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mv Pont-Aven

This introduction from RMT Fleet Admiral Bright gives our
full support to the United Nations Decade of Action 2011~2020
for Road Safety, Environmental Protection, Good Jobs and
achievement of all the Millennium Development Goals.

This letter is addressed to all policy makers and travelers, worldwide.

Great Britain together with France, The United States of America, China
and Russia are the five permanent members of the United Nations Security
Council established in 1945 to oversee World Peace following World War Two.

World Peace Today depends on the sustainable use of resources as we have
a global population forecast to peak at 10 million in the near future.

Our Planet Earth can support 10 million people living sustainably which
means a largely vegetarian or vegan diet, low energy homes and active
transport. We do need to replace unsustainable fossil fuel use now.

The RMT Global Plan for jobs sets out here in detail exactly how we can
organise sustainable active transport which will create the millions
of Good Jobs we need to ensure that United Nations Goals are met.

Active Transport inolves healthy living and this includes healthy
eating, relationships, housing, education and of course a Public
Health Service available to all on the basis of clinical need.

The capitalist system itself does not need to be completely replaced
as we have already demonstrated an economy of full employment in
Great Britain following the Allied Victory in 1945. The Government of
Clement Attlee managed, with help from the United States, to rebuild
Great Britian with a comprehensive Welfare State and Health Service.

Great Britons today take our leadership from Sir Winston Churchill,
Clement Attlee, Brunel, Wilberforce and Darwin. We chart prosperity:

The Whole world can become immune to the  Euro Zone depression.
Thanks to our independent currencies (English and Scottish pounds)
the U.S. Dollar and other local currencies across the globe,
there is no need to import Euro area depression.
The Euro zone can itself then recover.

We are able to set monetary and fiscal policy to achieve growth
and Jobs. Full employment at high wages with highly skilled
workers is possible with wise and honest government.

Trading more closely with our Commonwealth allies
, as well as
with the rapidly growing BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and
South Africa) enables us to chart effective industrial strategy
while we also reconnect with the nations with whom we
share prosperity together.
This is a Win Win Situation.

Great Britain has competitive advantages in Public Transport
with a long history of excellence in Railways and Passenger
Shipping. Royal Naval personnel can all be redeployed on
the fine ships of HM
Royal Megayacht Travel Service so
there is no need for any Naval cutbacks; redeployment
serves to maintain our Great Naval strength and also
to benefit from our very special Naval expertise.

The Royal Megayacht Travel Service promotes Public Transport

by replacing any need for dangerous private cars which have
increasingly been imported from Germany and Japan
. While
it is good to support jobs in Germany and Japan the cars are
now widely seen as unsafe as they have caused many deaths.

Tragic incidents with loss of life now exceed 12 million
per decade with a further 60 million serious injuries.

Responsible people in both German and Japan have realised that
private cars are especially "macho" and dangerous and have
therefore orgainised large scale SAFE Cycling initiatives.

Germany and Japan now lead the world with SAFE, Affordable,
comfortable and dependable transport by Bicycle, Mobility Buggy,
Tram, Trolleybus, Train and Passenger ships
as well as high speed
fastcraft known as "Katamarans" which zoom across water.

While the use of private cars is now rapidly declining in Germany and
Japan (Post Industrial, "Postmodern" economies) this is not yet the
case in Britain and the Commonwealth as our politicians have
severely neglected Public transport since the early 1960's.

Child and Cyclist injuries are sadly a growing danger on the roads.

Now is the correct time to urgently rethink how we move.

New modes of travel and transport need to be safe and sustainable
as well as made in the Commonwealth so that Great British engineering
can prosper, once again. The benefits of full employment and high wages
will be enjoyed not only in Great Britain but also around the world.

Newly industrialising economies are especially vulnerable to the
deadly and dangerous BMW
, Mercedes, AUDI and Volswagen cars
because there are not yet efficient Police forces to enforce Road
Safety. Unfortunately there are also not yet fully developed
National Health Services either and so many victims of
road incidents suffer in terrible pain which is a RISK
we have a moral duty to do our very best to STOP.

All Great British commonwealth citizens remember the central
role of the Railways for community development and safe travel.

Now, more than ever before, we need to all work together to renew
Great British Sustainable travel by the BRUNEL Railways and Ships.

New travel includes Walking, Mobility Buggies, Cycling, Local Public Bus,
Tram, Trolleybus, Train, TAXI and connecting ferries which are known
as The Public Megayachts of the Royal Megayacht Travel Service.

Just as in 1945 we are converting all former warships into passenger
ships and we are melting down guns and tanks into new railway
lines. Ordnance is being converted into fireworks for SAFE
Public firework displays for both Guy Fawkes night and
the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations....

