Paris 2024 Olympic D-Day Landing Celebrations - Help Harry Potter STOP Voldermort


ALL welcome at Hogwarts
At Eva Bright Education we understand that many children in FRANCE have not attended any sort of formal school because of RACISM at the local MAIRIE and therefore without a "CARTE DE SEJOUR" they have been completely EXCLUDED from society and have no friends as they cannot speak French. As they were DENIED an education like our son Jacob they NEED to LEARN to read and write in French and English so we aEva Bright Education we have the solutions you need by the Grace of God ! We say WHY WORRY as we have no worries as we are AUSTRALIAN as well as BRITISH and Philippine passport holders so we don't give a XXXX about formalitites as we just go to the PUBLIC LIBRARY instead as there is the FULL HARRY collection of Harry POTTER books on the GROUND Floor by the Grace of God ! Eva and Paul BRIGHT are from the RESTRICTED SECTION on the UPPER CLASS FLOORS of the library so we can help solve all your problems in life and especially in Paris by the Grace of God ! BPI British Philippine Initiative library at the POMPIDOU CENTER which is next to the LEROY MERLIN MAGIC Building centre in the 3rd arrondissement. This is very near to the HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL as many people also tried to WIPE OUR FAMILY OFF THE MAP in fact like VOLDEMORT who MURDERED the Parents of HARRY POTTER as we know from Episode 1 Harry Potter and The Philosophers stone which is LESSON ONE at the BPI by the Grace of Almighty God and His Majesty King CHARLES III as well as Prime Minister SUNAK of the UK=OK! Certainly we can say that in this life "It is all decided for us" and so we LIVE ON TOGETHER by The Grace of God !
Why Did Voldemort Kill Harry Potter's Parents?

Hogwarts Dep/Arr 12:00...
~ TO: Glasgow Queen St.
Check in at: 23:00

23:40 Glasgow CNL
07:07 London British Lib
08:56 City tlk 
InterCity 64529
10:12 Brighton Churchill
12:02 Brighton InterCity 60667
13:22 Portsmouth Nelson
Check in opens at: 21:00
23:00 Mont St. Michel
06:45 Sword Beach
Bus to CAEN S.N.C.F.
10:07 CAEN S.N.C.F.

12:19 Paris SL
23:59 Charles De Gaulle
10:00+1 Manila Arrive
12:00+1 Lunch at PAL
Philippine Air Lines
restaurant at NAIA
Alternative Ground travel
13:42 Paris Est
17:47 Belfort S.N.C.F.
19:48 Belfort 
19:57 Meroux 
20:03 Meroux S.N.C.F.
20:18 Delle S.N.C.F.
14:19 Delle 
15:41 Bienne Gare du Lac
16:17 Bienne Gare du Lac
17:30 Turicum centrale
17:37 Turicum centrale
18:54 Constance STABLE

£50 with Brittany Ferries
per person in First Class
+SNCF €100 First Class
for a family of 2 adults
and 2 toddlers with
an enfant+ card.

The Labour Party meet up in Constance!
Join The Party of Nelson for true Freedom


Enjoy British Rail BRexit!
Book today

Labour Party meetings are
held on Saturdays at 19:14
so we do STOP THE WAR
before 20:18 to keep calm
& carry on drinking,
eating, dancing and
cavorting as we do
in the Shamrock...

Glasgow, Cardiff, London,
Brighton and Worthing to
Portsmouth Sword Beach
CAEN S.N.C.F. Delle (ch)
 and Constance
by Churchill Night Line
with S.N.C.F. and CFF.

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