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Help Sophie Stop Kidnapping !!!




L'Avenir en commun avec La Transport en commun

A Future together with a connected commonwealth

Dear Mayor Sandrine LARCHER of DELLE and Mayors 
Damien  MESLOT and Lionel MAITRE of Belfort and
Boncourt, JURA and the Territory of Grand Belfort,

TODAY The Populations of Boncourt, The
Republic and Canton of
JURA, The Territory of
Belfort, Republics of France and Ireland and The
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Philippine
islands celebrate The Bright Rail Bridge as
we will connect General Santos to Glasgow
to protect the Philippines from Chinese invasion
and connect The Commonwealth for World Peace.

Thank you very much for your wonderful welcome
and solidarity since my first arrival in Boncourt in
1986 when I descended from the train from Paris
on my way to Sarajevo & Athens with InterRail
which led to the Bright Rail Bridge project to
connect Glasgow to General Santos for the
Saint Michael The Archangel sailing on
to Bitung and Darwin in Australia.

The Tribunal De Grande Instance in Belfort is on
our side and has been asked by my beloved wife
Eva and I to help us protect our children on CFF
trains from Belfort to Boncourt as well as all
children who have been subject to trafficking.

TRAFFICKING of children is a very serious crime
and yet this happens all the time. As I explained to
our Priest at The Saint Joseph Catholic Church:

"My sister killed my mother, my secretary kidnapped
my children and my wife is in the Philippines" well!

All is well that ends well wrote William
Shakespeare during the King James Brexit
1588 to 1611 which is playing now in
Boncourt as The Milandre summer nights:

 The Milandre Summer Nights are born of a cross-border desire to share a cultural event. MM Hugues Plomb and Raymond Forni, mayors of Boncourt and Delle, who unfortunately left us prematurely, were at the initiative of this project. 
It was in 2002 that cross-border collaboration was born with the creation of the Milandre Summer Nights Association. The two communes, thus grouped, of Boncourt and Delle, mark their real will to erase the border effect, with the objective to obtain a sharing, a cultural synergy, a reciprocal enrichment. That is why, every two years, the show is played alternately on one or the other commune.

Simone and 
Stéphanie have performed a wonderful service for all of us, and
especially The BRIGHT Family at Rue Du Stade 2 reopeing the railway line.
We thank simone.plomb22@gmail.com and stefanie.jenny@wanadoo.fr

I am very happy to announce that Great Britain will
be remaining in the European Inter Rail scheme as
intensive negotiations from Berne to Amsterdam
have defended the Great British participation so
BONCOURT will be well connected in future.

The Inter Rail Hotel Churchill De Gaulle at Rue Du
Stade 2 is now undergoing renovations, starting with
The Garden following permission from the Mayor of
Boncourt, Lionel Maitre. The fence will be removed
by Pascal Bedin Renovations and the dog house will
be replaced by an EDF Electricity De France tower.

Half Price Electricity will become available over the
next year as EDF are opening a new barrage on the
river allaine in DELLE which will create a lake
behind Inter marche for sailing and fishing as
well as family picnics proposed by Sophie.

Sophie will be joining Rachel at The Lyceum in
Porrentruy following a decision by the APEA
in Delemont to recognise the original birth
certificate of Sophie from the Mayor of
Montpellier as presented to our Mayor.

Cooperation with the BERNESE is difficult as
we all know. As I explained to my good friend
Vincent Plumez last year "we must remember
Maurice Wicht like we remember Jesus Christ".

Bright Rail Limited established a representative
office at Rue Du Stade 2 in 2007 and I officially
obtained permission to live in Boncourt and send
my daughters Kristina, Rachel and Sophie as well
as my beloved son Jacob to school in Porrentruy.

My beloved wife Eva will be joining us this year
as we celebrate the Liberation of Belfort on the
23rd of November 2019 by remembering 1944
just 75 years later on because 1944+75=2019.

