Entente Cordiale - CORRUPTION KILLS

Dear Mr. Fröhlich,

Thank you very much for meeting me 
today to discuss Debts, Corruption,
Mr. "Bon" and MH17 as you know,
corruption kills people; so we stop it.

British nationals abroad in business or on

holiday are well known for getting involved

with local political and economic life and do

their best at all times to help local people so

our international reputation for spreading



well respected and globally admired.

Working with CARITAS THURGAU and
with EMMAUS in the Jurassic Republic
of Switzerland I have responsibilities to 
help local people resolve problem
debts. We will also uncover the
whole truth about a range of
topics, including MH17 and
the finance of The Kiev junta.

One World For Peace is moving all
oneworld aircraft from Zurich over
to Friedrichshafen as Zurich is so
expensive and deeply corrupt. It 
is not a suitable airport for us.

We want to help create many jobs in
Germany and Thurgau where Good
people who want to work speak well
in English and many have been over
to the UK studying in Bournemouth.

Helping others with their problem debts
also helps us uncover deep rooted and
extremely evil corrupt officials who
abuse the German language for their
own profit to exclude foreigners from
society so they can divide and rule.

These days are over now. Things change.

Promlem debts are a problem as they do
not rightfully exist yet Betreibungsamt is
still trying to collect them, why is this?

Corruption of The Betribungsamt is so
serious that this matter is being observed
by the Tribunal Federal in Lausanne as
well as the Department of Justice, Bern.

People with valid EHIC cards from other
states who plan to leave Switzerland are
fully  covered by their home country for
all health costs as required by Swiss law.

While British nationals in Jura and also
in Vaud (French speaking Switzerland) do
not have problems some do have problems
in German speaking Switzerland where it
has been reported some officials claim,
quite falsely, that German is the official
language of Switzerland. As you will
remember you also made this mistake.

This common error in The German parts
of Switzerland is causing great losses of
economic cost to the rest of Switzerland.

Racism, Xenophobia, anti-Semitism and
corrupt Fascism involving SWICA who
deceptively call themselves a "Health"
organisation is clearly NOT acceptable.

Collusion between large firms and the
corrupt officials is defined as Fascism 
and of course requires racism and the
xenophobia of "German only" thought
to flourish. This problem started when
Mr. Bon became mayor or Romanshorn.

Clearly I would rather leave Swizerland
than pay a fascist corporation for some
"insurance" I obviously do not need.

My case simply illustrates a general and
persistent problem of debts that ought not
to exist if the Betribungsamt was doing
it's job properly. This is your job in fact,
Mr. Fröhlich and therefore I am happy
that you are willing to discuss the facts.

I hope you will act to STOP the RISK of
further corruption and bring the guilty to
justice. Mr. Bon is very, very corrupt as
are the rest of the FDP and SVP as we
know that they are GUILTY of racism
from the Federal tribunal ruling against
the racist SVP "Black sheep" posters.

It is deeply unacceptable to the Federal
SWISS department of justice that evil
corruption is not stopped in Thurgau
and Zurich. The department of justice
is monitoring this case and the clock is
We are protecting the reputations
of ROLEX and The SWISS ARMY brand
as well as TOBLERONE chocolate, etc...

Switzerland does not want a damaged brand
like "SWICA" causing millions of job losses!

I look forward to meeting the local Friedensrichter
on friday morning at 8:00 am sharp to arrange a
further meeting next week to stop this nonsense.

With very best wishes,

Paul Bright CEO One World For Peace
A NEW Great British embassy service

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