Entente Cordiale - BRexit to PARADISE
Dear Remembrance Tourists,

Thank you for joining our Global Allied Victory Party on the 8th of May 2022 as we celebrate 77 years of VICTORY over fascism since 1945. Renewed diplomatic and economic as well as social relations and cooperation between The United Kingdom and Commonwealth with France and French Speaking Switzerland ensure a Connected Commonwealth is possible by sustainable Rail and Sea travel across Europe from the North to the South.

Travelling by train to The Basel Area as Tourists with BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED. By remembering The Siege of Belfort, World War One and World War Two and all conflicts since 1945 we do now truly STOP THE WAR against Kosovo, Ukraine, Syria and Libya with a permanent ceasefire and removal of Racist Russian Regime backed "little Green men" like General HAFTAR and local warlords as well as opportunistic loan sharks and gangsters like Andrew POSPIELOVSKY 17/10/1964 who is the abusive and dominating husband of my little sister. Sadly the brother in law also wants our family Hotel CHURCHILL De Gaulle PANGANIBAN in Boncourt and our family apartment at 24 Rue Philippe De Girard in Paris because he is extremely GREEDY like the NAZI Germans were until 1945 when they were STOPPED by the allies. 

Sadly the Soviets took the opportunity of peace to invade and occupy Eastern Europe and this occupation was only stopped when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Sadly the Serbians did not accept the freedom of 1989 and the Yugoslav wars followed. Slobodan MILOSEVICH murdered anyone who did not agree to his "greater Serbia" and so we remember the Srebrenica massacre. Sadly for my little sister her husband supports the war criminal as he is a NAZI Nationalistic Serb and has caused our secretary at BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED to KIDNAP our daughters and steal their British Passports as well as evade her UK taxes and defraud our family and company. 

The kidnapping on 28/04/2019 in BONCOURT was only possible as he has connections with Christian MINGER who recognised a FAKE RUSSIAN "Marriage" in order to justify the kidnapping which was actually ordered to cover up the HIGHLY LIKELY MURDER of Enid Valerie BRIGHT 17/04/1937~20/04/2013 and deceptively FALSE ADDRESS on the death certificate. This was done to block the succession of the apartment and then Paul Edward BRIGHT 28/10/1969 (that is me) just had to be "Got Rid of" by being either KILLED with the plastic tube that was previously inserted into me against my will or Psychiatrically framed up so as to be silenced. Sadly in Switzerland there is a lot of corruption and Public officials like Christian MINGER can get away with this sort of thing. 

Luckily for myself, my wife Eva and my children as well as my little sister Caroline there are at least THREE Honest Doctors helping us defeat the evil brother in law and a connected team of Police officers, Diplomats, Social Workers and Sisters and Brothers of The Holy Catholic Church who stand up to Child Trafficking and the Racist extortion of property.

We are dedicated to ending the MAFIA Violence that has afflicted the Canton and Republic of JURA in Switzerland since the appointment of Christian MINGER as the President of the Authority for the "Protection" of Adults and Children 

Great Britain, Ireland and France are moving towards a common future
with Public Transport from Belfort to the Normandy Landing Beaches
with Brittany Ferries sailings to Cork, Plymouth, Poole & Portsmouth.

Remembering 1921 to stop all war in 2021 makes sense now we can see
a bright future for europe with no more German domination as our
sisters and brothers in Germany wake up to STOP THE WAR
that chanellor Merkel supported with the corrupt EU regime.

GCHQ does of course know everything so corruption in Germany and support for the fascist PUTIN and VUCIC regimes from German automobile and pharmaceutical companies is well documented at the National Security Agency. The United States and United Kingdom are firmly committed to STOP MAFIA VIOLENCE in Europe today.  By working together all allied nations in The Commonwealth work with the United States and United Kingdom allied Philippine Commonwealth to build a Common Future by the Grace of God !

The Good People of Germany are waking up to STOP THE WAR
by stopping the corrupt regime of Angela Merkel at the ballot box
by voting for the LEFT, SPD, Green and Pro-Business Liberals
who all want FREE Kindergartens and Great British Education
for everyone in order to integrate Germany into the Global British
economy of The Commonwealth and One World For Peace now.

