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Dear Ambassadors of the Philippines,
Great Britain and The Russian Federation,

My family and I are teachers, we help
local business integrate into the Global
economy by providing English 
language help to everyone
and offer the English UK
curriculum to all schools.

I have requested the Justice of The 
Peace in Kreuzlingen to kindly help
restore justice and peace in our family
life as we have suffered tremendous
financial and emtional cost due to 
the inhuman treatment of myself
that has prevented me from doing
my job of promoting remembrance,
education and Public Transport.

We need EEA Family reunification
permits for my wife and son who are
currently in the Philippines so they
can help me with my case as I am
emotionally exhausted and very
traumatised. We need financial
help as we have lost over 3
years worth of earnings
amounting to well over
300,000 francs we could
have earned had the town
of Romanshorn not been
taken over by racist and
discriminatory political 
party apparatchiks.

We also need a token sum paid to
the Holocaust Memorial Trust in
order to help promote remembrance
education for all in Thurgau so that
all school children can visit the
Auschwitz concentration camp 
and understand the danger of 
SVP and FDP types of policy.

This token sum of 6,000,000 payable
by all individuals and institutions
that persecuted me will help ensure
that this sort of evil thing will

I also require equality of languages
so the German is not supreme as
this insane policy is costing all
local business a huge amount of
losses as nobody wants to be a
tourist in a racist canton where
everyone is forced to speak
German. Nobody on the
planet wants to live in or
visit that sort of a place!

One World For Peace is a British 
International NGO dedicated to
supporting #Commonwealth4Peace
initiatives of Her Majesty The Queen.

By remembering the Holocaust,
World War One and World War Two
we stop all war today. We have helped
stop the EU war against Syria and we
are dedicated to bringing peace to the
middle east through remembrance.

Working to stop all war has risks as
there are corrupt officials that want to
forget the Holocaust and forget world
war one and world war two in order
for them to divide and rule people
and maintain their grip on power.

I have had a many bad and traumatic
experiences in Romanshorn where I am
attempting to build Holocaust memorial
sites since many victims of the Holocaust
attempted to flee Nazi Germany through
this village in Switzerland.

Due to the inhuman treament of myself
by the corrupt Mayor and other officials
I have filed a case with the High court
in Frauenfeld. Since no action is being
taken to resolve my case I have been
forced to open another representative
office in Kreuzlingen so as to avail
the services of the district court.

At the same time as my case progresses
through Swiss the court system I keep
The British and Philippine as well as
Russian embassies informed since
I may be "dissapeared" at any
moment as I found out on
the 3rd of March 2017.

When I complained about fascism
at the local town hall which included
refusal to discuss remembrance
projects discussed in person
with the previous Mayor as
well as illegal discrimination 
against my UK EHIC Health 
cards I was "dissappeared" by
district court president Mr. Zanoni.

Only the actions of our UK Diplomats
in London and my Russian business
partner got me released from the
infamous "Munsterlingen spital"
which is a modern day type of
concentration camp where 
people are detained for
an indefinate time.

Terrorising anyone who speaks against 
the racist SVP /FDP regime in Thurgau
is the way in which the evil racists
maintain their grip on power.

The Federal Tribunal has ruled the
infamous "Black and White sheep"
poster illegal but STILL the racist
politicians responsible for it are
terrorising the population with
the unspoken threat of arrest
and dissappearance as if we
are in Nazi Germany or the
Galtieri regime which terrorised
Argentina before the Royal Navy
helped liberate Argentine when we
liberated the Falkland Islands in
1983; the same year that One World
For Peace was created by The
Royal Navy supporting

Toppling the Angela Merkel regime
that seeks to foster division between
"Germans" and "Foreigners" with an
imaginary "official language" will
bring Peace to the World as old
Nazi German corporations like
Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and
IG Farben (BASF Bayer)
are replaced by sustainable
tourism based industries led by 
a genuine democratic governemnt.

It is important to remember Germany
Austria and Switzerland today all have
serious human rights problems based
on discrimination against foreigners.

The old policies of discrimination
are used to keep people quiet and
artificially prop up otherwise loss
making industries in insurance as
well as chemicals, pharmaceuticals
and transport sectors. This explains 
why the 4th protocol private railway
directives were issued by the EU:
to give German companies and
unfair advantage in Europe.

Since Brexit now means BRexit! for
British Rail and an independent Ireland
after Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister
it is important to understand the deep
politically vested interests that are
challenged by our remembrance
projects. The German vested
interests do not want to have
remembrance and a well 
educated population but
progress cannot be
stopped so I am
confident of winning
by The Grace of God !

Thank you very much for your
help in monitoring this case which 
concerns everyone on our planet and
will result in the guilty warmongering
corrupt politicians being brought down
which will prevent war and help all
refugees achieve justice as well as
proper international recognition
and humanitarian treatment.

Sincerely, On Her Majesty's Serivce

Paul Edward Bright
Nino: NS 43 40 32 C
Representative office address:
One World For Peace
KMU Service centre

Konstanzer str. 5
8280 Kreuzlingen

So Royal Navy News is REAL NEWS
after all.... we report directly to Her
Majesty The Queen and Almighty
God. We act to promote truth so
that our Royal Navy HEROES
will not need to fight a war.

We must SAVE OUR NHS and that is
Royal Navy shorthand for "No trident"
because we love our American friends

Scrap Trident and Save Our NHS

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UK=OK! Free Public Transport
for those people who need it most.

With no need for private cars you can
sell yours today and live a healthy life on a
better planet which is free from risk!

Sell it now, because with no need for fuel
there is no need for war.

Travel in style with HMS Royal Megayacht Travel

One Happy Family

Public Services for all
Travel ~ Health ~ Fitness
Housing ~