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British Embassy CRM:476002499
3: SAVE THE Children
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Please contact Croydon Police station with information

Dear Excellencies Jane OWEN, Denis LEPATAN and Jura & Berne Judges, Police and Social Services,

Thank you all very much for
helping The UK Metropolitan Police solve the HIGHLY LIKELY MURDER of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 which is being investigated by Christina CLAYTON of CROYDON Police Station as well as officer JEUNET of Belfort Police Commissariat as the purpose of the violence was the RACIST EXTORTION of our family apartment in Paris. Important new developments are mentioned below which PROOVE the FOUR MEN in the photographs above are RACIST TERRORISTS working together and using others as unwilling accomplices. Switzerland is VERY DANGEROUS and anyone can become a victim of CHILD TRAFFICKING TERRORISTS. Many foreigners in Switzerland have their population office records deliberately manipulated by the MAFIA and sadly Marcel RYSER was uncoperative in correcting our records. This is how the secretary was able to claim to be the "wife" and was the first step in our trafficking when we invested in Switzerland in 2007. Marcel RYSER has now been unceremoniously removed from his post but no mention is made of his part in the HUMAN TRAFFICKING of the BRIGHT children.

SEX Trafficking is the most serious crime on the planet as millions of young girls have their lives ruined before they even have the chance to find a decent boyfriend. Trafficking is carefully planned and girls are well educated at institutions like the PORRENTRUY LYCEUM where parents are excluded and the girls are led to trust the traffickers. We warn all parents to be aware of the uncooperative director of the lyceum Jean Marc SCHERRER. Normally a school director would help the parents of a child affected by obvious trafficking and social services involvement. SEX Traffickers depend on older women like our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 betraying the trust that young girls place in people who are employed to look after them. Sadly Maria called herself "Mary POPPINS" to deceive our youngest daughters Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 and her little adopted sister Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 that she was their NANNY and could be trusted. We both met Maria together in Russia in 2001 before we got married in 2002 and we did not know she was under the influence of EVIL SERBIAN RACIST TERRORIST brother in law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who is WANTED as a SUSPECT by UK Metropolitan Police for the HIGHLY LIKELY MURDER by poisoning and lack of NHS care that caused the SUSPICIOUS DEATH of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 in the Red Court Nursing Home in CROYDON, UK.

Deeply disturbing to UK Police and Social workers is the way in which SWISS Social Services have treated the girls by allowing their NANNY Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 to TRAFFICK the girls to Berne for exploitation and totally severing communications with their parents. Eva and Paul BRIGHT were FRAMED UP by the Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children as being "Just a girl in the Philippines" and "unable to think for himself" so a CURATOR could be imposed blocking access to a lawyer. Case TPI 00054/2021 has been delayed due to the APEA blocking a lawyer and case BM203770 was delayed by the ridiculous "Doctor" Jens SOMMER insisting the male director was somehow "married" to the secretary even though he actually spoke to Eva BRIGHT the real wife of Paul BRIGHT. CONCLUSION: Switzerland is deeply racist and justice is very difficult to achieve. 

We strongly advise ALL French, British and Philippine Citizens AGAINST ALL TRAVEL to Switzerland while we help the JURA and BERNE Police and Judges Marjorie NOIRAT and Stefan NEUHAUS to prosecute the FOUR MEN in the photographs namely my RACIST Brother-in-Law Andrew POSPIELOVSKY who controls my little Little Sister Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1971 in Belgrade, Serbia as reported to the local British Ambassador Sian MacLeod and the Serbian Embassy in Berne.

By deliberately falsifying the usual address at the time of death the succession of the family apartment is blocked by Andrew POSPIELOVSKY who effectively holds the children of my sister as hostages. My Brother-in-law ordered the KIDNAPPING of Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 and Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 on 28/04/2019 by our secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 in order to utterly destroy me. When I reported the kidnapping the the local Authority for the "Protection" of Children and Adults the president Christian MINGER coerced the secretary to use a FAKE RUSSIAN MARRIAGE to justify the kidnapping to cover up what is a RACIST EXTORTION attempt of the apartment and HIGHLY LIKELY MURDER of the Grandmother of the children. 
Many accomplices have now decided to TESTIFY and are now helping our family and BERNE as well as
JURA Police with their enquiries. The CRIMINAL MAFIA ENTERPRISE which we explain here is known in the JURA as The "MINGER MAFIA" as anyone who speaks out has their family destroyed. This is because Christian MINGER is the President of the Authotity for the "Protection" of Adults and Children which gives him the power to label anyone who disagrees with him as in need of a "CURATOR".

This HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE is wifespread and is deeply troubling to Nathalie BARTHOULOT who is the head of the JURA Government and is now removing Mister MINGER from office and ensuring he will spend the rest of his life in PRISON.

BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Secretary Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 (our secretary) a has decided to TURN into a Testifier and therefore explained that she was FORCED to KIDNAP Sophie and Rachel BRIGHT on 28/04/2019 by Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 (Picture 1 on left) the abusive husband of Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974. Maria was then FORCED say she was MARRIED to her Director by Christian MINGER (Picture 2) who is The NAZI MAFIA President of what is actually The Authority for the Persecution of Adults and Children (if they own a nice house in The JURA) who must obviously be stopped!