We also remember 1969 and The Appollo Moon
landings that happened while our loving mum,
Enid Valerie BRIGHT was pregnant with Paul
who was born on the 28th of October 1969 as
Father Michael bought Reggae Splash Down
the Jamaican tribute to Niel Armstrong and
Buzz Aldrin because we love America and
wives instead of having the APEA choose
our wives for us as a "Curatelle" indeed!

Honestly but TRUE Marco Lorenzini wanted to
tell me "Mr. Bright, you are married to secretary
Anisimova of BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED and
you will watch the pretty coin of GOLD as
you will DO what you are TOLD"

In actual fact he just closed the door in my face
in Delemont so do I really need to go back on
Monday as I have important railway business
to do in Belfort, there are General Electric
JOBS TO SAVE after all. Or maybe it is
that Marco LORENZINI is an AGENT
of Donald Trump and WANS the GE
Jobs to be lost and Trump can then
buy the Belfort Railway station.

MONOPOLY is a board game that I played
in North Devon District Hospital in the UK
Town of Barnstaple while I nearly had my
appendix taken out when I was 12 years
old. A year later I was in the same UK
hospital recovering from a brain injury.

I am happy i made a full recovery which is quite
and amazing thing to do following a coma for a
month but then Our NHS is an amazing British
Institution providing FREE Health care for all.

SWISS People can avail NHS benefits including
FREE Health Care in Switzerland if they are UK
taxpayers like our family and registered in the UK
in Bournemouth with BRIGHT RAIL LIMITED
as a secretary or a Director or an accountant for
example. We are looking for an accountant as
SWISS People love to count like Russians.

Some people count money but British count years
since their last victory to the next victory in 25
year terms so we never forget Maurice Wicht
in 1974 as wel also count in 45 year terms
and it is now 45 years since Maurice did
give his day for all of our tomorrows.

In 2019 we remember 25 years ago in 1994 Nelson
Mandela was inaugurated President of ALL South
: an apartheid regime of Corruption, Racism,
Antisemitism and Prostitutes of Public offices was
crushed and replaced by Democracy by the Grace
of Almighty God and Her Majesty The Queen.

In 2019 JURA will be joined by MOUTIER as the
population VOTED to JOIN THE JURA and so
Porrentruy is now emerging as the capital of
Touristic Switzerland and so your FIRST
Great Destination is the High Castle:

is opening in 2019 and we look forward
to welcoming you in the JURA.

with a Connected Commonwealth centred on JURA
where all trains converge to connect the North and
South of our world and Black and White UNITE
to fight racism and FREE THE WORLD as

Study of The King James Version of The HOLY
BIBLE guides our every act as we all now build
a Connected Commonwealth the Grace of God!

GOD IS GREAT as we remember 1944 and 1919 and
also 1579 when Sir Francis Drake landed near
to Davao and inspired the resistance that 
enabled Great Britain to emerge after
the defeat of the Spanish Armada
in 1588 so all of us in Europe
now owe our freedom not
only to the British but 
firstly to the people
of the Philippines.

Philippine Independence in 1898 and the ongoing
loyalty of the Philippine People to Great Britain
through TWO World Wars and through our
liberation of Europe today means we are
all able to enjoy the Great Inspiration
of the Philippines for our own true
freedom to enjoy sunshine and
nature wherever we are now. 

In JURA people Work Hard, Fear God and
most importantly for visitors, are HONEST
so you can enjoy a good rest on your holidays.

Great Britain stands for World Peace & International
Friendship and Solidarity with workers everywhere
as Labour will Bring Back Great British Railways
and Great British Telecom as well as The Great
British bus services
so we can all get to work
together and 
save money by restoring our
public services and replacing the corrupt
Theresa May regime with a democratic
Labour government for One World
with a Connected Commonwealth.

Exporting Great British Railways 
will help all
nations rebuild public services all people need so
you enjoy free roaming without a mobile phone!

