous sommes très reconnaissants à l'Église catholique et aux services sociaux ainsi qu'au gouvernement philippin de nous avoir aidés à traverser le CAUCHEMAR SUISSE et souhaitons ardemment rentrer chez eux en toute sécurité pour être à nouveau réunis en famille.

ONE Connected Filipina
French Common



L'Avenir en commun avec La Transport en commun
A Future together with a connected commonwealth

We are delighted to confirm the definate arrival of 
Philippine Air Lines
to The JURA Bressaucourt Airport
with general commercial passenger flights starting on 
the 8th of May 2022 to Celebrate VICTORY
over The NAZI German racists in 1945.

The arrival of respectable tourists and investors 
to Switzerland does of course depend on the
full transparency of the government and a
serious effort to STOP RACISM as well
as to STOP

Corruption is a very serious problem in JURA
which is in the North of Switzerland. Sadly some
people profit from others by defaming them and
use the local "newspaper" Le Quotidien Jurassien
to publish half truths and downright lies in order
to destroy the reputations of Good People like
us who only want to help the local people.

Opening an international airport in JURA will
ensure people can have broader horizons and
enjoy holidays to the FREE WORLD nations
like the United Kingdom and United States
where racism and antisemitism is fought
and defeated because we remember 
1918 and 1945 in 2021 together
in order to
by The Grace of God !

Defeating the Racist Terrorists had already been
achieved in 1918 with the armistice of course so 
on the 11th of November we are now arranging
a World War One BYPLANE landing.

In times of conflict humans gain incredible new
technological advances and these are then used
in peaceful times to increase the standard of 
living and also to hopefully prevent war. 

The humble World War One BYPLANE made 
commercial flight possible for everyone and we
now offer everyone in the JURA to opportunity 
to have a holiday in the BRIGHT SUN of the
Philippine Islands with just one change of
aircraft in London to the AIRBUS which
carries people from all over the world
to The Philippines with plenty of
legroom for a good sleep...

As The BRexit! rolls on many HUGE business
opportunities await the millions of entrepreneurs
who help Bright Rail Limited deliver A Connected
for Her Majesty The Queen with a
network of safe streets for Bamboo Bicycles made in
The Commonwealth connecting everyone to Bright
Rail Stations and connected bus and jeepney stops.

The Philippines plays a special role in A Connected
as The Philippines has helped The
Commonwealth by fighting THREE World Wars in
support of Great Britain and her allies as well as
flying daily Philippine Air Lines flights to The
oneworld HUB at
London Heathrow and on
to Melbourne in Australia. These flights will
now be supplemented by regular passenger and
rail cargo ships to Sandakan in Malaysia as well as
Sanya in China and also to Darwin in Austrailia via
Bitung in Indonesia as A Connected Commonwealth
welcomes NEW Members to our growing network.


At Bright Rail Limited we bring Peaceful railway
based travel to everyone, even if daily commuting
does not always need a train ride! By generally
promoting the bicycle with Public jeepneys,
buses and railways over deadly cars we do
our best to ensure that The United Nations
Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011≈2020

will be a success and Ban Ki Moon will be able to
deliver his wish to build One World For Peace
with A Connected Commonwealth
in our
time as we remember The 1919 Treaty of
Versailles as well as the 1944 D-Day landings
Liberating France in Normandy in June 2021

Remembrance Celebrations start on the 6th of 
June 2021 and continue to the 28th of June 2021
when the Treaty of Versailles will be renewed by
German President Steinmeyer of the SPD Party
in order to ensure Germany and The German
corporations responsible for so much needless
and pointless loss of life admit responsibility
and all victims of World War One, World
War Two and The Holocaust finally can
begin to receive the justice they deserve
and their families can rebuild thier lives
knowing that nobody died in vain and at
the end of the Great War of 1914 to 2019 as
proper accountability with justice is delivered.

Rebuilding the peace is a struggle. Following the
1919 Treaty of Versailles evil German corporations
like Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes & Porsche
all sponsored Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party so as
to boost their own profitability both by selling the
nazi regime weapons and also by committing the
Holocaust that was an attempt to eradicate the
Jewish people who have always stood up and
opposed evil regimes of Corruption, Racism,
Antisemitism and Prostitutes in Public office
like Julius Caesar and Pontius Pilate who only
want to enrich an elite that keeps them propped
up in political power with private priveleges.