When we showed conclusive evidence to Audrey ZAMBLE at the APEA to proove we were in fact legally married since 06/01/2002 and that Maria was NEVER legally married to Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 who sponsored her as his FIANCEE to enter the UK in 1996 as part of his work for the UK Government Department of National Heritage Christian MINGER decided to FRAME UP Paul as "unable to think for himself" and impose a CURATOR to FORCE Paul to accept a FAKE Divorce to cover up the recognition of the FAKE RUSSIAN MARRIAGE. When this did not work Remo GIMOMEN (Picture 3) the RACIST MAFIA LAWYER forced (using DRUGS) Maria to file a RIDICULOUS case against Paul in Berne which is now being dropped by Maria as she has admitted NAVER being married to Paul in fact. FINALLY last week the NAZI "Doctor" Jens SOMMER submitted a ridiculously damaging Psychiatric file to Berne Prosecutor Stefan NEUHAUS in order to destory Paul based on false assumtions and the now dropped "marriage" to justify the kidnapping which was in fact ordered to cover up the HIGHLY LIKELY MURDER of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 which is being investigated by Christina CLAYTON of CROYDON METROPOLITAN POLICE Ref: TAA-62963-20-0101-IR

SWISS INSTITUTIONAL RACISTS like "Christian" MINGER need to spend the REST of their lives in JAIL and the EVIL "Doctors" who support their RACIST theories need to be EXPOSED and placed in very secure Psychiatric facilities like Guild Lodge hospital in Lancashire

In addition to the NAZI MINGER who is a RACIST TERRORIST we also NAME AND SHAME the NAZI RACIST TERRORIST "Doctor" Jens SOMMER who issued an extremely dangerous Psychiatric "report" against UK Security cleared Civil Servant Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 of the Department of National Heritage.

Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 joined the department in 1996 and is actively serving Her Majesty in Switzerland to STOP RISK of more RACIST TERRORISM. Paul loves his job and even though is not paid enjoys many benefits such as keeping his house and saving his children from the MAFIA by The Grace of God !

BOTH these CROOKS were complicit in the justification of the TERRORIST KIDNAPPING of 28/04/2019 the same day that the JEWISH POPULATION was deported by the NAZI GERMANS to NAZI GERMAN Death camps in World War Two. Obvioulsy the UK cannot entertain any sort of "Free" Trade agreement with Switzerland if there are TERRORISTS in charge of "Protecting" children and adults and NAZI Doctors like Dr. MENGELE of AUSCHWITZ who not only EXPERIMENT on patients but also write DAMMING REPORTS to cover up TERRORIST acts like MURDER of Grandmothers in Paris for UK Government Property and KIDNAPPING of UK Grandchildren in order to eliminate key witnesses and destroy UK Official Public Servants on holiday.

We remember the HOLOCAUST so that when we say "NEVER AGAIN" we really mean it. The attempted HOLOCAUST of the BRIGHT FAMILY was only possible because The "Doctor" refused to CALL THE POLICE and report obvious abuse of office by Christian MINGER as he was shown all the supporting documents. On his say so Paul could have been imprisoned for life in a Psychiatric "Hospital" in Berne where he would have been experimented on and died of a PLASTIC TUBE INFECTION as he was MEDICALLY ABUSED at MUNSTERLINGEN SPITAL in The FASCIST Canton of  THURGAU. His children Rachel and Sophie would be permanently TRAFFICKED and his secretary Maria would be a SLAVE of the MAFIA. This is the reality of everyday life in Switzerland TODAY in 2021. We therefore advise AGAINST ALL TRAVEL until further notice. 

CHILD TRAFFICKING is an extremely serious problem in Switzerland and nobody understands how it happens in a "civilised" country but then Switzerland is RACIST and not at all civilised as DIRTY MONEY from criminals funds EXTREMIST NAZI MAFIA "Doctors" and "Presidents" of Public Institutions like the APEA in Delémont (or should we say D€AL€RMONT) because it is all about MON€Y.

The "Doctor" SOMMER and his sidekick MINGER would gain an apartment in Paris worth 500,000 €URO$ and a family hotel in BONCOURT worth 500,000 $WI$$ FRANC$ as well as TWO underage girls to have sex with or sell on the BERNE FORCED MARRIAGE MARKET.

Our family is not the only one affected and you don't need to be BLACK or BRITISH as ordinary Jurassic People from the Jurassic Republic have also been targeted. NOW you know why there are SO MANY BROTHELS in Switzerland and so many empty houses nobody wants to buy...

Numerous local families have been affected and The Holy Catholic Church is now leading the fight against the fascists who TRAFFIC Children to Berne for exploitation and EXTORT family properties in the JURA for a PROFIT. Money is what motivates MINGER and his corrupt team of lackey "Jurists" like Audrey ZAMBLE and "Judges" like ZANONI and ZURCHER who recognise fake Russian documents and fail to recognise legitimate French Birth and adoption certificates, UK Official Companies house records and Genuine National Statistics Office Birth and Marriage certificates. This EVIL LITTLE MAN and our secretary who is wanted by Philippine National Police for Child Trafficking as well as UK Police for conspiracy to MURDER their grandmother and UK Action FRAUD for expropriation of BRIGHT RAIL assets (One Hotel and a lot of cash) and the French Gendarmes as well as The Police in Paris and Belfort for EXTORTION with a RACIST character must be stopped !!! 