The best way to stop the risks of corruption, racism,
antisemitism and prostitutes in public offices who
abuse their powers to profit from privatisation
is to support public transport services that
enable everyone to be mobile and travel
safely. Small business especially wins
from a well connected society and
international sustainable travel
bringing everyone together in
a connected commonwealth.

Every nation is welcome to join the commonwealth as
unlike the European Union the commonwealth is truly
global and democratic, respecting the sovereignty of
individual member states and upholding democracy.

Click here to learn more about the commonwealth!

We support the International Labour Organisation for
Decent, Democratic and well paid work for everyone
Bright Rail promoting One World For Peace
with educational family and school trips by train
and ship that enable us to build a bright future
while learning about the struggles of the past
as we do now rebuild public infrastructure.

The Great Belfort project makes our planet great again
by remembering 1918 in 2018 and 1919 in 2019 as we
restore the Armistice and The Treaty of Versailles
in order to rebuild The Belfort Railways as we
had already built before war started in 1914.

We at Bright Rail are rebuilding all railway stations
with all platforms, ticket offices, baggage rooms,
restaurants and newsagents selling the New
York Times in 2019 as we remember 1919
together as One Really Happy Family.

Our Industrial Partners in Belfort are General 
Electric and ALSTOM who manufacture the
Great British Rail Advanced Passenger trains
that can take corners at speed meaning our TGV
is fully compatible with Great British Railway
tracks that are curved around the corners.

Currently the
Advanced Passenger Trains travel to
Delémont from Basle and Geneva so the timetable
will continue as it is up to Delémont then a half
hourly service will continue to Belfort during 
the day time. Churcill Night Lines will be
operational in 2019 connecting Marseille
to Amsterdam. Genoa to Glasgow via
the channel tunnel and London will
be served by High Speed Night
trains enabling passengers to
have lunch in Glasgow as
well as in Marseille where
there is excellent sea food.

All our Churchill Night Line trains will arrive in
Belfort after midnight and leave before the first
day time trains meaning there will be no need
to change the day time timetables and also
the trains will be sorted so passengers in
the last three carriages from Marseille
will continue to Roscoff while the
middle three will continue to 
Glasgow and the first three
are for Amsterdam and
everyone can sleep.

Belfort has many family restaurants open at
night near the railway station so if the children
are hungry it is always possible to get off the train
for an hour and have a midnight feast in Belfort!

A map of the converging Churchill Night Lines
is provided in the picture section above the text.

Palermo and Venice to Roscoff via Delle at night
enables cruise passengers to enjoy luxury travel in
First Class on land as well as at sea to New York.

Click here to see life inside a typical daytime train...

Click here to see life on a typical night time train...

In 2018 we remembered everyone who gave their day
for our tomorrow and in 2019 we remember the 1919
Treaty of Versailles that marked the end of the War.

Great Britain voted to leave the European Union in
2016 because the British People were unhappy that
the EU had restarted the 1941 war against Ukraine
in 2014 as the EU sponsored fascist terrorism in
Kiev and Odessa which led to the burning alive
of 40 RMT UNION affiliated Trade Unionists
at the
House of Trade Unions in Odessa,
and huge loss of innocent life in Ukraine.

We therefore see 2014 as an atttempt by the EU
to start World War Three and frame Russia as
an aggressor just as Germany framed Poland
as the aggressor in 1939 and framed France
as the aggressor in 1914 when, in actual
fact it was German aggression all along.

Visiting the Memorial to Corporal Peugeot will
inform everyone that German started the Great
War in 1914 by assassinating Corporal Peugeot
in Joncherey 30 hours before the declaration
of war that was also started by Germany.

Germany today is sorry and has agreed to honour
the full terms of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles with
full compensation being paid to Poland, France
Namibia, The UK, Ireland and all other
victims including the United States.

Great British Victim support services achieve true
international justice as we remember 1919 in 2019.

