Royal Navy NEWS - Armistice Day
The 2018 One World For Peace Armistice Day Project remembers 
1918 together with all our German speaking sisters and brothers in
2018 to stop all war and convert warships into passenger ships.

Great Britain has always acted to Stop The War over the centuries.
The Royal Navy was founded in 1546. Sir Francis Drake stopped the
Spanish Armada in 1588 at the beginning of The Elizabethan age.

Good King James VI of Scotland accepted crown responsibilities
for England, Wales, Ireland and France in 1603 and published
the King James Version of The Holy Bible in 1611 to create for
us the original One World For Peace idea which endures today
with the King James Version 2000 now available in Churches.

One World For Peace is On Her Majesty's Service for World Peace

The whole One World For Peace team welcomes you to the
NEW World Order known as UK=OK! and
Please Email us at

By learning from the misunderstandings of the past
we are able to agree to stop all war today in 2018 and
return to providing Passenger shipping and railways
to connect One World For Peace as we did in 1918:

This is an essential project because atomic weapons
today are far more powerful than the guns of 1918
so we are opening a NEW TGV Railway line to
the Normandy beaches from central Europe!

If World War Three did escalate from European Union
expansionism eastwards into Ukraine and southwards
into Syria then inevitably a nuclear war would follow.

Sir Winston Churchill served in both World War One
and World War Two and actually volunteered to fight
Germany on the western front. We therefore remember
Churchill to help us stop World War Three as he was
the key figure involved in stopping World War Two.

Stopping the EU from reckless expansionism which has
not benefitted the people of Ukraine is therefore essential
which is why the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU.

HMS Royal Megayacht Travel is registered in The UK
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. We promote
travel to the D-Day Landing beaches from Poole,
Portsmouth, Plymouth and Cork in Ireland with our
affiliated shipping company
Brittany Ferries.
We are based in the United Kingdom.

We have several projects in Europe which we need to
get ready in time for the Great British BRexit! including
The Great British School of Constance which provides
FREE Education on line for GCSE exams enabling
everyone to get educated and understand why it
is a good idea to leave the EU and join the 
UK with Commonwealth membership.

We have asked the local education authorities in
Constance for help because most German parents
want a Great British Education that will enable
their children to be internationally successful.

Our school building is the Telecom Tower which we
are renaming the Learning Tower of Constance and
opening in 2018. There is a nice restaurant on the
roof so parents can have breakfast together
with their children before school.

In 2018 we remember
Armistice day 1918 
on the 11th
of November together with our German Speaking
sisters and brothers as we topple the regime in
Berlin just as we did in 1945 together with
our Russian, Commonwealth, Philippine
and American friends and allies.

Travel to Ypres is provided by SBB CFF FFS regular
train serices to Delle on the French Border and then
from Delle by SNCF via Belfort Lille and Kortrijk.

Following the Global World Peace declaration that will
be signed by Her Majesty The Queen and President
Steinmeyer of Germany we will STOP THE WAR.

Our German friends in the LEFT PARTY have decided
democratically that FREE Kindergarten education for
all German families will help STOP THE WAR from
starting again. After all, it was Angela Merkel who
was sending chemical weapons to Syria and also
sponsoring BOKU HARAM in Nigeria so she
could recruit young girls for her brothels...

Prostitution is illegal in the UK but sadly not in the
Germanic lands where fascism is also far too tolerated.

We do not tolerate that sort of thing so UK Civil Servant
Paul Bright from the Department of Digital Cultural
Media and Sport volunteered to go over to the
Germanic lands and put things right by
explaining some basic things so
our German frinds could
understand us in time
to stop the brexit!

We will stop the Brexit and replace it with BRexit! for
British Rail and a United Ireland that can remain in the
EU and spy on the Brussels Bureaucrats for us. This 
will ensure GCHQ 2019 knows what is going on!

To learn more about GCHQ 2019
Please click on the image below:

All British and Commonwealth educated children from
Kindgergarten age understand the huge sacrifices made
by their Great Great Grandparents in World War One
and this is why we remember ANZAC Day as well as
many other days to remember our HEROES. 

Welcome to The Royal Fleet On Her Majestys Service.
We are a UK based travel agency promoting Brittany
Ferries and The Railways to bring safe travel to all
by making roads safe for cyclists and stopping war.

The Royal Navy has always acted to stop war and make
the world safe for passenger shipping. We remember the
Great British World Peace we all enjoyed before 1914.

Brittany Ferries are dedicated to supporting The Royal Navy
offering sailings from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth to get
to France either for a day trip or the first step on deployment
to liberate Europe because we remember 1944 in 2017 just as
we remember 1917 so that next year when we remember 1918
in 2018 we can remember the armistice together as one world.