Here is the LINK to his photo which is TOO UGLY to publish on the Public Internet as Children might see it and never want to use the internet again !!!

By destroying families with the imposition of CURATORSHIPS the APEA can and does DONATE family homes to local estate agents. KICKBACKS are secretly paid of course.

They also totally estrange Children from their LEGAL Parents as CHILD TRAFFICKING is BIG BUSINESS in Switzerland. Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004 was estranged from her legal Father Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 and her LEGAL Mother Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 who is his LEGALLY Married wife as documented on the official National Statistics Office Birth Certificates of her siblings Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 and Jacob Michael Panganiban BRIGHT 26/05/2004. Nobody argues with The National Statistics Office because if you do KIDNAP and TRAFFIC Children from a Filipino Family Secretly by deception and fraud and forgery and forgetfulness then The Philippine National Police will be on to you like a
Philippine Eagle swooping down to EAT a MONKEY for BREAKFAST...

WE WILL SAVE OUR SOPHIE and RESCUE OUR RACHEL and then we will ESCAPE from the JURASSIC REPUBLIC and return to the Philippines and Australia with the World Famous TILT TRAIN invented by design engineer Michael John BRIGHT 27/05/1994 who emigrated to Australia for FAMILY REUNION and NOT Family Destruction...

Write to the EVIL APEA which is JUST a Fascist Protection Racket that EXTORTS family homes with local Estate Agents like Alain VISITAINIER and the JURA Office of Pursuits. Write to them all and tell them you are DISGUSTED by their RACISM...

NAZI Racist APEA President Christian MINGER is the EVIL LITTLE MAN who destroys the families so don't be angry with the office of Pursuits as they're just doing their job. The REAL VILLAIN is VALIANT BANK who forclose on families when other banks like TKB in Thurgau do not forclose but await the PROSECUTION of MINGER at the BERNE CRIMIINAL COURT with case number BM203770...

Autorité de La Persecution 
de l'enfant et de l'adulte

12, rue de la Préfecture
2800 Delémont

T 032 420 90 60


Poursuites et faillites Porrentruy


15, rue Auguste-Cuenin
2900 Porrentruy

T 032 420 32 10
F 032 420 32 11
CCP 25-345-1
IBAN CH18 0900 0000 2500 0345 1

Préposée ad interim
Mylène Jolidon

RUSSIAN BACKED BOKU HAREEM Terrorists have just kidnapped another 317 Schoolgirls in Nigeria while "Dr. NO" Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 The RUSSIAN TERRORIST in Switzerland continues the kidnapping, human trafficking and enslavement for forced marriage of the youngest daughters of the BRIGHT Family. ALL Terrorists LOVE to KIDNAP for RANSOM MONEY !!!

What caused a
BRITISH Citizen with a Good Job as BRIGHT RAIL SECRETARY financed and helped by the BRIGHT family to conspire to MURDER the Grandmother of the schoolgirls and KIDNAP the girls when their father questioned the false address on the death certificate? Maybe she wanted the BRIGHT family apartment in PARIS and the BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED Property in Boncourt or maybe she wanted the BRIDE PRICE for the girls in BERNE or maybe she wanted to evade her UK INCOME TAX or maybe she just wanted ALL OF IT over 14 Million Swiss Francs !!!

SERIOUS QUESTIONS need asking in Switzerland where
RUSSIAN MAFIA MONEY buys people like Maria who can be bought and paid for to deceive the authorities who are easily "deceived" with sufficient SWISS FRANCS paid under the tables of BERNE where CORRUPT JUDGE ZURCHER assisted in The HUMAN TRAFFICKUING of our daughters for a BRIBE of course.

Human Trafficking is a very serious crime and is the 21st century slave trade. Sadly some Russians and Serbians are tempted by easy money as a French, British or Philippine child can be sold into a FORCED marriage in Berne in Switwerland for thousands of Dollars or Swiss Francs or Euros, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS simply love MONEY more than other people's LIVES.

Andrew POSPIELOVSKY and Maria ANISIMOVA are serious international criminals and also TERRORISTS who not only love money more than human life but also support the FASCIST Dictators Vladimir PUTIN and Aleksandar VUCIC.

Under the
VUCIC REGIME it is impossible for victims of domestic violence to seek justice so documents are falsified and serious crimes are covered up. Sadly in Switzerland corrupt judges like Judge ZURCHER of Berne Kocherpark court are bribed as evidence supplied is ignored. Switzerland is a mafia infested state and JURA POLICE are doing their best to tackle this serious internal public security problem. Corrupt Judges, Tax inspectors, Child protection officials and Population officers are a very serious RISK to STOP.

As Minister of Information under the
Slobodan Milošević administration, VUCIC introduced restrictive measures against journalists, especially during the Kosovo War. There is now an internattional arrest warrant for BOTH these terrorist criminals that are GUILTY of MURDER, KIDNAPPING, CHILD TRAFFICKING and RACIST EXTORTION as well as UK Tax evasion and serious corporate fraud.