Contact Victim support and stand up to criminals.

The Great British People believe in World Peace as
we have built One World For Peace for centuries.

Sir Francis Drake sailed to liberate our Philippine
sisters and brothers landing in Mindanao in 1579
as remembered by
The Philippine Embassy in
London who are our partners for Peace as
we elimiate Abu EU $ayyaf in Mindanao.

The Philppines today is Free and protected by
The Royal Navy from imperial aggression by
any other navy, such as the Chinese or USA.

Only The Commonwealth can guarantee One
World For Peace as we are a voluntary, free
organisation that respects real Democracy
to protect Diversity and Social Inclusion.

We are all Equal under almighty God and
Her Majesty The Queen on Our Planet so
we cordially invite The Good People of
France to Make Oue Planet Great
Again by working together as one.

Joining The Commonwealth will ensure that
Bright Rail, a Limited Company registered in
The United Kingdom, can build a genuine and
actually connected commonwealth with Trains
from Belfort to connect with Brittany Ferries
ships sailling from Roscoff, Saint Malo,
Cherbourg and Le Havre as well as
DFDS from Dunkirk and Ijmuiden
near Amsterdam to Newcastle.

Popular travel for real families on a budget is
essential for Europe to have a sustainable and
democratic future. We fully support president
Macron increasing the price of fuel for cars
as well as increasing road tolls in orde to
raise enough money to pay for restoring
Public Travel for all with the complete
rebuilding of the S.N.C.F. network.

The French Railways are essential for Great
Britain to connect the commonwealth as we
also welcome Ireland as one united coutry
at peace in The Commonwealth with a
ship sailng every night from Cork to
Roscoff for our train to Belfort and
on to Venice as well as Vladivostok.

Brittany Ferries are creating The Asian Dream
with the new ship to One Korea and Japan OK!

Brittany Ferries and Grandi Navi Velocchi from
Genoa and Venice sail to Cyprus and Malta so
families can all enjoy commonwealth holidays.

SNCM from Marseille sail to Corsica and on
to Libya and Algeria for Cameroon railways
trains to Yaounde and Port Elizabeth in the
Republic of South Africa liberated by
Sir Nelson Mandela in 1994.

Russia is also joining The Commonwealth as
President Vladimir Putin is committed to one
World For Peace & Royal Global Democracy.

We remember 1919 in 2019 so we can restore
World Peace with remembrance and Romanov
Restoration of The Russian Federation as one
united Democratic Federation together with
the United States of America as we, The
British, plan the UK=OK! Bering
Strait Tunnel to Anchorage.

Canada connects The USA to The UK with
our NEW Brittany Ferries sailing from Halifax
to Hull via Galway, Cork, Roscoff, Le Havre
and Southampton. Sea Travel is sustainable
with 5000 passengers on a single ship, all
in complete comfort in their family
cabins that are HALF PRICE
when remembring D-Day
sailing to Sword Beach.

We cordially invite you to sail with us from
Portsmouth to Sword Beach remembering 1944
and 1945 in 2019 as we remember 1919 so we do
actually Make Our Planet Great Again together
sailing Towards a Common Future with Public
Transport from Belfort to the commonwealth.


Great British Schools promote World Peace and Justice with Liberty
 based on our collective human remembrance of 1919 in 2019 so we
can now stop all war and invest in Public Transport, Health and
Education for everyone by remembering the Treaty of Versailles
that ended the Great War 100 years ago on
June 28th 1919.

Great British Rail is connecting The UK and the Commonwealth with 
Churchill Night Line sleeper trains across France via Belfort which
was the most important rail hub in 1919 and will be again in 2019
as General Electric electrifies the line to Paris East station and
our trains connect Roscoff to Venice, Glasgow to Genoa and
Amsterdam Ijmuiden to Marseille Saint Charles. Sealink
passenger ships connect Plymouth and Cork to Roscoff
as well as Newcastle to Amsterdam for safe, reliable
travel between Great Britain, Ireland and France.

