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Help Save The Children and STOP WAR
Dear BRIGHT Rail Eurostar Passengers
Thank you for travelling by Bright Rail:

WE Eva and Paul BRIGHT of Bright rail really love
our jobs and we love our passengers so you are not
affected by the CLOSURE of the Channel Tunnel
so we have arranged a NEW ROUTE for FRANCE
to return to The UK as it was part of the UK in 1611
as documennted in The King James version of The
so everyone
can return to the UK in Style via Ireland and Wales
to England and Scotland from France as our FIVE
GREAT Nations are now reuniting under the Royal
Authority of His Majesty King Charles III 
by The Grace of Our Almighty God.
SO: WE Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart. AMEN !

L’effigie du roi Charles III apparaîtra bientôt sur les pièces, billets, timbres…

truly very happy to announce an alternative way to the
UK from €100 which is OK! from Roscoff to CORK
which is the most direct way to  Cardiff as
well as Fort William and Balmoral.

To avail the €10 special offer book your ticket at Eva
Travels in the Rue Faubourg Saint Denis by the old
GARE DU NORD at the same time as your onward
Philippine Air Lines PAL tickets from Heathrow to
Manila and Brisbane (Australia from €1000 return).

SNCF Passengers who are not going to Australia
or to the Philippines but simply want to go to
BRIGHTON can simply buy their tickets at
the PORT in Dieppe or at the PORT in
Ouistreham (€50 overnight to UK).

Ouistremam is a €1.60 Bus ride from CAEN
SNCF and that is a €25 train ride from Paris
with a CARTE NORMANDIE which you 
can buy at the NORMANDY Ticket office

*Please note that you must go to the GARE to
buy your tickets and railcards in PERSON
and if going from the GARE DU NORD
then it is PERSAN BEAUMONT to

From Le Treport there is a BUS to Dieppe or you
can get a TRAIN to Dieppe via ALBANCOURT
because from BRIGHTON there is a TRAIN to
SAINT ALBANS. Passengers will learn all
about British Asian History in the way.

The closure of the channel tunnel is due to simple
FRENCH Engineering incompetence and NOT
because of the KIDNAPPING of our Three
Shareholders (Sophie, Jacob and Rachel)
since in any case the RUSSIAN Mafia
only kidnapped the females as they

Anyway, back to the reality of life in the BEACH:
The Beach in Calais is OK but the FRENCH are not
happy with a campsite so we better all go home:

À quoi ressemble le nouveau front de mer de Calais, qui rouvre samedi? - La  Voix du Nord
Thanks to Lord Mountbatten of British Burma we
have been able to commission FOUR Mountbatten
class SR4 British Rail Southern Region hovercraft:

FLYING from Calais to Dover is a better way to be
SURE of crossing the DIRE STRAITS of Dover:

Seriously, Tracey Chapman has a PLAN but it's
refugees are treated properly in France so the:
UK Government is hosting anyone in a BOAT
in the famous HOTEL RWANDA so they'll be
OK and better off than us in the UK in fact as
it is VERY COLD in the UK not warmhearted:
so it really is MORE FUN in The Philippines!

Warmhearted Prime Minister LIZ Truss is
our BEST BET for stopping the war in UK
and Ukraine as RUSSIAN POISONERS are
a serious risk to the National Health Service.

So please proceed to the HOVERCAFE bus
stops outside the HAPPY HOUR Restaurant
at the GARE De Calais Ville SNCF and will
have you at the HOVERPORT in no time !

Doctor WHO is a TIME LORD but there's
probably not even a single Policeman in the
whole republic these days so don't HANG
around as France is unpredictable...

and remember the Hotel Rwanda is NOT the
same as The HOTEL CALIFORNIA but then
if you wanted to go to America that would be
easy as EASY JET from LUTON continue
and will soon fly from Paris to New York...
but what if Donald TRUMP was president??

Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma
has ensured we can go home to 

Thank you all very much for BEARING with us because the FRENCH section of our Channel Tunnel is inundated with salty seawater and the EDF cannot even change a LIGHTBULB in Paris and even if they could it would STILL not work (as there is NO Electricty in our apartment) anyway... FRANCE is a dysfunctioal MESS that is a few Royal Naval officers short of a REVOLUTION but TRACEY CHAPMAN has got a cunning plan...

Meanwhile at the SEAFRONT LINE in Calais SNCF Social Nautical Commanders of Filipino national railways (The REAL SNCF) have urgently organised MOUNTBATTEN CLASS Southern Region 4 types of HOVERCRAFT with HOVERSPEED HONEYMOONS of Hastings (because normally the Hoverspeed is from Le Treport to Hastings Direct) and you might also be insured with HASTINGS DIRECT who will issue your NEW TICKETS. 

Hastings Direct are available now on

We at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED are very sorry about the FRENCH Failure to change their light bulbs on time as electronic sensors did not alert the HOLCHIM Cement works in Switzerland about the water leaks due to (in reality) a SWISS Failure to MIX the concrete that keeps off the water in the tunnel...