INTERPOL are now helping UK POLICE and Philippine National Policeconnect to the FRENCH and SWISS POLICE under the authority of the office of the President of the Philippines His Excellency Rodrigo Roa DUTERTE. Police officers should use Reference Code No. : PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032

Please contact His Excellency
Denis LEPATAN at The Philippine Embassy in Berne on: 031 350 1718 (Assistance to Philippine Nationals) and Her Excellency Jane OWEN at The British Embassy in Berne on 031 359 7700.

Anyone with a Russian Passport is vulnerable to the NAZI SWISS MAFIA of Christian MINGER the Child Trafficking President of the APEA in Delémont. INTERPOL are actually looking for FOUR People: Two British Children and their British NANNY who is our BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED company secretary and
ONE Russian TERRORIST who the APEA created by recognising a FAKE Russian "Marriage" and a RUSSIAN PASSPORT WITH NO VISA.

Corruption is a very, very serious problem in Switzerland and the kidnapping to cover up a MURDER was made possible by Pascal STUCKY as our family records at the JURA  tax office in Delémont under the authority of Pascal STUCKY are STILL incorrect and he refuses to correct them but he fired Pascal BEDIN as a scapegoat but did not correct the files. Pascal STUCKY refused to speak English in a meeting and our tax records are STILL  not filed correctly. We are asking The Mayor of Boncourt Lionel MAITRE for urgent help with our tax filing. Doing business in JURA is VERY, VERY difficult as corruption is everywhere and the French language is abused to prevent the correction of very serios errors.

At the APEA the Corrupt (NAZI  RACIST) Christian MINGER refused to accept his mistake of recognising a FAKE RUSSIAN MARRIAGE and instead declared the victims to be the children of the KIDNAPPER. This is now being investigated in France as a child born in France cannot be insulted and abused by SWISS NAZIS. We kindly ask the interior minister Nathalie BARTHOLOT to please investigate the serious corruption in JURA and help rescue of family from further Russian Mafia Violence.

Sadly BERNE  is the source of the corruption at the APEA in Jura and Judge ZURCHER refused to speak English and also refused to accept English as well as French documents as they were "not in German" so a FAKE  MARRAIGE was passed off to TRAFFIC French and Philippine born BRITISH  Children of a British Father and Filipina mother.

Her Majesty The Queen is NOT  amused!

TRAFFICKING of French, British and Philippine children to Switzerland for exploitation is totally unacceptable TERRORISM against The Republic of France, the United Kingdom and The Republic of The Philippines.

We are very sorry that our secretary who we paid as a BABYSITTER to our daughters decided to KIDNAP them and demand the RANSOM of our Family Hotel in Boncourt as well as our Family appartment in Paris after her accomplice Andrew POSPIELOVSKY put her on DRUGS in Serbia in April 2019 and then commanded the KIDNAPPING on 28/04/2019 to cover up the MURDER of Their Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013.

Because the kidnapping and deportation to the NAZI Stronghold of BERN was conduted on the 28th of April 2019 which was just exactly 75 years after the deportation of the Jewish community of Belfort to NAZI
 German death camps in World War Two by the NAZI Germans this incident is treated as a TERRORIST incident at the British Embassy in Bern as well as the UK Metropolitan Police and French National Police and Gendarmerie as well as The Philippine National Police (PNP).

British Embassy CRM:0476002499 RED ALERT

In recent years, there have been a number of high profile terrorist attacks across France. Previous attacks in France include:

  • On 16 October 2020, a school teacher was killed and beheaded outside the school where he worked in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a town north west of Paris.
  • On 25 September 2020, a knife attack took place in the Richard Lenoir area of the 11th arrondissement, in central Paris. Two people were injured.
  • On 3 January 2020, one person was killed and two injured in a knife attack near Paris.
  • On 3 October 2019, an employee killed 4 people in a knife attack at the Paris police headquarters.
  • On 24 May 2019, a bomb exploded near a bakery on a busy street in Lyon wounding 13 people.
  • On 28 April 2019, RUSSIAN  TERRORIST Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who had TRAFFICKED Sophie and Rachel BRIGHT together with their father Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 to BONCOURT from DELLE by deception. The TERRORIST KIDNAPPING of the children on The 10:19 SBB CFF FFS type of Passenger Train followed the questioning of WHY the correct address on the death certificate of their Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 was STILL not corrected after 7 YEARS of succession in FRANCE devastating over 40 members of the Panganiban BRIGHT Family very severely.
    • On 11 December 2018, a man attacked civilians with a revolver and a knife at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, killing 5 and wounding 11.
    • On 14 July 2016, 84 people were killed when a truck was driven through a crowd of people on the promenade in Nice.
    • On 13 November 2015, terrorist attacks at multiple sites across Paris and Saint-Denis killed 130 and injured over 400 more.
    • Between 7-9 January 2015, 17 people were killed in shooting attacks across the Île-de-France region including at the Charlie Hebdo offices and a supermarket.

    There’s a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time.

    CHILD TRAFFICKING and RACIST EXTORTION following the MURDER of The Grandmother who lived in PARIS and NOT in Cairo, Egypt is not acceptable to the French, British or Philippine authorities or the authorities of The JURA now that Christian MINGER of the APEA JUNTA has been removed by JURA Interior Minister Nathalie BARTHOULOT.