The southern English seaside resorts of Plymouth, Bournemouth and
Portsmouth are connected by Brittany Ferries to Roscoff, Saint Malo,
Cherbourg, Sword beach near Caen and Le Havre near to Paris.

A connected commonwealth is already a political reality and with new
shipping services from Marseille to Gibraltar, Lagos and Port Stanley
as well as Genoa to Malta and Alexandria and Venice to Cyprus and
Syria the whole of Africa will be a well connected commonwealth.

The Commonwealth welcomes new members and France has historically
been our closest ally in mainland Europe together with Ireland so with
Ireland and France joining the commonwealth we will all be one
truly happy family ready to welcome all other nations to join
us and build One World For Peace in our time as we all
remember 1919 for World Peace together in 2019.

The Heroic Great City of Belfort in France holds the key to World Peace
having resisted the Germanic siege of Belfort from 1870 to 1871 and
then resisted The German invasion of 1914 to 1918 and then
resisted the German occupation from 1940 to 1945.

Central to the survival of Belfort was the historic railway line from the
Swiss Jura that was closed in 1992 following German reunification as
the European Union imposed austerity on Public Transport services.

Looking back now it seems incredible that "everyone wanted their car"
just as it is equally incredible today that "everyone has a mobile phone".

Freedom to choose to travel with Public Transport or to make telephone
calls with Public Telephones is more important for Justice than many
people first imagine. We know now that World War One and World
War Two were both financed by huge German corporations that
have a competitive advantage in car manufacturing and we
also know that the relentless public transport cutbacks
such as guardless trains and closed ticket offices are
a direct result of Public Funds being wrongfully
allocated to road building for private cars.

By refusing to be brainwashed into driving private cars and using mobile
telephones which both have a huge health risk (cars kill over 1.25 million
people every year and mobile phones cause brain damage) everyday
decisions can help save lives. Consumer choice and the liberty
to just say "NO" to cars and mobile phones does save lives!

As well as the immediate benefit of avoiding the risks associated with
driving cars and using mobile telephones the real beneficiaries of
ethical consumption are the people who live in nations where
the raw materials such as cobalt and uranium as well as
oil are found as brutal mining and oil extraction is
uneconomic when there is insufficient demand.

Therefore by avoiding private car use and mobile telephones everyone
can help save lives in Africa and The Middle East as we do stop wars
by refusing to buy conflict minerals and energy.
The Commonwealth
is committed to Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion with really
democratic sustainable development based on Public Transport.

The World We Want is a United Nations project asking people to choose
the six most important things for The World We Want such as Education,
Transport, Free Drinking Water, Healthcare, Public Safety, Shelter and
Peace; all things that are increasingly denied to us by the €U regime.

The Glorious British Royal BRexit! is therefore not about leaving the
European Union but transforming Europe into being a power for
good instead of evil. France will lead the future EU instead
of Germany so instead of a race to the bottom in terms
of low wages and desperate migration, Europe will
lead the world in sustainable High Speed Public
Transport with the World Famous TGV Train.

France is joining the Commonwealth together with Ireland to enable
One World For Peace to be built with TGV Trains to all corners of
the world from BrightRail central in Belfort, southern France.

Brittany Ferries connect France to Ireland and Great Britain
enabling a good overnight sleep for international journeys.

Great Britain, Ireland and France are moving towards a common future
with Public Transport from Belfort to the Normandy Landing Beaches
with Brittany Ferries sailings to Cork, Plymouth, Poole & Portsmouth.

Remembering 1918 to stop all war in 2018 makes sense now we can see
a bright future for europe with no more German domination as our
sisters and brothers in Germany wake up to STOP THE WAR
that chanellor Merkel supported with the corrupt €U regime.

