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To all GOOD People of The Commonwealth,

 JEREMY CORBYN and The Labour Party members
who say UK=OK! and www.no2eu.com by signing the
oath of alllegiance and help us End the EU and make
our UK roads safe in the UK as we
STOP RISK of EU cars.

We would like to thank you all for your help in making Bournemouth

safer by focusing on road safety and also supporting the Vote Leave
campaign. Leaving the EU with NO Deal is the best for Great Britain
as it will enable us to impose a 40% import tariff on deadly EU cars.
We will therefore no longer need to export deadly weapons to Saudi
dictators and can promote The Royal Navy as a Force for World Peace.

With a true, clean, free and fair BRexit for British Rail we will be in
the enviable position of leading Europe once again. Regions like the
German state of Bavaria and French region of Brittany as well as 
Catalonia and The Basque Country can all adopt Great British
UK Pounds sterling as the Global Commonwealth currency.

Everyone in Germany secretly wants to speak English and sing God
Save The Queen. I can assure you that The Germans want to be our
friends just as The Spanish do. Breaking up BAD countries is our
duty and we have good experience of drawing Royal Navy red
lines on foreign maps. We create World Peace in our own time.

We should think BIG and do BIG Business as we, The British, are in
Pole Position to be NUMBER ONE all over again. We remember that
Sir Francis Drake sailed to Mindanao in 1578 to liberate the Good
People of The Philippines from Spanish colonialism and so now
The Philippines wish to apply to Join Our Commonwealth.

The People of Hawaii long for The Union Jack to fly once again as
the USA flag is lowered on the Pacific. The Royal Navy working with
The Russian and Chinese as well as Royal Australian Commonwealth 
Navy will ensure NO ISIS in Mindanao and Good jobs for everyone.

In January 2002 we had the Good fortune to visit our Russian business
partners in Nizhny Novgorod and agree the way forward. This followed
an earlier encounter with Russian special forces (Antonov division one)
at The Kremlin eternal flame in 1993. Following the Traumatic Brain 
Injury of Paul Bright in 1983 our loving father Michael John Bright 
of The Royal Air Force made a number of special arrangements.

As you know families like ours have paid a huge price over the years 
looking after disabled family members who are road traffic victims 
living with Traumatic Brain Injury sustained as a children. The
United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety seeks to help
make all roads safe, all over the world. Ending the evil EU is
the best way to wipe out Germanic car manufacturers and
ensure a HUGE market for our Commonwealth Philippine
Bamboo bicycles as well as Great British Railway exports.

Exporting Great British Railways Inter City 125 types of train to the
Philippines will ensure British Steel jobs in Port Talbot and also be
a key link in the Royal Navy land and sea bridge from China on to
The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji too.

It is our sincere wish for all of our Great British Commonwealth
population and especially the disabled people and their families to
enjoy a NEW Commonwealth Global British Trading Union of Peace;
new sustainable healthy economies with more jobs for everyone. True
Conservatives all support Sir Winston Churchill and today Jeremy
Corbyn will bring back British Rail which will help the disabled.

Disabled people, children and the elderly; all constituents here in
Bournemouth, really want Great British Rail so nobody will need a
car anymore. With dependable and accessible UK Public Transport
for all The Disabled, Children and The Elderly will enjoy freedom.

Parents will be able to go to work much more easily without very
expensive and difficult to arrange childcare if there are conductors
on the buses and guards on the trains to help vulnerable passengers.

The RMT UNION is on strike now in order to encourage you all to make
a deal today so we can better serve passengers with Guards on Trains.
It makes sense to abandon the EU and work together with the RMT.

As True conservatives it is strange we have to vote Labour to get our
Good Old UK back again and make it OK! It is indeed a troubling and
regrettable shame that Theresa May and Boris Johnson both think it
is OK to sell deadly weapons to Saudi Arabian regime ISIS sponsors.

Boris is of course essential as interim Prime Minister from Monday so
we can complete the Emergency BRexit over the winter of discontent
to be followed by The Summer of Love UK=OK! Royal Navy VICTORY.

As we have been explaining to you for many years now the sponsorship
of terrorists in Syria was foolish EU policy. Thankfully David Cameron
is gone as he was not a Conservative but a CONservative thinking for
only himself and his narrow corrupt chums in the European Union.

Leaving now, by announcing our intention to just walk away will be
of Great help to the Catalonians who have suffered serious brutality
under the Police state of EU dictator Mario Rajoy. After Catalonia is
free the Basque Country will also declare independence so shipping
between Barcelona, Bilbao, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Poole and also
Bournemouth will increase as we can arrange Free and Fair Trade
deals with regions that join the UK to be OK! with no2eu.com

Millions of NEW English Teaching jobs will be created in the liberated
zones of Europe and also in Bournemouth for EF English First schools.

By working as a cross party team we can truly eliminate the EU and
we must do this as quickly as possible to achieve Democratic Europe
with Total Liberation which will stop the risk of a serious war and
further economic collapse in Europe which is hurting us in the UK.

There can be no gain in Europe without serious pain for the dictators
like Mario Rajoy and Angela Merkel who persist in imposing silly
Police brutality in Spain and an unofficial language in Germany.

Our Family Foundation, One World For Peace, of course supports 
our UK Royal Family Firm led by Her Majesty The Queen and we all 
love serving The Royal Navy. Promoting remembrance of 1914 to 1918
as well as 1939 to 1945 together with very detailed remembrance of The 
Holocaust will ensure no war happens now. The Holocaust Memorial
Trust and Holocaust Memorial de la Shoah in Paris are helping us to
designate Holocaust Memorial Ships on The Lake of Constance and
also to promote remembrance in the uneducated parts of Europe.

Recently we have had the opportunity to visit the Korean Embassies
and explain both North and South Korea want peaceful reunification
with due respect for Pyongyang having resisted successfully the new
Trumpian imperialist warmongering. We The British do not want war.
We work for World Peace and International Friendship. A double freeze
whereby South Korea and the USA stop war games will enable North
Korea to focus on much needed food production and peaceful good
development of the economy not development of nuclear weapons.

The United Kingdom is for One Korea (UK=OK!) as we explained when
visiting both the North and South Korean embassies. The ambassadors
seemed keen on the idea and the Pyongchang Winter Olympics are now
going to be held in partnership with Russia near the Demilitarised zone.

We do truly have the opportunity to work together, both Labour and
Conservatives in order to stop the EU and bring Peace to The World.

Yours sincerely,

Eva and Paul BRIGHT Joint CEOs of One World For Peace
UK=OK! and www.no2eu.com Democratic Europe. Total Liberation.
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