JESUS CHRIST is our inspiration to stop risk of
further Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and
Prostitution of Public offices that has become
so rampant in Europe and much of the world.

Great Britain has traditionally led Europe
in times of trouble. On the 11th of January 2019
The UK signed a Continuity Trade Agreement
with Switzerland to ensure that our exports
of Education, Culture and electric BOND
cars can increase freely while The British
people can continue to enjoy Toblerone as
well as SWISS investment in Great British
Railway General Electrification. Replacing all
deadly German cars with Commonwealth Bamboo
Bicycles to get to the railway stations will increase
fitness in the UK Population and Save Our NHS.

Simple common sense road safety measures as are
promoted by the United Nations Decade of Action
for Road safety 2011≈2021
 will obviously save many
millions of lives and help people choose walking as
well as cycling and public transport over the car.

Achieveing road safety is an international struggle
against the corporations that profit so much from 
death on the roads; namely the same old German
corporations that sponsored the Nazi regime and
carried out the Holocaust for Adolf Hitler;- VW
Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, IG
Farben (Bayer and BASF who made Zyklon B Gas
for use at Auschwitz) the Deutsche Bank and the
Allianz Insurance company, among many others.

Understanding the deep rooted nature of Holocaust
profiteering is essential to understanding why I am
dedicated to building A Connected Commonwealth
that will enable everyone to walk, cycle and enjoy
Public Transport for all that will also create many
millions of desperately needed sustainable jobs in
The Commonwealth and our trading partners like
Switzerland where The Railways provide a serious
alternative to deadly road based car corruption.

I would once again like to thank everyone who is
working for A Connected Commonwealth and our
Great British dream of One World For Peace free
of Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Prostitutes
in Public offices who simply serve corrupt insurance,
pharmaceutical, banking, oil, weapons and motor
manufacturers in order to enrich themselves.

Thank you all very much indeed!

Eva and Paul BRIGHT
Directors of Bright Rail Limited company 11580511
Building A Connected Commonwealth with Commonwealth bamboo bicycles and Public Jeepneys, Buses, Ships and Trains.

A Connected Commonwealth is the Commonwealth
Theme for 2021: 442 Years after Sir Francis Drake
landed in Minadanao in 1579 to inspire the massive
popular resistance to Spanish colonial rule. In 1588
as a result of the Philippine resistance that spread
around the globe Sir Francis Drake was able to
sink the entire Spanish armada that was just
off Plymouth threatening us with invasion.

442 Years later on in 2021 the memory of Drake is
responsible for the British Philippine Pacific Fleet
as we once again venture forth to build One World
For Peace in our time as we did in 1919 and 1945.

Glory to God and Her Majesty The Queen!
The UK and Philippines are OK as we work
together as one happy family to civilise both
Pacific and Atlantic oceans for World Peace
so that we can replacee the €U and U$A and
replace private cars with sustainable bicycles
and Public Transport for all as in Switzerland.

Rail Limited
is a British Charitable company
UK Corporate Registration Number 11580511:
registered at companies' house for the promotion of
Great British Education around the world in order
to rebuild One World For Peace in our time with
remembrance of 1914 to 1921 from 2014 to 2021.

This project is part of the formal commonwealth
theme for 2019: A Connected Commonwealth.

The Great British School of Constance is bilingual
and is also known as La Grande Ecole Brittanique
de Constance
. Due to political censorship of the
German education system we are currently
confined to campaigning for regime change
in Berlin so we can properly open our school.

We are also constrained by the Local University
of Constance not wanting us to promote GCHQ
Puzzle Book Two
and the World Peace and
International Development studies course
as this tells the whole truth about Germany...

In 1914 Great British Railways spanned the world as
Great British Merchant Shipping connected all the
railways of the world to connect everyone in peace
until Germany started World War One with the
assassination of Archduke Ferdinand by means
of bought and paid for assassin Gavrilo Princip.

Additional PROOF that Germany and her allies,
the Austro Hungarian and Ottoman Empire wished
for war is found at the memorial of French Corporal
Peugeot in Joncherey
near the French border town
of DELLE where Bright Rail Limited investments
are rebuilding the railway station as it used to be
in 1914 so our Churchill Night Line passenger
trains can connect Switzerland to Normandy
as we remember 1944 in 2021 celebrating
75 years since the liberation of CAEN.