The Good People of Germany are waking up to STOP THE WAR
by stopping the corrupt regime of Angela Merkel at the ballot box
by voting for the LEFT, SPD, Green and Pro-Business Liberals
who all want FREE Kindergartens and Great British Education
for everyone in order to integrate Germany into the Global British
economy of The Commonwealth and One World For Peace now.

Politics in Germany is very murky and difficult to understand, so as
Merkel talked "peace" the corporations that paid for her ensured
war continued, by supplying chemical weaapons to rebels in the
Syrian conflict and by making HUGE Profits from exporting
PANZER tanks to Erdogan in Turkey who was actually
invading Syria in actual fact. Only by studying history
can we see that history repeats itself so in 2018 with
remembrace of 1918 we can STOP THE WAR in
Syria and also in Yemen where Theresa May
makes money from selling missiles to the
Saudi dictotorship while she also trades
with the Iranian dictatorship, all at the
benefit of her very own dictatorship.

The RMT UNION of Rail, Maritime and Transport workers together
with the CGT UNION of the Confederation Generale du Travail in
France works together in solidarity across the channel in order
to STOP THE WAR by bringing the corrupt politicians to
justice. We call on all the population to support our
strikes that are to restore democracy in 2018 as
we did in 1918 with the armistice which was
made possible by German workers going
on strike to STOP THE WAR in 1918.

Sir Francis Drake was sent by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the FIRST
of England and Wales to Liberate the Philippines and other places the
EVIL European Spanish Armada had colonised in a most brutal way.

The EVIL King Philip of Spain called the Islands "The Philippines"
because he thought they could be his own private islands and he
therefore had the right to brutalise the local people to find gold.

Local Natives who did not bring gold to the EVIL Spanish colonisers
who were known as "conquistadores" had their arms cut off or worse
so only those who were obedient to Spain were able to survive.

Population Geneticists will understand the mission of the Spanish in
the Philippines was very similar to the Nazi Germans who wanted to
wipe the Jewish people and nation off the face of the earth during
the Holocaust that the Germans carried out from 1933 to 1945.

The Philippines were especially welcoming to Jewish refugees both
before and during the second world war and this tradition of true
Philippine hospitality continus today as Jewish people are once
again persecuted in the German speaking lands of Germany,
Switzerland, Austria and indeed throughout the EVIL €U.

The Euro currency has so impoverished the people of Europe that
now they turn on each other. A Jewish Trade Unionist doing business
in Eastern Switzerland is very vulnerable if also British and exercising
rights of equal treatment for his family and respect for his nationality.

British Jews in German speaking lands have been subjected to awfully
discriminatory practices simply for exercising their rights to EU treaty
agreements such as the European Health Insurance Card. Paul Bright
was even dissappeared into a SWISS Concentration camp known as
the "Munsterlingen Spital" and was held incommunicdo and was
planned to be exectued following inhuman experimentation.

Fortunately for Paul he had a Russian KGB Secratary and Plans
were in place for his safe release with GCHQ and The British
Emergency Diploatic helpline in London standing by. As
always a friendly local (in this case a nurse) allowed
Paul to use her mobile phone and trigger the
deployment of KGB agent Anisimova...

Working together with our Russian, Philippine, Free French and
American frinds we topple the fascist EU dictatorship of Angela
Merkel who is in a Mercedes (just like Hitler)... It's 1945 and
it's 1918 in 2018 as we rememebr the past for a bright future!

Set sail from Swanage, Poole or Bournemouth with
Poole City cruises
join the French resistance on board
Brittany Ferries as you all
sail on to Cherbourg to learn more about the liberation of 1944
the Germans finally surrendered on August 26th.

Your Remembrance of 1944 and 1945 together with The
Royal British Legion ensures we can, once again, liberate
Europe as 2018 and 2019 commemorate the ending of the
First World War in 1918 and 1919 when the Treaty of
Versailles was signed and Germany promised never
again to start a war. Sadly Germany did not keep
the promise and World War Two was started by
Germany invading Poland in 1939. Foutunately
Great Britain challenged Germany to STOP
and together with our allies who
included the Russians, Americans, Free
French led by Charles De Gaulle, heroic
Philippine resistance, Chinese and
Commonwealth we did manage
to STOP THE WAR in 1945.