    The Republic of JURA does not tolerate KIDANPPING !!!
    The Republic of JURA does not tolerate MURDER and Extortion.
    The Republic of JURA does not tolerate BERNESE NONSENSE any more !!!

    EVIL NAZI Serbians who supported Slobodan MILOSEVIC the NAZI SERB War Criminal do not respect Human Life especially of their relatives; but then BERNESE "JUSTICE" only respects MONEY so that is the way things used to be...

    RU$$IAN MAFIA T€RRORI$T$ in Switzerland are endemic to the system as they all LOVE MONEY more than HUMAN LIFE.
    This is why our daughters remain KIDNAPPED even as they grow up into adults. The youngest one is now at INSELI SPITAL in Berne with SWICA insurance as the KIDNAPPER Maria ANI$IMOVA 01/03/1971 pretended to be her legal mother and deceived JUDGE ZURCHER.

    It is difficult to understand how the Judge was deceived so our lawyer Marc LABBE in demanding a written explanation which will undoubtedly uncover more of the CORRUPTION.

    Switzerland Is Not Safe for international English Speaking families from the United Kingdom and The Philippines or even FRANCE since a FULL French Birth and adoption certificate were formally given to the Judge.

    Incredibly, even though Marc formally subitted the CNI Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage the JUDGE said the secretary was married to her director at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED and NOT his real wife !!!

    Incredible Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Prostitution of Public offices inculding JUDGES and KESB/APEA directors and MAYORS means Switzerland is effcetively a RUSSIAN MAFIA STATE in actual fact.

    CRIMINAL CASE BM 203770 at the Berne criminal Court is now proceeding to ARREST Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who is WANTED in the Philippines, The UK and France on Child Trafficking Charges for which the DEATH PENALTY can be applied in MANILA.

    We are NOT Threatening our secretary, we are simply informing her and all her MAFIA in Berne as well as Jura that the LAW is The LAW and they can ALL be executed by our beloved President Rodrigo DUTERTE as directed by The LAW:

    UK Metropolitan Police Ref: ATH-305-20-0100-000

À le procurer de la republique
du tribunal judiciare du Belfort:

Enid Valérie BRIGHT le 17/04/1937 a été
assassinée pour son appartement à Paris...

Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT 22/10/2004
a été ENLEVÉE avec
sa soeur Rachel Enid Panganiban BRIGHT 01/10/2002 par notre
Secrétaire de l'entreprise russe Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971
sur les ordres d'Andrei POSPIELOVSKI qui est le violeur
époux de Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 car
appartement familial à Paris et ANISIMOVA veut
EXTORTER la propriété familiale rue du stade
à BONCOURT car ce sont des RACISTES
et ne respectent pas les Philippines, le Royaume-Uni
ou les lois de la Suisse ou de la France.

SWISS italien MAFIA complice de JURA 
Le bureau des impôts
Pascal BEDIN 11/06/1959 a été utilisé pour falsifier 
les dossiers
de l'impôt sur la famille et du bureau de la population pour la
protection de l'enfance 
les fonctionnaires pourraient être
trompés avec un faux mariage.

En fait, Caroline est piégée dans un VRAI mariage et a même un certificat de mariage approprié pour le prouver MAIS son frère Paul n'a JAMAIS épousé Maria ANISIMOVA le 01/03/1971 qui, nous le savons maintenant, est une TERRORISTE RUSSE. Maria a kidnappé nos enfants et a ensuite prétendu être mariée pour justifier l'enlèvement pour couvrir le MEURTRE de la grand-mère Enid Valérie BRIGHT du 17/04/1937 au 20/04/2013.

Incroyablement, le président de CORRUPT et RACIST APEA, Christian MINGER, a reconnu le faux mariage comme réel (parce qu'il a été payé) et ALORS a essayé de présenter Paul comme "absolument incapable" d'obtenir un divorce !!!
Pendant ce temps, sa VRAIE FEMME Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 n'était "qu'une fille aux Philippines" selon le TERRORISTE.


In fact Caroline is trapped in a REAL Marriage and even has a proper marriage certificate to show for it BUT her brother Paul NEVER married Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 who we now know is a RUSSIAN TERRORIST. Maria kidnapped our children and then claimed to be married to justify the kidnapping to cover up the MURDER of the Grandmother Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013.

Incredibly the CORRUPT and RACIST APEA President Christian MINGER recognised the fake marriage as real (because he was paid off) and THEN tried to frame up Paul as "mntally incapable" of getting a divorce!!! Meanwhile his REAL WIFE Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 19/02/1971 was "just a girl in the Philippines" according to the TERRORIST.


TROIS Actes d'agression violents ont été commis dont le marquage d'assassinat avec l'extrémité d'un bâton de marche sur le train S3 à Porrentruy. La POLICE doit agir maintenant pour que la Suisse soit considérée comme un pays sûr et civilisé. Les enlèvements sont résolus en quelques jours aux Philippines, en France et au Royaume-Uni mais des centaines d'enfants disparaissent chaque année en Suisse. LA POLICE doit ARRÊTER LES RISQUES d'atteintes graves à la réputation de la Suisse et ARRÊTER LES RISQUES de nouveaux abus d'enfants disparus et de victimes de la traite des êtres humains en Suisse.

