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Enjoy life on Top of the World
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IC 2000 (SBB double-deck trains).
London Tower Bridge
mv Pont-Aven
ONE Happy Family


Join us and build a healthy and balanced society...
Core values: sustainability and social inclusion.

With brightconnections you are better connected !

HAVE MORE FUN with a great work / life balance: 
Meeting areas ~ Restaurants ~ Suites ~ Free Childcare
mv Pont-Aven
We promote sustainable international meetings and travel on land and sea. 
More is achieved with a healthy work / life balance where everyone is happy,
with full banquetting, accommodation, connecting travel and free childcare.
We promote connections by train, bike and foot for sustainable travel.
We recommend organisations which provide transport for all and
include free childcare so family business travellers can work
with the family and attend meetings too. Butlins and our
ferry companies provide free childcare and an
excellent balanced working environment...

HAVE MORE FUN with brightconnections be FREE
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IC 2000 (SBB double-deck trains).mv Pont-Aven
London Tower Bridge
Berlin Brandenburg Gate

IC 2000 (SBB double-deck trains).

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...enjoy FREEDOM

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For Peace & International Friendship

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