Remembrance is very important as we approach
brexit day on March 31st 2019 because we did vote
to leave the European Union as it has become just
another German plot to take over Europe and an
attempt at Global domination of our world by a
very evil Germanic corporatist regime led by
the evil Angela Merkel and her corporations
that bribe her to put their profits first while
making the ordinary German people suffer
along with the ordinary British, French and
everyone else on our planet. Low wages, an
insecure job, poor housing of homelessness,
massive debts and bankruptcy are the type
of problems everyone is dealing with now.

Families are broken up, children grow up with
only one parent or no parents and even those
lucky enough to have two parents will find it
very hard to get a good job, even if they are
able to attend the very best universities!

Germany has done it again, following the Kiev coup
of 2014 increasingly aggressive European Union
foreign policies, militarily backed by NATO,
have seen the destitution of Ukraine as
well as most people on the edge of
the European Union, in africa
Angela Merkel and her evil
corporations sponsor all
manner of dictatorships
and local people suffer.

Stopping the war against humanity that Germany and
the European Union have unleashed with austerity
and attacks on Libya and Syria requires talking
to the German people so that they will rise up
and topple the Merkel regime just as the
British people need to rise up and
topple Theresa May the €U
appeaser who is cheating
us out of our BRexit!

The BRexit! we all voted for is to SAVE OUR NHS
and STOP THE WAR by taking control of our
borders so that we can say NO Volkswagens,
NO BMWs, NO Audis, NO Mercedes and
certainly NO Porsche 9-11 types of
transport for EU terrorists.

Restoring Great British Rail will bring back good
quality permanent engineering jobs and millions of
public service jobs as Guards, Ticket Clerks, Travel
advisors, childcare workers, Train Drivers and start
an economic boom enablng houses to be built which
people will actually be able to afford to buy and we
will ensure 2019 is 1919 and also 1945 as we will
STOP THE WAR with Jeremy Corbyn PM; so:

Replace your car with new
Great British Railways for
every city in every nation
One World For Peace
Jeremy Corbyn PM
British Rail!

Remembrance of The 1918 armistice in
2018 together with our German speaking
sisters and brothers ensures Her Majesty
The Queen
will be able to declare One
World For Peace
on November 11th
as we rebuild Great British Rail to
provide Great British Education
across Eurasia & The new world
building Great British Railways
with the
belt & road initiative
in partnership with China

Replacing deadly €U imported cars by
rebuilding Great British Rail will make
Britain Great again with Good Jobs for
all and SAFE Public Transport saving
millions of lives on our roads and
helping us to Save Our NHS.

Our NHS was built in 1948 before the
railways were cut back and deadly cars
began causing mass casualties and also
fuelling wars for resources needed for
private motoring like petrol and oil.

Sustrainable Public Transport creates
jobs, reunites communities and helps
everyone get to work on time with
NO VW, NO BMW, NO Audis,
NO Mercedes, NO Porsches
NO stress & NO Problems!

We all owe it to our ancestors who gave
their today for our childrens' tomorrow
to do our best to do our duty to God
and to The Queen to ensure that
the whole world remembers
The "great" War 1914≈2018
so we stop the war today...

...as there is nothing "Great" about war
we're voting Labour to STOP THE WAR
together in 2018 by remembering 1918...

Common sense means books not bombs
and Health not Hardship. Prioritising
People First makes sense for us all.

The Headway Advice Together Service
is opening on Bournemouth Pier this
year as we remember 1918 in 2018
to promote One World For Peace
with The Commonwealth which
will include a United Ireland
delivered by Jeremy Corbyn
and Bournemouth Labour

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