TOTAL FAILURE of SWISS fonctionnaires a conduit Rachel et
Sophie sera TRAFICÉE vers la Belpstrasse 45 à BERNE
des Philippines et de la France depuis de nombreuses années et
enfin la semaine dernière avec un JUGEMENT DANGEREUX.

Nous demandons surtout aux avocats de nous aider et ARRÊTONS cela très

violence extrême et raciste envers les enfants et criminalité flagrante.

Malheureusement, l'argent parle en Suisse et depuis plus d'un an
fonctionnaires de l'agence de protection de l'enfance de l'APEA ont
utilisé un faux mariage pour faire valoir que le KGB
Le secrétaire russe du FSB (le kidnappeur) est
mariée à son chef d'entreprise !!!

Cette histoire incroyable mais vraie illustre le DANGER

de faire des affaires en Suisse avec un Russe ou tout autre
sorte de secrétaire qui est malhonnête et trompeur. S'il vous plaît
contactez Leo GLENDON de la police de Bournemouth
ont été TRAITÉES sur Brittany Ferries de Poole.

La grand-mère des enfants Enid Valerie BRIGHT

17/04/1937 a été ASSASSINÉ et une Fausse ADRESSE
a été donné sur le certificat de décès à Croydon Coroners
Bureau afin d'éviter une enquête policière à Londres
ou Paris car l'adresse résidentielle correcte est en fait
24 rue Philippe De Girard à Paris et PAS le
"L'adresse de Maadi, Le Caire, Egypte a été donnée".

Parjure au coroner par Caroline Helen BRIGHT

peut être excusé car le mari violent contrôlait
elle en tenant ses trois enfants en otages tout en
elle était à Londres pour les funérailles. Nous demandons à tout le monde
S'IL VOUS PLAÎT AIDER et imprimer ceci pour que l'ensemble
monde peut partager notre douleur et nous aider
reconstruisons notre famille par la grâce de Dieu!

MEURTRE, traite des êtres humains, enlèvement, extorsion
et le vol de passeports sont des crimes très graves
contre notre 
famille engagée par Andrei POSPIELOVSKI le
beau frere comme 
ainsi que notre secrétaire Maria
ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971
en tant que 
complot élaboré
pour détruire totalement notre famille comme nous
sont victimes d'extorsion raciste de notre appartement
familial à Paris. 
LE KIDNAPPING de nos enfants le 28
d'avril 2019 suite à la traite de notre famille de BELFORT
à Boncourt pour l'enlèvement 
était également un
il a également
été commis le même jour que le 
La population juive
a été déportée par 
Les Allemands NAZI pendant
la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Notre Notaire Gilles HASSLER de BELFORT et La
Le Tribunal travaille maintenant avec la
gendarmerie Delle 
renforcer la protection des familles
voyageant en train 
les gens ne sont pas conscients des
risques sérieux d'enlèvement 
en Suisse où les autorités
trouvent "trop difficile" 
pour sauver des enfants et
amener des criminels graves à 
on dépend de la France de JUSTICE 
pour nos
enfants, pour leur grand-mère et 
aussi pour
nous car nous sommes gravement victimes

avoir de l'argent et des passeports volés
pour nous empêcher de retourner au Royaume-Uni.

Caroline Helen BRIGHT 14/02/1974 c'est force remplie
une fausse adresse sur le certificat
de décès de grand-mère 
Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937
24 Rue Philippe De Girard à Paris pour que la Police
de Paris 
ne voulait pas enquêter sur sa mort suspecte
à Croydon 
le 20 avril 2013. Le 28 avril 2019 comme 
la famille a été trafiquée à Boncourt en Suisse les
enfants ont été kidnappés, des passeports volés
leur père Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/2019 est
effectivement improsé à la rue De Stade 2 à
Boncourt sans argent pour vivre et les
services locaux de secial ont été menti

à et trompé par un FAKE contrat de
mariage utilisé 
pour justifier l'enlèvement.

La Troisième Guerre mondiale est une GUERRE
sur l'enfance
par des agressifs 
Child Traffickers comme notre EVIL et 
Secrétaire du KGB Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 
GORKY où chimique, nucléaire et psychologique 
armes sont fabriquées et utilisées
contre des enfants en Syrie.

Maria ANISIMOVA est maintenant à BERNE où la traite des
enfants pour 
La prostitution et le "divertissement" sont organisés
et sont aussi en fait 
PROTÉGÉ par les forces de police locales
de Berne qui ne 
enquêter sur le catalogue des délits qui rendent
cela possible. 
Maria ANISIMOVA est une arme psychologique
contre notre famille et contre le Royaume-Uni.

Nous sommes Eva et Paul BRIGHT mariés à Londres
en 2002 
et dédié à la protection de nos QUATRE enfants
ainsi que 
tous les enfants touchés par la traite des êtres
humains et la tromperie. 
L'agression russe est à l'origine
de l'HOLOCAUSTE de notre 
fois avec l'enlèvement et la
traite des enfants maintenant 
endémique soutenu par
la corruption de la police, et 
abus des services sociaux
par les trafiquants. 
Les autorités suisses sont
COUPABLE d'aider les
comme la chair devient de l'argent.

