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My letter to Jeremy Corbyn PM

Paul Bright
One World For Peace
2 Lansdowne Crescent,
Email: Brighteducation@yahoo.co.uk
Monday 21 August 2017
Dear Jeremy Corbyn PM,
Thank you very much for all your help with our project to Liberate Europe with remembrance of our HEROES from 1914 to 2018 who have served Her Majesty and His Majesty before. We are now reminding everyone in Europe why we voted for The British Rail BRexit with the formal reopening of the Porrentruy to Portsmouth railway and connecting Brittany Ferries Sealink shipping services, Trading as "Churchill Night Line" from this november on Armistice Day.
Bournemouth Pier between our Railway station and The Swanage Railway pier is at the heart of The One Bournemouth project so I would like to thank you on behalf of the people of Bournemouth for your help building One World For Peace.
One World For Peace is a British Diplomatic Services project to unite all People of Our World under the supreme authority of Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen as you know from my first letter to you sent in 2010 when David Cameron seized the role of Prime Minister with the collusion and conspiracy of the evil Nickolas Clegg.
The European Union as you well know is Public Enemy One of the people of Europe and especially The People of Bournemouth and Great Britain. In the recent vote to Leave the European Union we, The People of Bournemouth voted overwhelmingly to Leave with over 80% of voters demanding an immediate Clean BRexit for our British Railways services to be resumed as we knew them from before the 1970s.
Great British Railways and Sealink Brittany Ferries connect Bournemouth via our Port of Poole to Cherbourg, Roscoff, Saint Malo, Jersey, Guernsey, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Le Havre, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Manila, Brisbane and all of the Commonwealth because of the 1944 Allied Sword Beach landing parties.
In 1944 our allied HEROES set off to France from HMNB exactly as The Royal Navy sets off today to bring Peace to The World. The enemy is the same, an extremist regime based in Berlin making profits out of death on the roads using Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 Types of thing to kill and main innocents.
Exactly like the IRA Terrorists and ISIS Terrorists the German regime of evil Angela Merkel is completely corrupt and good for absolutely nothing at all except stopping.
The Royal Navy defeated ISIS in Syria and is defeating ISIS in Libya and ISIS in the Philippines with the help of our Russian, American, Chinese, Philippine and allied HEROES because I am Admiral BRIGHT having a special relationship with Moscow.
Our Russian KGB partners are on exactly the same side as The Good People of the United Kingdom and are 100% loyal to Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen with their leader Sir Vladimir Putin the GREAT. Just like Alexander the GREAT as well as Peter the GREAT the Russian leader today rides bears bareback in Siberia.
Sending Theresa May and her Saudi ISIS chums as well as her SWISS Bankster CHUMS
to Siberia would solve the ISIS problem and enable my son Jacob in The Philippines to immediately return to Lanton Elementary school to catch up on his UK National Curriculum British and Philippine history studies right now.
Millions of children like my son Jacob have suffered inhuman suffering and the insecurity of displacement because of your support for the Prostitute Theresa May who is in office simply to line her own pockets and UBS deposit boxes.
Switzerland has a long and shameful history of money laundering and secret bank accounts which is why I am encouraging The People of The Jurassic Part of Switzerland, also known as the Jurassic Republic, to vote to leave just as we voted to leave the European Union. Switzerland is not in the EU but is corrupt.
"There is no such thing as justice" said the head of extraditions at the SWISS department of Justice. I was at first a little confused about this but now fully understand his wisdom. We must make justice happen. Berne must be taught a lesson about Justice which does exist by the Grace of God and Her Majesty The Queen. Moving the British embassy north, towards Bournemouth would help The People of Bournemouth on holiday in Switzerland if they lost their passports. Staying on the border with France would be handy for buying wine.
The new British Embassy on the border is ready for immediate commissioning and I am now on the ship sailing to install some new locks and a safe for our supply of Emergency British Passports. We can close the embassy in Berne as it is not used very much and is very expensive to rent. The Irish embassy and The Philippine embassies are very close and could offer diplomatic assistance to British nations from The Commonwealth once Ireland and The Philippines are members. Most Irish and Philippine people want to join The Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth is an excellent trading bloc open to the world and already there are some EU members such as Cyprus and Malta, valuable war allies in both the First and Second world wars. World War Three against the fascists in Berlin and their SWISS Bankster CHUMS is being conducted on the ground by The German Police who are busy arresting deadly drivers.
Yesterday I had the Good fortune to be able to thank one of our German Police officers in his Volkswagen pick up for doing such a good job of stopping risk on the road between the Constance Railway station and Shamrock Irish pub.
Stopping the Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 9-11 types of thing and questioning the occupants and especially the drivers will yield actual results in making Bournemouth safer. Stopping all traffic into the town centre by means of PARK and RIDE stations will ease congestion.
A TWENTY POUND car parking ticket can fund Public Transport improvements in Bournemouth such as the Airport, Railway station, Lansdowne crescent, Pier, Beach and Poole Harbour mini railway service. Poole Park trains are ready to help you commission this railway as is documented on our web site today.
I would like to say to all my children "Conor Burns is a Conservative gentleman, he is NOT a CONservative like Theresa May, he is a good man". I have no doubt that you would like to be remembered as The One Good Conservative who did your duty to God and to The Queen to help us rid our nation of the May regime.
Yours sincerely,
Admiral Paul BRIGHT (RN008) British Special Forces in Europe. Trading as HMS Royal Megayacht Travel Service and One World For Peace www.UKOK.fr.gd/Bournemouth.htm
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