On Her Majesty's Service - Enid Valerie BRIGHT


Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was POISONED by
Andrew POSPIELOVSKI, her son in law, who then
forced her daughter Caroline Helen BRIGHT
to falsify the death certificate so that
POLICE ACTION would be avoided.

Using a FALSE ADDRESS of "Maadi, Cairo, Egypt,"
instead of the "Usual address" of 24 Rue Philippe
de Girard, 75010 PARIS, there was no enquiry.

Her son Paul Edward BRIGHT was to be forced to
sign a False Procuration Authentique to declare
that BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED company secretary
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 was in his wife
so as to EXTORT the family apartment at 24
Rue Philippe De Girard where Enid BRIGHT
normally lived.

When Paul refused to sign the FAKE PROCURATION
and instead signed a genuine procuration stating
his real wife was Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT
19/02/1971 their daughters Rachel Enid Panganiban
BRIGHT 01/10/2002 and her adopted sister Sophie
Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 were KIDNAPPED
from the BRIGHT family holiday home in
Boncourt, Switzerland.

A FAKE MARRIAGE was used by
family and company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA
in order to justify the kidnapping. Incredibly the
local child "protection" authority APEA
chose to recognise a FAKE Marriage
over a genuine one backed up by
official government documents
including the UK corporate
registry of companies.

According to family notories in Switzerland and France 
this type of criminality is quite common especially in 
the Russian and Serbian communities. We did not 
behave stupidly trusting Maria ANISIMOVA as 
our secretary, she was the one who chose 
to work with the racist extortionist Andrew 
POSPIELOVSKY of 2 Heston Street London and 
she was the one to break the law in the UK, France, 
Switzerland and The Philippines as well as every other 
decent; democratic and fair society.

TERRORIST Criminals need to be in PRISON so that
normal life can continue for everyone

Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 was used as a Swiss inside
Jobber to falsify the BRIGHT Family tax and population
records to make the FAKE MARRIAGE presented by
Maria ANISIMOVA to Marco MORENZINI look real.

Pascal has however realised he was used and has
turned STATE WITNESS against Christian MINGER
and Maria ANISIMOVA and is enjoying POLICE
PROTECTION while the criminals are caught.

Corruption in Switzerland is a very serious problem 
as Italian Mafia insiders like Pascal BEDIN and Marco
LORENZINI are everywhere. Higher up the food chain 
are NAZI SVP / UDC party members like Christian 
MINGER who is certainly NOT a Christian !!!

Nobody who believes in Jesus Christ would support 
a fake marriage for extortion in order to cover up a 
MURDER of the grandmother of children he was, 
as president of the child protection committee, 
APEA Delemont, supposed to be protecting !

Media enquiries and lawyers are wemcome to contact 
us on the following email addresses and telephone 
Pascal BEDIN has turned state witness
and is now enjoying POLICE PROTECTION

so the CRIMINALS are now being arrested
and locked away by the Grace of God !

Dominique GELIN of Impasse de la Cote 3 2926 Boncourt, Tel:
079 250 28 65 is a VERY DANGEROUS ANIMAL who acts like a
VERY WILD DOG and attacks people violently for no reason.

The attack was witnessed by a POST OFFICE CLERK as the
said criminal
Dominique GELIN wanted to force Paul to take
20 Swiss Francs from the Post Office even though Paul
explained he had no money and then requested the
attacker to accompany him to the CHURCH office
where the Church secretary was able to warn
Dominique GELIN to immediately LEAVE.

Dominique GELIN
attacked Paul BRIGHT on the 19/08/2020 and
VERY aggressively grabbed his bags to steal the Passports of Eva,
Jacob and Paul BRIGHT as well as the ISIC Student cards of
Rachel and Sophie BRIGHT who were KIDNAPPED on in
Boncourt 28/04/2019 as Paul defended his loving mother
by refusing to sign a fake procuration authentique.

Dominique GELIN
 is hereby added to the charge sheet for

Please help us to STOP RISK of more crimes and 
publish this information as far and wide a possible;

@Gmail.com 00 63 90 56 89 26 24
PaulBrightEducation@Gmail.com Tel: 004 13 25 99 10 73

Metropolitan Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000
Metropolitan Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow STOP RISK ATH-3311-19-0600-000
CHILDREN belong at School:
In the classroom not cut up
for ZHAW experimentation
and sale at Private hospitals!

Jura Association for the Philippine Pacific
Jura Association pour la

President: Lady Eva P. BRIGHT, Rue Du Stade 2, CH-2926
Victim support officer Paul BRIGHT, responsable Anglais.

Only after becoming victims of Corruption, Racism, Vicious
Antisemitism and Poverty did we realise the URGENT need
to form an association to help improve communication with
SWISS authorities in order to STOP Child TRAFFICKING
& protect family welfare in the Canton our JURA where the
NEW Railway enters JURA and Switzerland from France.

Every year over 400 Children dissappear from France who
are then trafficked on via SWISS Airports where no family
name checks are carried out
. By improving security and
communication on the trains, at the airports and most
of all between Child Protection organisations we at
BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED are helping Police to
concerned about our secretaury, Maria who
has been behaving very strangely and we do
sincerely ask her to please STOP NOW as
it is time for all our children to be happy.