Great Britain needs to be able to HONESTLY 
trust Switzerland in order for Switzerland to
participate in A Connected Commonwealth
with Great British Rail trains from Roscoff
to Paris, Belfort, Delle, Berne, Milano,
and Genoa for sailings to MALTA as
well as Amsterdam to Luxembourg,
Epinal, Belfort, Delle, St. Jacob,
Constance, Bregenz and Venice
for sailing to CYPRUS and on
to YOANDE and then Port
Elizabeth in South Africa.

UK issued EHIC Health Insurance cards
are perfectly valid for business people and their
families and colleages in Switzerland.

Visiting the Memorial to Corporal Peugeot will
inform everyone that German started the Great
War in 1914 by assassinating Corporal Peugeot
in Joncherey 30 hours before the declaration
of war that was also started by Germany.

We remember 1919 for World Peace in 2019 as we pay
our respects to our HEROES who landed to liberate
France in 1944 as we celebrate the 75th anniversary
of the D-Day landings and sail to Portsmouth from
Sword Beach near CAEN in Normandy, France.

Everyone in the world remembers 1919 and the treaty
of Versailles which was also the year the International
Labour Organisation was founded to create Decent,
Democratic, well paid rewarding work for everyone.

In 2019 we restore World Peace with remembrance and
we restore vitally important Public Service jobs such as
Bus conductors, Railway Guards, Station staff, Ticket
Office clerks, School Dinner service staff, Teachers,
Doctors and Nurses who are well qualified and do
provide, all together, a better life for our children.

The Great Belfort project makes our planet great again
by remembering 1918 in 2018 and 1921 in 2021 as we
restore the Armistice and The Treaty of Versailles
in order to rebuild The Belfort Railways as we
had already built before war started in 1914.

We at Bright Rail are rebuilding all railway stations
with all platforms, ticket offices, baggage rooms,
restaurants and newsagents selling the New
York Times in 2021 as we remember 1921
together as One Really Happy Family.

Our Industrial Partners in Belfort are General 
Electric and ALSTOM who manufacture the
Great British Rail Advanced Passenger trains
that can take corners at speed meaning our TGV
is fully compatible with Great British Railway
tracks that are curved around the corners.

Currently the Advanced Passenger Trains travel to
Delémont from Basle and Geneva so the timetable
will continue as it is up to Delémont then a half
hourly service will continue to Belfort during 
the day time. Churcill Night Lines will be
operational in 2021 connecting Marseille
to Amsterdam. Genoa to Glasgow via
the channel tunnel and London will
be served by High Speed Night
trains enabling passengers to
have lunch in Glasgow as
well as in Marseille where
there is excellent sea food.

All our Churchill Night Line trains will arrive in
Belfort after midnight and leave before the first
day time trains meaning there will be no need
to change the day time timetables and also
the trains will be sorted so passengers in
the last three carriages from Marseille
will continue to Roscoff while the
middle three will continue to 
Glasgow and the first three
are for Amsterdam and
everyone can sleep.

Belfort has many family restaurants open at
night near the railway station so if the children
are hungry it is always possible to get off the train
for an hour and have a midnight feast in Belfort!

A map of the converging Churchill Night Lines
is provided in the picture section above the text.

Palermo and Venice to Roscoff via Delle at night
enables cruise passengers to enjoy luxury travel in
First Class on land as well as at sea to New York.

Click here to see life inside a typical daytime train...

Click here to see life on a typical night time train...

Kindly note that there will be no need for passengers
to use the bus as our trains will travel through the
tunnel and there will be no need to wake up as
passports will be inspected before leaving
the station of departure and boarding
cards will gurantee admission to all
passengers travelling to the UK. 

In 2018 we remembered everyone who gave their day
for our tomorrow and in 2021 we remember the 1921
Treaty of Versailles that marked the end of the War
when it was implemented and ALSACE was
returned to FRANCE as it is not German

Sadly some people like Mr. MESSERSCHMIDT
of Chemin De La Perche 18 STILL Think Alsace
is German and even think they can own The
JURA by victimising fammilies and then 
buying up their houses after they are truly 
destroyed by NAZI Christian MINGER 
who thought he was an honourable
"President" of the Adult and 
Child protection agency

A few Good German peope are sorry and have
 voted against the fascist Merkel CDU regime so
enabling President Steinmeyer to honour fallen
HEROES of World War One who fought against
the evil German second reich in World War One.