L'extorsion raciste de notre appartement familial au 24
La rue Philippe De Girard à PARIS est la place financière
la motivation des crimes mais il y a clairement
motivations politiques également. Les juifs
Grand-mère Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937
faisait le testament pour tous ses petits-enfants
également: Sophie, Jacob, Rachel et Kristina BRIGHT
seraient tous inclus. Le PLOT de traite des enfants était
finalisé en Serbie en avril 2019 afin de faire taire le
parents légaux des enfants Eva et Paul BRIGHT.

Nos filles ont été en enfer et en arrière, littéralement
comme Russia Today est un lieu d'enfer d'intolérance
et c'est parce que Vladimir PUTIN fait un profit
de la misère humaine en s'imposant au les
gens de la Syrie, la Libye, l'Ukraine et la Russie afin

en comprenant nos souffrances depuis 18 ans
nous espérons aider les autres à réaliser que le mal
peut être vaincu et persistance ne paie que les
criminels sont tous 
finalement amené à JUSTICE.

PLUS D'UN MILLION de livres sterling ont été perdues

aux revenus et douanes de Sa Majesté et au Russe
UK Tax Evader Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971 est à Berne.
HAINE pour le Royaume-Uni et notre façon multiraciale
de la vie est ce qui la motive, car elle a
LES DEUX de nos plus jeunes filles
en essayant de nous faire
taire mais BEDFORDSHIRE 
POLICE est sur le
coup avec INTERPOL 
et la POLICE

Assistance téléphonique antiterroriste:

Met ref: ATH-14-20-0100-000

 Ref: CRI/40/IQN2/212020
British Embassy Berne reference: ENQW073713
Updates: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com

To the public prosecutor of the Belfort judicial tribunal:

Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was murdered for her apartment in Paris.


Operation PATTERN is a UK POLICE initiative
Switzerland where normal laws do not apply as
Russian MAFIA and secretive BANKSTERS
rule with RUSSIAN MOB$T€R$. Sophie &
Rachel BRIGHT need you to fight this evil
by emailing the Child and Adult protection
services to make them understand it is 2019
and we do not tolerate terrorists kidnapping
OUR Children and stealing British Passports.

It's 2019 and we remember 1939 just 80 years 
later on as NAZI RU$$IA has declared war on 
freedom and democracy, demanding total & 
obedient loyalty to the PUTIN dictatorship
that openly kidnaps British Children. We
defeated the NAZIS in 1944 and 1945 so 
now we do it all over again with MUSIC.

The SWING KIDS where Sophie once enjoyed 
a happy childhood remember Sophie BRIGHT 
and rally support in Switzerland to help Sophie 
escape from The very EVIL FORCES in BERNE.

Band leader Dai Kimoto is helping Trombonist
Sophie Rebecca BRIGHT now forced to be a
HOSTAGE at Belpstr. 45 in BERNE for an
apartment in Paris demanded by
. Please help Sophie to
send daily 
emails to all SWISS
authorities. Please help Sophie
and her sister Rachel to be
FREE AGAIN and then
return to the UKOK!

DAY SLAVERY with the UK, French and The
Philippine Governments to STOP RISK of
EVIL RU$$IAN child trafficking MAFIA
thugs that also enslaved our secretary
Maria ANISIMOVA 01/03/1971

who is in charge of International Rescue to
KEEP The UK Safe from Russian Mafia &

Save all The Children:
BrightRailLimited@Gmail.com 00 41 32 599 1073
EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com 00 63 905 689 2624
UKOK.fr.gd StopRisk.de.tl

VIA BELFORT in France as we

Metropol Criminal Crime Ref: CCR-2233-19-0100-000

Met. Crime Incident Number CIN-28500-19-0100-000
Airport Trafficking Heathrow ATH-3311-19-0600-000
PLEASE email or call and HELP
US to repatriate all lost children:



Swiss Police 00 41 32 420 95 00 
Manchester Police 00 44 161 856 0250

Modern Slavery Helpline & Resource Centre Ref: 15170.
Bournemouth Police 00 44 1202 222 222  Ref: 55190107045
UK action FRAUD REF: NFRC 190803128509

BRITISH AMBASSADOR Jane OWEN Phone: 00 41 31 359 77 00

VICTIM STATEMENT by Eva & Paul BRIGHT: "Human Trafficking is the most serious problem on our planet and we understand the reality of this evil trade having become victims of it. We trusted Maria since we met her in Russia in 2001 but she deceived us, betrayed us and has even brainwashed our own daughters against us. Rachel & Sophie have suffered Extremist (NAZI Russian) 
Emotional Abuse as well as Violent Physical Abuse. Police suspect Maria plans to TRAFFIC the children to RUSSIA and Romania for MURDER and HUMAN ORGAN THEFT. Sadly Paul is too old to be much use so he has been abandoned at Rue Du Stade 2 in BONCOURT on the SWISS BORDER with FRANCE. The children are in BERNE where Sophie is USED to play the TROMBONE and Rachel is deprived of BOTH her mother Eva and father Paul while being brainwshed against them by Maria (a crime known as GROOMING).