For the safety of all children we work in association with the
NSPCC and Bournemouth Police with the co-operation of the
Metropolitan Police and French Gendarmerie as well as JURA
POLICE Cantonale. We sincerely hope we will reach an amicable
compromise for the benefit of our children so we can help others
by focusing on the deployment of Gendarmes and SNCF Guards
on all trains to welcome passengers and make travel safe for all.

Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 the local Italian MAFIA Mastermind who
helped Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 falsify our family records so she
could appear to be the WIFE of Paul BRIGHT has been arrested and is
now testifying the truth against Maria ANISIMOVA who has abused 
her position of trust as BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED company secretary
and as a nanny paid to look after the children of working parents.

In actual fact Maria ANISIMOVA has SERIOUSLY ABUSED Eva and
Paul BRIGHT who were married in 2002 and this is well documented on
the official government birth certificates and marraige documents
as well as in testimony. In addition, Maria was informed we were
getting married BEFORE we actually got married in 2002 so
she has absolutely no excuse at all for her rotten behaviour.

The truly EVIL CRIMINAL and ABUSER however is
is sadly the husband of Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974.

Caroline is a battered and controlled wife who has been unable
to communicate with her sister in law ever since she was married
to POSPIELOVSKY who POISONED our mother Enid Valerie
BRIGHT 17/04/1937 in 2013 and then forced Caroline to LIE
on the death certificate with a false "usual address" which
was 24 Rue Philippe De Girard and NOT "Maadi, Cairo".

Extortion of the family apartment was the first motivation for
refused to betray his wife Eva BRGHT the KIDNAPPING of
the BRIGHT sisters Sophie and Rachel was planned so as
to PRESSURISE Paul into giving away the apartment
by saying Maria was his wife. Not only would this
have led to the loss of the apartment but also
the total loss of the children as they would
have been exploited and then SOLD for
forced marraige as is common in the
SWISS City of BERNE where
 children are sold in fact.

We are especially grateful to social workers Dieter LOOSLI and
domestic violence specialist Natalie SCHNEITER for their rapid
help on Monday after I was able to get POLICE HELMP for my
little sister in Belgrade from the Serbia consul in BERNE.

Berne is not a bad place but foreign families are especially vulnerable
if they travel via the Republic and Canton of JURA where Italian and
SWISS MAFIA work together in an elaborate CHILD TRAFFICKING
OPERATION based at the APEA headed by Christian MINGER who
heads The Authority for the Persecution of Cchildren and Adults:


Family Travel by train should be for FUN not Fear. 

We would like to point out this is not a game, we genuinely do not
understand what is going on and our chidlren have suffered hugely
pointless cruelty and family separation.
This cruelty must STOP.

Child Trafficking takes many forms and children from the
most vulnerable families become victims. Sophie BRIGHT
is now in an "internat" denied contact with her loving
sister Rachel and father Paul. Rachel is threatened by
street homelessness as is her father Paul following a
breakdown in business communications with his
secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who
may not have intended to become a CHILD
TRAFFICKER but certainly is now as
the Authority for Protection of 
Adults and Children made
a very big mistake.

Lady Eva BRIGHT of Glencoe
Scotland together with her
Husband Lord Paul Bright Of Glencoe are committed to a
better world for ALL The Children, not just Rachel, Jacob
Sophie & Kristina BRIGHT but ALL Children everywhere.

Lady and Lord BRIGHT are both members of the Royal
Commonwealth Society and BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED
our family business is building A Connected Commonwealth
to connect One World For Peace in our time by remembering
1579, 1588, 1919, 1944, 1969, 1974, 1989 and 1994 in 2019.

Education is the key to World Peace so each year tells a story:
In 1579 Sir Francis DRAKE
 inspired the Panganiban resistance.
In 1588 Sir Francis DRAKE totally defeated the Spanish Armada.
In 1919 Commonwealth USA and France defeated Germany...
In 1944 We did it all again liberating BELFORT on November 23
In 1969 The USA landed on the Moon to secure SPACE Freedom
In 1974 HERO Maurice WICHT ensured the liberation of JURA
In 1989 the rotten "communist" regime of the Soviet Union fell.
In 1994 Sir Nelson MANDELA won FREEDOM for AFRICA.
In 2019 we remember all this with Eva Bright Education now!

 is not free of course but education is free and is paid
for by taxes like the UK NHS so we are committed to paying our
fair share of taxes and declaring our income accoring to the
1995 income sharing agreement signed with our Russian
partner and company secretary Maria ANISIMOVA
who has sadly forgotten how we helped her over
many years. Her Majesty's courts and tribunal
Services working with international partner
organisations are helping. Email Contacts:

