Entente Cordiale - China
Welcome to China !
Travel by train and STOP RISK !
Help us save millions of lives this decade
With safe roads and alternative travel.

Support the World Health Organisation
Decade of action for road safety 2011 ~ 2020
...working with the WHO we will save over 10 million lives
by achieveing safe roads and by using alternative modes of travel.
Protect your family this Decade. Read the fact file and understand the
risks of the roads and take great care. Avoid using roads if you can...

Click on the logo to find out more:
WHO | World Health Organization

WHO Fact #1: More people are killed on roads than by AIDS.
WHO Fact #2: Roads are the top killer of 15 to 29 year olds.
Join us at the Global Initiative for Safe Travel and save lives. 
We say: Take great care ~ make roads safe ~ avoid road use.
We promote safer roads, safer cars and alternative travel.

Take great care on the roads and avoid driving
if you can. Enjoy safe and comfortable travel
all over the Philippines with professional
drivers and support sustainable community
development when you travel in style by
Royal First Class:
Rail ~ Sea ~ Bus ~ Bike

The Intercity Train: Explore China in StyleWIDE: The high-speed train travels through Wuhan city in central China.  Shi wei/AP
State Railways of China:
Logo der Chinese Railways
Map of China Rail Line
Family holidays in Beautiful China...

We wish you and your family all the best this Decade
Being tired leads to accidents when travelling so...
always sleep well before any journey and save lives

New York ~  London ~ Paris ~ Berlin ~ Moscow ~ Beijing ~ Borocay ~ Singapore ~ Sydney
Save lives ~ stay in the best hotels ~ join our club !
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