The RMT UNION of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers together
with the CGT UNION of the Confederation Generale du Travail in
France works together in solidarity across the channel in order
to STOP THE WAR by bringing the corrupt politicians to
justice. We call on all the population to support our
strikes that are to restore democracy in 2018 as
we did in 1918 with the armistice which was
made possible by German workers going
on strike to STOP THE WAR in 1918.

Sir Francis Drake was sent by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the FIRST
of England and Wales to Liberate the Philippines and other places.

The Philippines were especially welcoming to Jewish refugees both
before and during the second world war and this tradition of true
Philippine hospitality continus today as Jewish people are once
again persecuted in the German speaking lands of Germany,
Switzerland, Austria and indeed throughout the EVIL €U.

Set sail from Swanage, Poole or Bournemouth with Poole City cruises
and join the French resistance on board Brittany Ferries as you all
sail on to Cherbourg to learn more about the liberation of 1944
the Germans finally surrendered on August 26th.

Your Remembrance of 1944 and 1945 together with The
Royal British Legion ensures we can, once again, liberate
Europe as 2018 and 2019 commemorate the ending of the
First World War in 1918 and 1919 when the Treaty of
Versailles was signed and Germany promised never
again to start a war. Sadly Germany did not keep
the promise and World War Two was started by
Germany invading Poland in 1939. Foutunately
Great Britain challenged Germany to STOP
and together with our allies who
included the Russians, Americans, Free
French led by Charles De Gaulle, heroic
Philippine resistance, Chinese and
Commonwealth we did manage
to STOP THE WAR in 1945.

The BRexit! we all voted for is to SAVE OUR NHS
and STOP THE WAR by taking control of our
borders so that we can say NO Volkswagens,
NO BMWs, NO Audis, NO Mercedes and
certainly NO Porsche 9-11 types of
transport for EU terrorists.

Restoring Great British Rail will bring back good
quality permanent engineering jobs and millions of
public service jobs as Guards, Ticket Clerks, Travel
advisors, childcare workers, Train Drivers and start
an economic boom enablng houses to be built which
people will actually be able to afford to buy so we
can ensure 2021 is 1921 and also 1945 as we will

Replace your car with new
Great British Railways for
every city in every nation
of One World For Peace
and restore British Rail!

Remembrance of The 1918 armistice in
2018 together with our German speaking
sisters and brothers ensured Her Majesty
The Queen
will be able to declare One
World For Peace
on November 11th
as we rebuild Great British Rail to
provide Great British Education
across Eurasia & The new world
building Great British Railways
with the belt & road initiative
in partnership with China

Replacing deadly €U imported cars by
rebuilding Great British Rail will make
Britain Great again with Good Jobs for
all and SAFE Public Transport saving
millions of lives on our roads and
helping us to Save Our NHS.

Our NHS was built in 1948 before the
railways were cut back and deadly cars
began causing mass casualties and also
fuelling wars for resources needed for
private motoring like petrol and oil.

Sustrainable Public Transport creates
jobs, reunites communities and helps
everyone get to work on time with
NO VW, NO BMW, NO Audis,
NO Mercedes, NO Porsches
NO stress & NO Problems!

We all owe it to our ancestors who gave
their today for our childrens' tomorrow
to do our best to do our duty to God
and to The Queen to ensure that
the whole world remembers
The "great" War 1914≈2021
so we stop the war today...

...as there is nothing "Great" about war
we're voting Labour to STOP THE WAR
together in 2021 by remembering 1921...

Common sense means books not bombs
and Health not Hardship. Prioritising
People First makes sense for us all.
Connecting The Commonwealth was originally planned
by Sir Isambard Kingdom Brunel who built The Great
Western Railway to Bristol and the famous bridge at
Plymouth to Cornwall and Penzance so that all
people could travel and be connected as
shown here with the NEW BRIGHT
Yellow Inter City 125er extended
range diesel electric passenger
 train for The Philippines:

The Inter City 125er types of Advanced Passenger Train are based on the 
old British Rail 125 but also feature a pantogaph so that electricity can
be taken from overhead cables which have already been installed
near to London and Manila. The clear advantage of our 125
is that the diesel generator in the Power car can be used
where there is no electrification such as in Cornwall
and Cavite province while electrification is now
underway (eg. Manila to Batangas and Niac).

Call us today on 00639056892624

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