Eva BRIGHT Education: EvaBrightEducation@gmail.com
Michael John BRIGHT: MicBright@gmail.com Brisbane
Tribunal Cantonal JURA: secr.tc@jura.ch JURA
Tribunal De Grande Instance: tgi-belfort@justice.fr
 Caroline Helen BRIGHT: bright.caroline@gmail.com
Helvetia Insurance Porrentruy: stephane.goffinet@helvetia.ch
Departement des finances (DFI): karen.chevrolet@jura.ch
POLICE Cantonale JURA: infopolice@jura.ch
Service de l'action sociale: secr.sas@jura.ch
Direction Lycee Porrentruy: lycee.cantonal@jura.ch
Tribunal De Grande Instance: accueil-belfort@justice.fr
APEA Delemont: secr.apea@jura.ch
Office of Population: secr.spop@jura.ch

Dear Directors and Judges of Porrentruy Lyceum, Stockmar College,
JURA POLICE, Dorset Police, The French Gendarmerie in DELLE, 
APEA Delemont, Regional Social Services, KESB Berne, UK Foreign
and Commonwealth Office, INTERPOL, The United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights UNHCR and UK Supreme Court,
La Tribunal De Grande Instance BELFORT and Tribunal Cantonal,

As reported to JURA POLICE following the THEFT of Passports
for my two daughters Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002
and Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 Sophie has now been sold to
RUSSIAN MAFIOSI and is held against my will in BERNE as was
suspected by PC Patricia and The Chief Constable of JURA POLICE.

I discovered that my secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 has
lied to The Porrentruy Lyceum and claimed she has parental authority
over Sophie while in fact Sophie was adopted at Birth by me in Montpellier.

The Mayor of Boncourt, Lionel MAITRE can confirm that I presented
the original Birth and adoption Certificate for Sophie as soon as I was in
possession of it as it needed to be sent to Boncourt from Montpellier.

The APEA can confrim receipt as this was transmitted to them by our
communal secretariat from Boncourt. The APEA can also confirm the
receipt of my letter sent at 05:01 this morning to explain that I needed to
be in BELFORT today as The Tribunal of Grand Instance has filed a case
regarding the KIDNAPPING of Sophie as well as the possible a case
regarding the KIDNAPPING of Sophie as well as the possible MURDER of
Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 since the details on the death
certificate are falsified with a WRONG ADDRESS.

are all very serious crimes as is FRAUD such as claiming to be a
wife when you are a secretary in order to TRAFFIC CHILDREN as
ownership of their rightful owners.

Obtaining a British Passport by deception is a SERIOUS CRIME
with a 14 year PRISON SENTENCE as has also been committed by
our trusted friend and business partner as well as secretary Maria ANISIMOVA
01/03/1971. Police references and the NSPCC reference are all
the websites at: https://stoprisk.page.tl/A-Reunited-Family.htm

We are a reunited family in that the APEA understands our life and the
extreme hardship imposed on us by Maria ANISIMOVA but we are still
missing our beloved Sophie and our EEA Family permits.

We trust the Mayor can help us with this tomorrow and the APEA
has taken action to recue Sophie TODAY as there is a HIGH RISK of
CHILD TRAFFICKING since Maria also deceived me into allowing
Sophie to have a RUSSIAN PASSPORT and Zurich
Airport is on alert but needs to improve security
of hundreds of children each week.

Please act now as Sophie loves life and we love Sophie.
Eva, Rachel, Jacob, Kristina and Paul BRIGHT


Dorset Police ref: 12-0275
Bournemouth 00 44 1202 222 222
Swiss JURA 00 41 32 420 95 00
Manchester 00 44 161 856 0250
Victimised UK Children




NSPCC REF: A-1489051
Bournemouth Police Ref:55190107045
Companies House Ref: NUM 1235475X\
VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughter against us. Rachel has suffered Emotional Abuse and Violent Physical Abuse. We ask POLICE to PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR DAUGHTER RACHEL."

HMS Royal MegayachtTravel
The work of GCHQ to ensure that the WAR to end all WAR would
actually be successful was started in 1919 after the signing of the Treaty
of Versailles because GERMANY
 MUST PAY as Donald Trump said.

Quite a few other people and organisations like SWICA MUST

One Term Presidents and Prime ministers like Sir Winston CHURCHILL as
well as Donald TRUMP (Probably) often come back later as everyone wakes
up to reality. Hillary CLINTON would have perpetuated the BMW Bribery,
 Work Camps and Citroen Concentration camps in
africa and asia for raw materials, oil and so on, refugees would not have
been helped at all in Europe as we can see foreigners are exploited.

The BRIGHT Family were exploited too by the APEA Adult
and Child Trafficking MAFIA of Christian MINGER and
Pascal BEDIN
 as well as Maria ANISIMOVA and numerous others.

Dominique GELIN of Impasse de la Cote 3 2926 Boncourt, Tel:
079 250 28 65 is a VERY DANGEROUS ANIMAL who acts like a
VERY WILD DOG and attacks people violently for no reason.

Of course he had a reason, by provoking a fight over 20 Swiss
Francs he could have got Paul BRIGHT
 locked up in fact !!!

Locking up whistleblowers is common in fascist regimes so
now we know whar sort of Republic the Canton of Jura is;

CLUES are found in the documents here and are
intended to help people work out answers to the
forthcoming G.C.H.Q. PUZZLE BOOK THREE...

G.C.H.Q. Puzzle Book Two is already on sale in
MANOR at Delémont for justr 60 Swiss Francs...

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