We are a British Family as Eva Astilla Panganiban BRIGHT 01/03/1971 married Paul BRIGHT
28/10/1969 on the 6th of January 2002. Paul had TWO British Parents Enid and Michael BRIGHT but Enid BRIGHT 17/04/1937 was MURDERED on 20/04/2013 after an agonising death caused by a LACK OF CARE at a private hospice in CROYDON where lights were LEFT ON at night to speed the DEATH of Enid. The Royal Navy is deployed on 24/24 alert 7 days a week, 365 days a year to STOP RISK of Russian attacks on the UK as we do not tolerate HUMAN TRAFFICKING or MURDER. Enid was murdered and Sophie was TRAFFICKED and KIDNAPPED to EXTORT the apartment at 24 Rus Philippe De Girard from Eva and Paul BRIGHT and hand it over to Maria ANISIMOVA for her RUSSIAN R€GIM€. Gendarmerie in DELLE and BELFORT are on the lookout and other Police forces are joining the effort to Save Our Sophie and Recue Our Rachel from HUMAN TRAFFICKER and MURDERER Maria ANI$IMOVA who is victimising our family in order to EXTORT the apartment in Paris away from our children.

Her Majesty's coroner service in Croydon is investigating.


Our family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris next to the Gare Du Nord and the EUROSTAR in in succession. Maria has KIDNAPPED SOPHIE to EXTORT the apartment.
Kidnapping for ransom is a crime!  
The apartment is worth about a million euros so Maria is MOTIVATED to KILL OFF PAUL and claim she was his wife in order to win herself a MILLION QUID... Talk about gratitude for helping Maria over the last 24 years to achieve her job at ZHAW in Zurich. If this is how she treats her friends, you don't want to be her enemy, so we ask you to please talk to Maria today becuase either her behaviour must change or she will fact many lifetimes in PRISON.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING was carried out to weaken the family as without UK Police and Social Services the family is very vulnerable and dependent on Maria who gives the children some food to earn thier TRUST and LOYALTY so they can be more easily TRAFFICKED when the time is right for Maria from ZURICH Airport.

Maria works at ZHAW in Wadenswil and was born in 01/03/1971 just 10 days before Eva and is PSYCHOTICALLY LOYAL to Vladimir PUTIN the fascist dictator of Russia. This is all about money as Putin wants his corrupt regime to survive and Maria is afraid to stand up for humanity so she does the easy thing and holds her friend Paul who trusted her in 1995 as a hostage and abuses his wife and children. FRAUD has been committed against our family firm BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED as we sold TWO houses and an apartment in the UK to support Maria in her studies to get the good job in ZURICH.

The plan was for Maria to help us once she had a good job and money but she decided to betray us instead. This is the sort of behaviour RUSSIAN business partners do all the time so Paul was taken advantage of as was his wife Eva who met Maria with Paul in person in 2001 before they got married. Please help us. Call the POLICE and NSPCC and if possible come and rescue us from Switzerland as it is very cold here and REALLY HOSTILE as without money we are nothing. There is NO NHS and NO Social Service to speak of. We really need help from the UK=OK!

Eva and Jacob BRIGHT managed to escape from captivity and are safe with our family in The Philippines where Philippine National Police are helping arrange an international coalition to TAKE DOWN the fascist PUTIN Regime that funds Maria and her EVIL Employers at ZHAW in Wadenswil so we need help NOW.

Dear Justices of The High Court, Mayors Ronnel RIVERA, Damien MESLOT, Their Excellencies Denis Yap LEPATAN and Jane OWEN, Presidents MACRON and DUTERTE, Prime Minister Boris JOHNSON and Conor BURNS MP,

Thank you all very much for your help with our family reunification.

We will now STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING by placing ARMED Gendarme responders on every Train, Bus and Boat in the same way as airport security at Saint Louis BRIGHT JAZZ Airport (aka. Basel Euro Airport) control all adults who accompany children on flights.

Family names on PASSPORTS must be identical and in accordance with the LEGAL CODE of the Philippines, France, United Kingdom and Swiss JURA meaning BRIGHT=BRIGHT and NOT "Anisimova" who is our secretary with a PACS agreement NOT a marriage contract as she knows well. 

TRUE FAMILY Happiness requires a loving MARRIED COUPLE who are serving God like Eva and Paul BRIGHT who employed the services of "Mary Poppins" but Mary Poppins is a NANNY and NOT a Parent and we should all be aware of this fact!

FAKING the character of an official DISNEYLAND Character to GROOM a child or children is an OFFENCE against the law of copyright and also a SERIOUS CRIME against humanity if it results in the TRAFFICKING of a Philippine British or French British child to Switzerland for Exploitation. CHILD TRAFFICKING IS A SERIOUS CRIME !!!

by The Grace of God !

One World For Peace

HMS Royal MegayachtTravel

Please Kristina
 BRIGHT on 00 41 78 798 7335
Please call Paul BRIGHT on 00 41 32 599 1073
Please call Sophie BRIGHT on 00 41 76 741 3035
Please call the TRAFFICKER on 00 41 76 787 6006

HELP: EvaBrightEducation@Gmail.com Tel: 00 63 905 689 2624

At HMS Royal MegayachtTravel

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