Paris 2024 Olympic Opening D-Day Landing Celebrations - Happy Birthday Your Majesty

We say: and !!!

VICTORY DAY on the 8th of May 2022 in LONDON
as well as PARIS & BELFORT and BONCOURT and
NEW YORK &all of the Philippine commonwealth.

Join the VICTORY DAY and D-Day celebrations
sailing from Portsmouth on the 5th of June and
landing in France on the 6th of June 2022
as we remember 1944 which led to 1945
and VICTORY by the Grace of God !

Bright Rail Limited promotes A Connected
Commonwealth which is the Royal Commonwealth

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Brittany Ferries passengers can celebrate D-Day
every day as permanent remembrance serves to
ensure World Peace and International friendship
especially in the New Europe as we promote UK
led Peace and reconciliation for the continent.

From Normandy continue to celebrate the Liberty
of Paris and by
 travelling on to Disneyland and
the historical city of BELFORT families can
combine a holiday with educational
discoveries for all the family.

The Historic railway from Belfort to DELLE
has now been reopened following a decade
of Bright Rail promotional and public
relations work (the railway had been
closed due to EU austerity in 1992).

Europe is now reconnected via the historical
city of BELFORT which enables holidaymakers
to visit the memorial of Corporal Peugeot in
Joncherey where there is also a public
camp site suitable for tents and
families with Bright Buggies
for easy camping by train
which can be used with
are easy to carry
onto the trains:

We are currently opening BAMBIKE rental
stations in association with Railway companies
such as S.N.C.F. and National Rail in the UK.

In the border village of Boncourt and the
historic city of Porrentruy hotels can be
found at reasonable prices if space is
available at the Hotel Locomotive.

French HOTELS also offer comfortable and
reasonably priced family accommodation
on the
way to
 Switzerland with the expansion of Jura
to include MOUTIER following the approval
of the JURApero referendum. Everyone is
welcome at the SWIMMING POOL on
Saturday afternoons for the kids pool
beach party & Public HAMMAM
for the parents so that EVERY
FAMILY will be happy!!!

A NEW BEACH by the river is opening where
an electric fence used to contain farm animals
and a PUBLIC GARDEN is opening opposite
the Salle d'ouvres or Hall of The Workers.

Jura Air Port Saint Louis is just 30 kilometers
from km0 and the german speaking village to the
east called bonfol where swiss raclettes are served
ensuring you will be well fed until Malaysian Air
Lines welcome you on board to Kota Kinabalu
where we will sleep before continuing by our
very own Philippine Jeepney to Sandakan
to see the Orang Utans and then set sail
for the Philippine Island Paradise on
JOLO just a short sail away over a
deep blue sea full of SEA LIFE
also at SEA LIFE in PARIS
and opening in Bienne too:

Churchill Journeys CJ chemins de fer du jura are
pleased to announce the new swiss military shuttle
diplomatically transfering passengers from saint
louis jazz airport to bonfol for onward journeys
by train while the line is being reconnected to
the airport as originally planned. 

We celebrate
 the 1922 Treaty of Versailles in 2022 to

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Help build One World For Peace with
remembrance of our history for a bright
and peaceful future of sustainable travel:

NY≈Cork≈Corporal Peugeot≈Cebu≈OZ
BOOK for 2022 NOW with

JR WEST Arrivals
and Departures


Belfort VILLE ≈ Caen ≈ Cork ≈ New York

Paris St. Lazare

10:00  CAEN 20:00

  Portsmouth 07:00

LONDON Waterloo

To Russia
& back by train...

Arrivals and Departures

09:36 Boncourt 08:21

21:06  Berlin 17:28

21:03 Berlin 20:22

18:43  Moscow 19:58

№ 235Г 1,319   236Г 1,319 

06:29  Moscow 00:10

Vladivostok Tokyo Manila Darwin

The Commonwealth For Peace theme of 2022
the way to build for One World For Peace in 2022 as we
remember 1918 together with all our German speaking
sisters and brothers on the 11th of November 2022 in
the historic city of Constance where we are building
the Rainbow Coalition For Real Global Democracy
so that the United Kingdom can FREE EUROPE
again in 2022 just as we did before in 1918.....
and then again from 1945 with our friends...

Towards a Common Future is The theme for 2018 as
we all prepare for the Great British Brexit that now
really means BRexit! for British Rail Holidays to
the UK for everyone to be OK! and enjoy sun,
sea and sand at our most excellent beaches.

The UK is OK! and you are welcome so
we cordially invite you to the our BRexit!
round table discussions in Constance.

Remembering The Siege of BelfortWorld War One
and World War Two we can say with full confidence:
Enough is Enough!

Join The Commonwealth today
FORGET the European "union"
JOIN The RMT UNION instead...

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