Joining The Royal British Legion is an excellent way to help
Her Majestys Armed Forces Stop The War because Germany
started The Great War in 1914 and we Stop The War in 2018.

By remembering World War One and World War Two together
with The Germans (who are now our best friends because they
did learn not to argue with the Royal Navy) we Stop The War.

We support The Royal Navy in Plymouth and Portsmouth
with help booking family friendly travel between these two
Royal Naval bases. Our services are open to everyone who
supports The Royal Navy, currently serving or retired as
well as family members. We can help you with every step
of the journey between any address in Plymouth as well
as Portsmouth. We also serve Bournemouth via Poole.

One way fares start from £30 and include two nights at sea.
Family cabins are available on board the ship for half price.

The fare is based on a day trip to France for up to 24 hours.
One night may be spent in France before sailing home again
if you sail to Sword Beach in the morning or afternoon.

Because the outward and return sea crossings can be
different it is easy to sail from one Royal Naval base
to the other, eg Plymouth to Portsmouth or from
Portsmouth to Plymouth. Family holidays in the
UK Premier resort of Bournemouth can also be
booked on site eg: from Portsmouth to Poole
sailing via the Port of Cherbourg Marine. 

At Cherbourg Marine there is a British Fish and
Chip van as well as a French Bar and Pool table.

Walking a couple of miles into the town of Cherbourg
is handy for shopping at The supermarket and with a
trolley a large amount of French wine can be bought.

It is generally a good idea to buy as much wine as you
can carry as for less than one euro per bottle it is cheap.

More expensive wines such as Bordeaux or Saint Emillion
can be bought for around ten euros and in a restaurant the
price could easily be 50 euros so it is still relatively cheap
as well as being of exactly the same quality to drink.

Missing your boat and what to do about it:

If you miss the boat that you are booked on then sadly
Brittany Ferries will NOT make any exception for you
and you will need to buy another ticket so do not miss
your boat which is stated on your return ticket coupon.

What if you miss the boat and get stranded in France:

In 1944 there were no return tickets and it was for most
of our HEROES a one way trip. Those few who did return
managed to evade the German guns and make it to Paris
and on to Delle in the South West of France where the
French resistance was based on the Swiss border.

Everyone can make it to Delle today via Paris on The
SNCF French Government Railways for half price by
travelling with the family if you have a child under the
age of 12 and buy a Carte Enfant+ from the station.

SNCF means Societe National Chemins de Fer which is
French Government Railways. As they are not privatised
the fares are reasonable and in First Class the one way
fare to Delle is under 50 euros per adult and 25 per
child aged 4 to 12. Children over 12 pay full fare.

Compared to The UK French fares are about a quarter

so if you like to take the family on train rides then it is a
good idea to go to France on Holiday. Accommodation
information is available from the station in Delle so if
you arrive in the morning it is quite easy to find some
good hotel or camping deals during the daytime.

If arriving in the evening it is a good idea to have some
accommodation booked or at least to bring a tent so that
you can camp by the river until the station opens in the
morning. Visit the Delle station website to learn more
and contact Belfort Tourism to book accommodation.

Belfort Tourism cater especially well for English speaking
tourists as well as serving members of The Royal Navy on
deployment to help liberate Europe. This is because Belfort
was a victim of a German siege from 1870 to 1871 as well as
suffering occupation in World War One and World War Two.

The Lion of Belfort roars etenally in the German direction
and represents resistance to fascism always and forever. We
might be friends with The German people but we are all
resisting the German EU regime of austerity and the
agenda of railway and public service privatisation.

World Peace and International Friendship are found in
The Great city of Belfort, truly the home for HEROES

We are delighted to support the City and Territory of Belfort
and share our cities and territories of Portsmouth, Plymouth
and Bournemouth with the People of The Territory of Belfort.

Great Britain, Ireland and France were united by Good King
James of Scotland in 1603 and today we are as united as ever.

France is now leading Europe following The Great British BRexit
with Paris administering the rest of the European Union. Our Irish
allies in Dublin are keeping an ear to the ground for us British as
we share the common UK travel area and English language.

Further to the south east along the river Rhien which is connected
to Belfort by the Rhone Rhein shipping canal we have the Lake
and territory of Constance. Royal Navy Special Boat Service
Admiral BRIGHT who is RN008 is currently deployed in

the region where he is navigating the Rhine Constance
shipping canal for his Royal Naval submarine HMS
Alliance currently moored at HMNB Portsmouth
but will sail to Cherbourg and up to the lake.

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