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FREE Education & NHS
Core Value Connections
One World Values of World Peace
with FREEDOM and Democracy

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Great Jobs for everyone

Love Life

Cycle & Sail from the UK & be OK
Sell car
~ Get fit ~ Be happy 
BRUNEL engineering For Real Global Development
Enjoy your travel to the UK in Great Style and comfort
we promise no airport delays and no traffic jams, just a
Dublin Hull P&O to ROTTERDAM
 Sauna ~ Bubblebath ~Bed ~ Business Class Luxury Travel 

Save money with half price family cabins and onward train and bus
connections to Copenhagen for Polferries sailing to Poland & Sweden

Business travel to the UK is leisure travel with us !
We guarantee NO airport delays and NO traffic jams
You arrive at the very best British resort destinations
You arrive relaxed and ready for a GREAT time

Welcome to
HULLThe central gateway to Europe
and a Great resort for shopping, studies and nightlife.

We have global connections from Hull to Eurasia:

Hull Rotterdam Amsterdam Berlin Moscow Beijing Hong Kong

P&O Ferries

Connected by Royal First Class Sea Travel

Aberdeen Newcastle Hull Harwich
Portsmouth Poole Weymouth Plymouth

One World connections across Eurasia

The UK is at the heart of the International Rail and Sea network...
Be bright: travel more with a 99% CO2 reduction.
Brightconnections crossrail connects the UK & Europe.....
Belfast ~ Liverpool ~ Birmingham ~
London ~ Dover ~ Calais
Galway ~ Dublin ~ Holyhead ~
London ~ Hull ~ Rotterdam
Cork ~ Swansea ~ Bristol ~
London ~ Harwich ~ Esbjerg
Weymouth ~ Poole ~ Southampton ~ 
London ~ Newcastle ~ NL
Munich ~ Esbjerg ~ Harwich ~ London ~ Glasgow ~ Belfast

The Brunel Rail Class
HS2.1 MEGArail Advanced
Passenger Train is BR
upgraded Class 370 Tilting
Train running on Brunel
Guage tracks to be built on
British Motorways which will
save people from the stress of
driving and be FAST !

Hull to London in 1 hour
FAIR fares for 20 pounds
UK : OK fares = 10p per mile.

The Stephenson Guage Prototype 370 003 at Carlisle

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