Entente Cordiale - INVESTORS
Dear Investors,
We would like to enter into joint ventures with Swiss firms 
as well as The Swiss army in order to promote British Swiss 
cooperation and understanding. Please see our website for 
full details of our Portsmouth attraction which we would 
like to market in association with The Swiss army.
Switzerland and Great Britain have a historic relationship
dating back to William Tell and including our joint resistance
to German aggression from 1914 to 1918 as well as 1939 to
1945. Today as we declare that Brexit means BRexit for
British Rail we are interested in buying railway systems
so we can develop an integrated Public Transport
system in Great Britain as in Switzerland.
The new Joint Conservative and Labour Parliamentary
committee for leaving the EU understands that after Brexit
was voted for the value of the pound has declined by over 20%
so clearly the days of us importing cars from Germany are over.
In future British people will mainly go on holiday in Britain and
in Switzerland where our British Rail family railcards will give
the same benefits as a half price card and junior cards. The
reciprocal health agreements will also remain and it is very
likely we will end up with an EEA type of arrangement.
Cross border relationships for visa free travel of Swiss nationals
between Boncourt and Cherbourg will be strengthened by our
partnership with the French authorities enabling travel by train.
We foresee many areas of cooperation including Health, Education,
Transport and Diplomacy. Working together we can build lasting 
peace following our success at the G20 in Hamburg. With no more
EU sponsored war in Syria we are now proceeding to build British 
Railways to Saudi Arabia with our Israeli and Egyptian partners.
Remembering our shared role in bringing peace to the world
will certainly help us in The Labour Party and British government
to encourage a 'YES' vote to joining Switzerland in the EEA. This
is why we would like to promote remembrance together with the
Swiss army. In particular we are interested in promoting the '14
'18 (1914 to 1918) museum in Frauenfeld together with out
World War One Tank museum at Bovingdon in Dorset.
The Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a major Global Family UK
attraction promoting the peacemaking role of The Royal Navy
over many centuries. Undoubtedly there is much for us all to
learn together about our shared history. We are interested
in helping all local firms to export to the UK and English 
speaking world and feel we have a solid foundation
upon which to build mutually beneficial trade.
Please contact me so we can arrange a meeting.
With very best wishes,
Fleet Admiral Paul BRIGHT
British American Express (BAE) Surface ships,
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard,
Victory Gate, HM Naval Base,
Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
United Kingdom
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
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Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Visitor Centre, Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ
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