Germany has now finally agreed to honour
the full terms of the 1921 Treaty of Versailles with
full compensation being paid to Poland, France
Namibia, The UK, Ireland and all other
victims including the United States. 

of Versailles that started in 1921 will now be 
fully finished off in 2021 as GERMANY 
MUST PAY for protection from the
EVIL NAZI Germanic regime

Racism in Switzerland is not just casual but is
extremely well organised by international
very serious criminal networks
as we 
will now briefly explain. Obvioulsy
if Switzerland is to prosper.

Switzerland is now an extremely risky and very
dangerous place to invest in or just go on holiday
attending school in Switzerland can encourage
can corrupt public officials to recognise
FAKE Documents and justify taking
children out of school, kidnapping
and even child trafficking away
from the legal parents.

The justice system is very expensive for
ordinary people so criminals have the
advantage. It is now been over 2 years
since our own children were kidnapped,
this was ordered by the brother in law to
prevent a Police investigation into the very
highly likely MURDER of the Grandmother. 

Our Russian secretary at our company

Was sadly USED by several very evil men to attack
our Remembance Project and Hotel Development
1: Andrew POSPIELOVSKY (the brother in law)
2: Marcel RYSER the corrupt head of population
3: Christian MINGER president of JURA APEA
5: "Doctor" Jens SOMMER the RACIST who
refuses to accept the reality of UK business.

Great British Victim support services achieve true
international justice as we remember 1921 in 2021.

Contact Victim support and stand up to criminals.

The Great British People believe in World Peace as
we have built One World For Peace for centuries.

Sir Francis Drake sailed to liberate our Philippine
sisters and brothers landing in Mindanao in 1579
as remembered by The Philippine Embassy in
London who are our partners for Peace as
we elimiate Abu EU $ayyaf in Mindanao.

The Philppines today is Free and protected by
The Royal Navy from imperial aggression by
any other navy, such as the Chinese or USA.

Only The Commonwealth can guarantee One
World For Peace as we are a voluntary, free
organisation that respects real Democracy
to protect Diversity and Social Inclusion.

We are all Equal under almighty God and
Her Majesty The Queen on Our Planet so
we cordially invite The Good People of
France to Make Oue Planet Great
Again by working together as one.

Joining The Commonwealth will ensure that
Bright Rail, a Limited Company registered in
The United Kingdom, can build a genuine and
actually connected commonwealth with Trains
from Belfort to connect with Brittany Ferries
ships sailling from Roscoff, Saint Malo,
Cherbourg and Le Havre as well as
DFDS from Dunkirk and Ijmuiden
near Amsterdam to Newcastle.

The French Railways are essential for Great
Britain to connect the commonwealth as we
also welcome Ireland as one united coutry
at peace in The Commonwealth with a
ship sailng every night from Cork to
Roscoff for our train to Belfort and
on to Venice as well as Vladivostok.

Brittany Ferries are creating The Asian Dream
with the new ship to One Korea and Japan OK!

Brittany Ferries and Grandi Navi Velocchi from
Genoa and Venice sail to Cyprus and Malta so
families can all enjoy commonwealth holidays.

SNCM from Marseille sail to Corsica and on
to Libya and Algeria for Cameroon railways
trains to Yaounde and Port Elizabeth in the
Republic of South Africa liberated by
Sir Nelson Mandela in 1994.

We remember 1921 in 2021 so we can restore
World Peace with remembrance and Romanov
Restoration of The Russian Federation as one
united Democratic Federation together with
the United States of America as we, The
British, plan the UK=OK! Bering
Strait Tunnel to Anchorage.

Canada connects The USA to The UK with
our NEW Brittany Ferries sailing from Halifax
to Hull via Galway, Cork, Roscoff, Le Havre
and Southampton. Sea Travel is sustainable
with 5000 passengers on a single ship, all
in complete comfort in their family
cabins that are HALF PRICE
when remembring D-Day
sailing to Sword Beach.

We cordially invite you to sail with us from
Portsmouth to Sword Beach remembering 1944
and 1945 in 2021 as we remember 1921 so we do
actually Make Our Planet Great Again together
sailing Towards a Common Future with Public
Transport from Belfort to the commonwealth.

Great British Schools promote World Peace and Justice with Liberty

 based on our collective human remembrance of 1921 in 2021 so we
can now stop all war and invest in Public Transport, Health and
Education for everyone by remembering the Treaty of Versailles
that ended the Great War 100 years ago on June 28th 1921.

