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Dear Friends of Great Scot

Community Enterprise inspires us to help people all
over the world develop peaceful, safe and sustainable
communities with safe roads as we replace cars with
bicycles. We invite everyone to join us and help to
make the UK=OK! with www.STOPRISK.fr.gd

Green Scotland is leading the world with sustainable
travel and safe roads. We connect Eurasia to Scotland
by Sea, Overland and in the air by offering choice.

Our customers in the UK and overseas benefit from the
ability to compare sustainable family friendly travel by
bicycle, railways, buses and boats with full flexibility.

Scottish Independence is bringing Peace to The World
and this real Peace dividend will enable us to able to
adapt Royal Navy warships for public passenger use.

Millions of New Jobs are created by Green Scotland as
we replace cars and aeroplanes with bicycles and ground
level Public Transport in addition to the new airships.

The NEW Trident yellow submarines are to be used
for exploring SeaLife in the sea and our warships will
be disarmed and painted Blue and White as our flag.

YES Scotland International stops all risk on the roads
as well as wiping out war as we ensure the UK is OK!
and will support WORLD PEACE with sustainability.

In 2015 we remember 1914 for Peace today.

Stopping risk on our roads is key to a healthy, sustainable future for us all.
By replacing cars with bicycles and Public Transport we promote health.

Saving the NHS is important to us all and the best way to do this is to
expand the NHS which actually saves money as has been demonstrated
in Scotland where personal care for the elderly saves councils residential
care costs. Promoting healthy travel increases fitness and saves costs too.

Further expanding the NHS to help people improve their overall health
and fitness by replacing car journeys with bicycles and Public Transport
will not only save money by reducing diseases such as obesity but will also
make our roads safe and improve the overall quality of life and reduce
pollution and save yet more money by reducing incidences of diseases.

Excellent Public Transport throughout the UK together with shipping
links to Europe will improve the business environment enabling people
to get to work and enabling business to depend on Public Transport will
earn our UK economy significant additional revenue if services are
publicly owned as was the case when East Coast rail was public.

Rather than closing off the UK to trade we can open up new markets for
UK business with UK owned and operated Public Transport driving good
investment in the Public Sector to improve the competitiveness of the
private sector. Tourism is a key industry that will benefit from better
Public Transport and a government that puts the People First.

Excellent Public Health, Education and Transport are vital for a modern
economy and of course scrapping trident is a much better way to balance
the budget than cutting vital public services upon which we all depend.

Transfering more power to Scotland effectively moves the capital of the
UK towards Glasgow creating a more balanced economy with better jobs
across the regions. Investing in the general electrification of the
British Rail network will be cheaper than HS2 and create many more
jobs in the UK as will investing in train production at Derby instead
of importing trains from Japan and Germany which is quite mad.

For these reasons we urge the government to be positive about freedom
and independence for Scotland which will benefit the whole of the UK
and indeed make the UK=OK! and enable us to stop risk in Royal Naval
tradition because remembering our HEROES from all conflicts empowers
us to work together for World Peace today with our Commonwealth, Russian,
Chinese, American and allied friends all over the World for the common good
as explained by the worldwide United Nations at www.MyWorld2015.org

Together we can achieve the United Nations 2015 development goals and
ensure the NEW UK of Scotland, Wales and England leads the world again.

Yours sincerely,

Eva and Paul Bright of Glencoe
www.UKOK.fr.gd The UK is OK For Royal Global Democracy since 1603
www.STOPRISK.de.tl Democratic Europe. Total Liberation. 2015=1945

(Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3)
of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)

World Peace
PeopleTUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionFIRST

Universal Exports
is responsible for exporting
the Great UK so the world will be OK. James Bond,
Great British values of Decency, Honour, Compassion
and Loyalty
. Join us today. Join the Scottish Alliance....

Accept Scottish Pounds and win Great New Customers!

The UK is OK because in 1939 the UK defended world
freedom and together with our commonwealth allies,
  we collectively defeated fascism in 1945.

Prime Minister Clement Attlee was
able to build the Great British Post War society in
just 5 years. We had a Public Health Service,
Public Education Service and Public
Transport Service, all owned by the
Public Sector for the People.

Today the UK has the historic opportunity to
repeat our Greatest achievements and with
the policies of the Trade Union and
Socialist coalition a better future
for all is now possible.

People TUSC - Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionFIRST

Plan your street parties today!

Love Life
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