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Dear visitors,

Remembrance of the past horrors of World Wars and The Holocaust is
the way to STOP THE WAR today. We can stop all war and reunite
Korea peacefully. The key is for the USA aggressor to leave now
just as we did LEAVE the EU to
STOP THE WAR in Syria...

Decades after World War Two ended in 1945 war continues to be paid
for by taxpayers at the mercy of corrupt officials like Theresa May and
Donald Trump who love war as it makes them rich. These war criminals
sell weapons to dictators in order to enrich themselves at the misery of
their victims in Yemen, Syria, The Ukraine and all conflict areas.

For World Peace we need sustainable travel so we support The BRexit for
British Rail to replace the Vicious Volkswagen, BMW Bribery, Audi Agression
MAD Merkel in the Mercedes and the Hitlerite PORSCHE 9-11 Types of terror.

There is no need for any war so please join us in remembering World War
One, World War Two and The Holocaust as well as the siege of Belfort in
1870 to 1871 to understand the corporate nature of war. By understanding
war and persecution today we learn from the past for a better tomorrow.

Jewish and minority groups continue to suffer persecution and all types
of discrimination today. In Egypt the so called 'muslim brotherhood' is
well known for burning churches during the Morsi dictatorship that
followed the so called 'Arab spring' that ended the rule of Mubarak.

In Germany the Merkel dictatorship imposes German (an unofficial non
United Nations language) on people to divide and rule. Minorities suffer
huge discrimination and disabvantage in The German speaking lands now.

Sadly some Christians and Jews did not make it out of Egypt alive and
in the case of my own mother was made so ill that she later died in London
in very suspicious circumstances that were mentioned to the Metropolitan
Police at the time (Hospital deliberately left light on at night to prevent
sleeping and therefore speed up death/prevent recovery). Corporate
crimes in the health sector are quite frequent in private medicine
which is one reason we support the National Health Service.

The current regime of Theresa May has murdered many disabled people
as we know and only by the Grace of God did I manage to survive with
help from a few good Russian friends over the years. This email is now
directed to The Police to commence the required investigation.

Every death must be properly investigated and The Paris Police are

FIRST CLASS so I fully trust officer Djamel of the 10th Arrondissement

to oversee the investigation into the death of my mother Enid BRIGHT.


Only when visiting the Memorial of the Shoah in Paris last week did I

fully begin to realise just what sort of monster we are all up against. The

Jewish people, Trade Unionists, Gypsies and all minority groups are the

potential victims of the Holocaust started by Nazi Germany.


Our loving mum Enid was Jewish but she did not say so openly, like so

many wishing to blend in to society. Of course we do not go around with

yellow stars on our jackets but these days we are more likely to be seen

wearing RMT UNION or CGT UNION Yellow and Orange Jackets in Paris.


The regime of the nazis was motivated by money, Hitler and his CHUM

PORSCHE wanted to use Jewish and Trade Unionist labour cheaply to

make Volkswagens which all 'good' Germans had to save up for.


The Volkswagen saving scheme was of course the way Hitler funded 

German rearmament before he invaded Poland in 1939. The Holocaust

was his 'final solution' to rid the world of people who would in future be

the main resistance to his regime after the war was lost by Hitler in 1945.


Remembering The Holocaust, WW2, WW1 and the siege of Belfort today

is the way to topple the evil EU regime of Macron with is pointless private

sector initiatives (privatisation of the SNCF) and other scams to destroy

the CODE DU TRAVAIL that we have all worked for over many years.


We are all Jewish today fighting the same regime that committed the same

types of 'reform' during the nazi time namely, transport and public sector

privatisation, impoverishment of the Police to deny justice, pay cuts, etc.


I would therefore invite everyone to support the Holocaust Memorial Ships


that ply the waters between Switzerland and Germany where so many Jewish

and other minority groups tried to escape from the Nazi German Hitler regime.


Remembrance Meeting Travel is an excellent way to bring the whole family together

and discover the sites of The Holocaust and associated wars with transport well and

truly organised by Great British Railways with the support of the RMT and CGT UNION.


I will visit the relevant Police stations and Trade Union offices over the next week.


With very best wishes,


Paul Bright CEO Great British Railways

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