Great British Rail is connecting The UK and the Commonwealth with 
Churchill Night Line sleeper trains across France via Belfort which
was the most important rail hub in 1921 and will be again in 2021
as General Electric electrifies the line to Paris East station and
our trains connect Roscoff to Venice, Glasgow to Genoa and
Amsterdam Ijmuiden to Marseille Saint Charles. Sealink
passenger ships connect Plymouth and Cork to Roscoff
as well as Newcastle to Amsterdam for safe, reliable
travel between Great Britain, Ireland and France.

The southern English seaside resorts of Plymouth, Bournemouth and
Portsmouth are connected by Brittany Ferries to Roscoff, Saint Malo,
Cherbourg, Sword beach near Caen and Le Havre near to Paris.

A connected commonwealth is already a political reality and with new
shipping services from Marseille to Gibraltar, Lagos and Port Stanley
as well as Genoa to Malta and Alexandria and Venice to Cyprus and
Syria the whole of Africa will be a well connected commonwealth.

The Commonwealth welcomes new members and France has historically
been our closest ally in mainland Europe together with Ireland so with
Ireland and France joining the commonwealth we will all be one
truly happy family ready to welcome all other nations to join
us and build One World For Peace in our time as we all
remember 1921 for World Peace together in 2021.

The Heroic Great City of Belfort in France holds the key to World Peace
having resisted the Germanic siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871 and
then resisted The German invasion of 1914 to 1918 and then
resisted the German occupation from 1940 to 1945.

Central to the survival of Belfort was the historic railway line from the
Swiss Jura that was closed in 1992 following German reunification as
the European Union imposed austerity on Public Transport services.

Looking back now it seems incredible that "everyone wanted their car"
just as it is equally incredible today that "everyone has a mobile phone".

Freedom to choose to travel with Public Transport or to make telephone
calls with Public Telephones is more important for Justice than many
people first imagine. We know now that World War One and World
War Two were both financed by huge German corporations that
have a competitive advantage in car manufacturing and we
also know that the relentless public transport cutbacks
such as guardless trains and closed ticket offices are
a direct result of Public Funds being wrongfully
allocated to road building for private cars.

By refusing to be brainwashed into driving private cars and using mobile
telephones which both have a huge health risk (cars kill over 1.25 million
people every year and mobile phones cause brain damage) everyday
decisions can help save lives. Consumer choice and the liberty
to just say "NO" to cars and mobile phones does save lives!

As well as the immediate benefit of avoiding the risks associated with
driving cars and using mobile telephones the real beneficiaries of
ethical consumption are the people who live in nations where
the raw materials such as cobalt and uranium as well as
oil are found as brutal mining and oil extraction is
uneconomic when there is insufficient demand.

Therefore by avoiding private car use and mobile telephones everyone
can help save lives in Africa and The Middle East as we do stop wars
by refusing to buy conflict minerals and energy. The Commonwealth
is committed to Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion with really
democratic sustainable development based on Public Transport.

The World We Want is a United Nations project asking people to choose
the six most important things for The World We Want such as Education,
Transport, Free Drinking Water, Healthcare, Public Safety, Shelter and
Peace; all things that are increasingly denied to us by the €U regime.

The Glorious British Royal BRexit! is therefore not about leaving the
European Union but transforming Europe into being a power for
good instead of evil. France will lead the future EU instead
of Germany so instead of a race to the bottom in terms
of low wages and desperate migration, Europe will
lead the world in sustainable High Speed Public
Transport with the World Famous TGV Train.

France is joining the Commonwealth together with Ireland to enable
One World For Peace to be built with TGV Trains to all corners of
the world from BrightRail central in Belfort, southern France.

Brittany Ferries connect France to Ireland and Great Britain
enabling a good overnight sleep for international journeys.

Great Britain, Ireland and France are moving towards a common future
with Public Transport from Belfort to the Normandy Landing Beaches
with Brittany Ferries sailings to Cork, Plymouth, Poole & Portsmouth.
We all owe it to our ancestors who gave
their today for our childrens' tomorrow
to do our best to do our duty to God
and to The Queen to ensure that
the whole world remembers
The "great" War 1914≈2021
so we stop the war today... there is nothing "Great" about war
we're voting Labour to STOP THE WAR
together in 2021 by remembering 1921...

Common sense means books not bombs
and Health not Hardship. Prioritising
People First makes sense for us all.

Welcome to ONEWORLD

With Bright Rail Limited
We're Getting There !!!

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