BLACK and WHITE concrete powders (limestone, black and tan etc. all need to be MIXED as there is NO APARTHEID in the building industry) must of course be MIXED like a MIXED RACE family (forbidden in Switzerland and probably in France as we STILL do not have a carte de sejour after 23 YEARS in fact) so the concrete on the BRITISH SIDE is fine and the UK is OK and
LORD MOUNTBATTEN has kindly ensured in his will that FOUR HOVERCRAFT to help you all get back to the UK and be OK by the Grace of God !

the historic and independent HEARTS 
of the 
Democratic and Free World

Travel to QUEENS X from KINGS X !
appartments on sale from €10,000 sq/m:
Last few remaining in Paris & Boncourt.

Find us at La Gare Du Nord in Paris 10
or enquire with TKB 00 41 71 626 64 77
for a CHURCHILL mortgage quotation 

Lloyds Bank Horse
007 Celebrates The Queen’s Platinum JubileeUn candidat PLR à la mairie de Boncourt - RFJ votre radio régionaleThurgauer Kantonalbank Bewertungen | Glassdoor

Welcome to the HOTEL CHURCHILL apartments in Boncourt as
well as Paris on sale via Century 21 and ARTS Immobilier in Paris.
Together with The Mayor of Boncourt and our excellent Police Forces
we are happy to invite you to stay with us at this charming village on the
edge of France now that we have finally seen off the Russian MAFIA!
By remembering 1914~1918 and 1939~1945 today to STOP The war
in association with Thurgauer Kantonalbank & Berne Criminal Court
we are now successfully prosecuting the SVP backed Russian MOB!
With direct trains to Paris East for Eurostar to London and also
local trains to the landing beaches of Normandy for Portsmouth your
happiness with global connectivity is assured. Truly, this is the ultimate
base for Commonwealth families and Global Business in Switzerland
including our local business promoting Child Protection to STOP WAR.
A sign at Dachau Concentration Camp reading "Never Again" (photo credit: US AIR FORCE PHOTO ILLUSTRATION/SENIOR AIRMAN BRIANA JONES) Children in Wales protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

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 PROSECUTE all Putinists
SAVE The Children
Children in Wales protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
Learn with
 Philippine Presidential Complaint reference PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032 

Eva and Paul BRIGHT from the Philippine Department of Education and UK Department of Digital Culture Media and SPORT are dedicated to Help Refugees with remembrance of 1945 in 2022 so that we can STOP THE WAR that Russia has unleashed on Syria, Libya and Ukraine in order to colonise africa and weaken Europe.

EVIL NAZI Mafia groups of Child Traffickers operate in Europe out of Switzerland led by MAFIA Lawyers like Marc LABBE with CORRUPT Child "Protection" officials like Christian MINGER who are BOTH on trial in Berne at the criminal court ref: BM203770. The NAZIS have many accomplices like KGB Kidnapper of Girl Brides for sale Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who abused our trust while working as our company secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED and she has not resigned! This indicates that she is in fact COERCED by LABBE and MINGER and the mastermind Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who forced his own wife to falsify the Death Certifiate of her own mother.


By helping Police STOP NAZIS like LABBE, MINGER and POSPIELOVSKY the vulnerable Russians can be saved from the NAZI Dictator Vladimir PUTIN as they all realise now that CRIMEA is in fact in Ukraine and always will be. The Russians are longing for their FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY back so let's all UNITE and FIGHT Fascists. Because by standing together WE WIN by The Grace of God !



Nobody wants to buy Russian weapons so the evil Vladimir PUTIN simply bombs populations and installs client regimes who will buy his weapons. 

Remembrance of 1945 in 2021 enabled us all to realise that the Soviet HEROES who fought fascist Germany from 1941 to 1945 together with the British American and Allied forces are being betrayed by Vladimir Putin. Our own work to promote remembrance in Switzerland has been betrayed by our Russian secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who KIDNAPPED our children with accomplice Christian MINGER who is STILL a SWISS Government employee! The kidnapping followed a meeting with Andrei POSPIELOVSKI who is a Serbian nationalist LOAN SHARK banker. Incredible crimes are committed by Russians in Switzerland and corruption SHAMEFULLY covers it all up.

Everyone can help our project to expose the hipocrisy of the Russian regime and STOP THE WAR today. Please pass on our website and our story as the evil Russians can, must and will be stopped by The Grace of God !

The One World Yellow Bright Road Primary School ROCKETMAN Reading project in Joncherey France brings all families together with our HEROES who have served in World War One, World War Two and Vietnam as well as Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Libya and all other conflicts of The Great War. Understanding that the "Great War" started in Joncherey is the key to our work today to STOP THE WAR with the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Railway remembrance project. Learn more on our websites and JOIN US for the Normandy landings on Sword Beach on the 6th of June 2022.

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