World Peace and Prosperity for all will prevail...

ALL HEROES from Her Majestys' armed services are to be redeployed
to civilian jobs with continuous service and rank promotion. There
is no need for any Royal Naval, Air Force, Army or MI6 cutbacks.

We are creating Good Jobs on Land, Sea and Air.
Join James Bond on Her Majestys' Service...

Instead of using ammunition to fight our enemies we will instead
make our enemies dissappear by avoiding the support of regimes
and by refusing to export any weapons. World Peace will Prevail.

Our active travel model is healthy and saves lives both by stopping
risk on the roads and by stopping pollution from fossil fuel use.
Active Travel also helps stop the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Because public transport is produced locally the economic
benefits are shared among all and prosperity will be assured for all
with a new government that serves the people and not the profiteers.

The RMT Union is responsible for organising workers on the Public
Transport services and ensuring that proper safety procedures are followed.

Travel by Public Trade Unionised Transport is safe and available to all.

Loyalty to Public Transport will ensure economic prosperity for all.

Great Britons today take our leadership from Sir Winston Churchill,
Clement Attlee, Brunel, Wilberforce and Darwin. We will recover.

Charles Darwin discovered evolution on HMS Beagle as he was a friend
of Captain Cook who sailed to Australia. Darwin discovered that
survival depended on working together and adapting to
surroundings. The purpose today of the Royal Megayacht
Travel service is to ensure our collective survival
by promoting sustainable travel for everyone.

Bicycles, e-bicycles, mobility buggies and New trains with regenerative
braking are the most efficient way to travel on land. This is because
the electrical power can be generated entirely sustainably by wind,
wave and solar energy collection. Travel over water is the most
efficient when powered by wind. Modern sailing ships use
wind turbines to generate electrical power which is then
used by electric motors to propel the ship to the port
destination. Solar power and wave power can also
be collected by the ship. Presently fossil fuel
is used on many ships but this is much
more environmentally friendly than
flying by jet aircraft or driving.
Airships offer sustainable
flight with solar power.

Brunel Great British Railways and Sealink British Ferries first
connected the World For Peace many years ago and still do today.

RMT Trade Unionised ships sail from Bournemouth, Bristol, Plymouth,
Poole, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton, Newhaven, Dover, Harwich,
Newcastle, Hull, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Wick, Lerwick, Thurso, Fort William,
Mallaig, Stranraer, Liverpool, Holyhead, Fishguard and Cardiff.

Trade Unionised ships (unlike co$ta liners) are safe because safety
procedures are followed and all members of the crew enjoy equality.

It is sensible to avoid private cruise liners like the infamous
Co$ta Cruises because there are no trade union approved safety
procedures aboard. Co$ta ships are not safe and have been
involved in serious incidents. You have been warned!

Therefore the Royal Megayacht Travel service
advises caution and all passengers to check that ships are
fully trade unionised before boarding
. Good ships are fully trade
unionised and comfortable and safe. Brittany Ferries ships are the
most excellent we have and are fully Trade Union compliant.

Enjoy GREAT travel SAFE with Brittany Ferries.

Other ships like the service from Aberdeen to Lerwick are
operated by a managerial firm with Trade Union Protection
ensuring that you will be safe and the crew is respected.

Always remember that it is only safe to travel on Trade Union
protected ships and transport connections. Always check before
travel and enjoy Trade Union Protection as this protects you.

Trade Unionised safe and comfortable ships are Great and
set sail EVERY Day and night to the Eurasian Mainland for you!

Travel overnight saves two days and the following destinations
are more quickly and comfortably reached by rail and ship than air:
Paris ~ Amsterdam ~ Copenhagen ~ Santander ~ Berlin ~ Berne
Cologne ~ Düsseldorf ~ Hamburg ~ Stockholm ~ Vienna ~Prague

Saint Petersburg and Moscow are connected by luxury trains.

All trains in Eurasia (including Russia and China) are
Trade Unionised and are the safest way of travelling.

Always be sure to remind Train Operating companies,
especially in the privatised UK today, that Trade Union
Protection and prioritisation of safety is you reason
for Travel by train and ship as your First choice.

DFDS sail from Newcastle to Imuiden for Amsterdam
and from Harwich to Esbjerg for the connecting train
to Copenhagen and Stockholm where Saint Peter line
sails on to Helsinki, Tallinn and Saint Petersburg.
P&O sail from Hull to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge.

Stena sail from Stranraer to Belfast, Holyhead to Dublin,
Harwich to the Hook of Holland where trains connect
to Eurasia. Stena sail on from Kiel to Gothenburg
while the DBS service sails from Vladivostok
to Donghae and Sakaiminato for Tokyo.

All ships are connected by our Rail Europe services.

Our business model is very simple to understand, people have
bus stops outside their front doors and these have a timetable
affixed. If a bus is not arraving exactly when required people
call a taxi from the public telephone box which is next to
the bus stop. Buses or taxis take people to the local
Great British Railway station for a connecting train.
Trains run to ports where sealink British Ferries
sail to foreign ports with onward railway
connections to all parts of the planet.

The Royal Megayacht Travel service therefore covers the globe
and offers all people on earth a sustainable travel solution.

Always ensure your transport is safe with Trade Union
Protection. Avoid non unionised travel which is unsafe.

We advise against Eurolines and against private coach
operators as the State Railways are much more comfortable
and certainly much safer. Never take a risk with transport.

Naval Logic is about survival.
A safe ship will bring you to the port,
a safe RMT Unionised TAXI, Bus or Train will bring you safely home.

Always plan your journey well and do not take any risks.

Naval logic applies to Hotels too so always check before booking
that the hotel is fully Trade Unionised and safety compliant.

My Job is to Unite the Great British people and politicians as
Churchill did and therefore I invite you to join the Trade
Union and Socialist coalition because we do not need any
cutbacks since with the expansion of the Royal Megayacht
Travel Service there will be good jobs for everyone and
no shortage of tax revenue to fund Public Services.

We are for One United Great Britain with Great British Railways
and Sealink British ferries connecting the World for Peace,
exactly as we did before. Please see the link below for info.

In the UK today as in many countries there are some people who
do not realise that a better world, a peaceful world, is possible.
The ConDem coalition and Labour have both started wars.

The Trade Union and Socialist coalition policies are for Peace
and sustainability
. With international co-operation instead of
confict there will be no more war. Sustaiability is central to the
creation of peace and this is why the Royal Megayacht Travel
Service is fully committed to sustainable transport for all.

There is no need for any rebellion or terrorism. We will defeat
all evil simply by using resources sustainably. We will never
allow weapons exports and we will achieve Global disarmament.
Already Russia has agreed to disarm as soon as others do.

We STOP all RISK on the planet and uphold equality across the globe.

We shall save 12 million lives every decade by replacing all deadly and
dirty cars with SAFE bicycles, mobility buggies, buses, trains and ships.

FREEDOM of mobility and travel is for everyone equally and
Public Transport is the way to ensure that everyone is FREE.

Yours sincerely,

Fleet Admiral Paul Bright BA, MSc, MIEX, TEFL.
Fleet Admiral Bright joined the Sea Scouts in Braunton,
North Devon and was educated at Georgeham Primary School.
He then went on to Braunton Comprehensive School and North
Devon College followed by the Universities of Luton, Hull,
Cambridge and London where at SOAS he read
Development Studies. Paul realised that
For Real Global Development the
key ingredient
 is sustainability.

Paul is a member of the RMT Union Dover Shipping Branch and works for
Brittany Ferries and Rail Europe. Currently hs is Trading as
The Royal Megayacht Travel Service

This is an official Government communication.

(Signed with an electronic signature in accordance
with subsection 7(3) of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)

for the UK 2B OK
~ because there is no need for cuts ~
as we have the policies for Good Jobs
starting with FREE EDUCATION

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We are recruiting GOOD
people who
  • UKOK Candidates
  • UKOK Canvassers
  • UKOK Safety reps
  • UKOK eTAXI drivers
  • UKOK  Space Explorers
  • UKOK  Global diplomats
or visit your local Job Centre
and Citizens Advice Bureau
to find out about a bright
future with education &
Good jobs for everyone.

Get free advice at the CAB service:

Citizens Advice the charity for your community

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Vacancies for SAFE e-TAXI drivers who
our guests to Trade Unionised
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to promote a SAFE GREEN Neighbourhood

  With The Free Buggy eTAXI Initiative
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RMT: The Union for safety

Proper Safety Procedures and professional, Trade Union,
crew members ensure that our ships will be OK to the UK.

Be a HERO of the neighbourhood and

Sign up now for the Free Boat, Buggy and eTAXI to Beach Initiatives.
IF you are totally SAFE driving AND Police checked AND you would
like to learn how to drive our eBuggies AND you are an RMT member
AND you are committed to a better world for your kids THEN we may
be able to offer you a GREAT job driving guests to MEGAYACHTS &
accompanying guest parties on board eg: Portsmouth ~ Sword Beach.

Lerwick ~ Aberdeen ~ Newcastle ~ Hull Cleethorpes ~ Harwich

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We are for World Peace with international 
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We support the FBI by promoting World Peace and Freedom for all.
Oil is no longer required for transport and everyone can be mobile.
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Lets work together to replace private risk
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