Help Police SAVE LIVES - STOP Human Trafficking and Family Violence


Human Traffickers &

ANI$IMOVA Maria: RUSSIAN KGB Kidnappeuse
3 BRIGHT Michael John: Family Child ABUSER :
wanted by QUEENSLAND POLICE at Cleveland Police station in BRISBANE
as he is NO LONGER REGARDED BRIGHT but an "Australian CONVICT"
MING€R Christian: SWISS Official Child Abuser
RYS€R Marcel: SWISS Corrupt offical Fraudster

6 $OMM€R Jens: Fake "Doctor" abusing patients
7 VERR€Y Thomas: CORRUPT Building Manager
10 G€LIN Dominique Racist orgainser of Violence
11 Judge ZURCH€R Child Trafficking Mafia Judge

12 PUTIN€ Vladimir Dictateur Du MAFIA Fasciste

Please help the Police to arrest these and many other accomplices who are guilty of conspiracy to Profit from ABUSING Families to PROFIT from the extreme suffering of Women and Children:
 Philippine Presidential Complaint ref:  PCC-NCC-10-09-2020-032 
 Police ref: Berne BM203770 PARIS: A9b6ce211e 

Macron tries to woo Putin during state visit - ABC NewsWhat are Marine Le Pen's ties to Vladimir Putin's Russia?Russian official: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reached 'verbal ...New Image

Let us all work for a BETTER WORLD
by remembering history for World Peace
The Philippine Commonwealth for Peace

Le 8 mai 1945, on celebre la Liberation. On le refera le 23 juin a la Saint-Jean, a la campagne et le 14 Juillet, jour de bal, dans les villes et les villages. Mais les lendemains de fete seront difficiles.
Visiting Portsmouth Historic Dockyard | englandrover.comLe Grand Bunker Musee du Mur de l'Atlantique (Ouistreham) - Aktuelle shoahExpositions Guerre 14-18 - enfants de l'histoireBibliothèque Municipale de Belfort - Le Lion de BelfortFrench Corporal Jules André Peugeot was France's first soldier to die ...
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Bright Rail Limited based in the UK, Paris and Switzerland incorporates Her Majesty's Royal Megayacht Travel Service and is proud to support VICTORY DAY on The 8th of May 2023 2024 and 2025 by promoting remembrance education in association with The Royal Navy Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, The Atlantic Wall Museum at Sword Beach in Normandy, The Memorial of the Holocaust, The Great War Museum in Meaux, The Belfort Public Library and Citadel, The Mayor of Joncherey, British Signals Intelligence, Discovery Trains, The Village of Boncourt, The Albert Einstein Museum in Berne and The Claims Conference.
Special] Happy Victory Day! - News - War Thunder
The mistakes of the voters of France and The USA and India were caused by deception and limited information need to be corrected so that democracy can be restored. There were no Free and Fair elections in France because of the huge amount of hateful propaganda and biased media reporting. The dangerous political situation at present can only be corrected with REAL Education. The sad reality is that MACRON and LE PEN and MELENCHON are all wrapped up with the Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN and his MAFIAS of Child Trafficking and Property Extortion, in fact:

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Macron expressed the hope that Putin would support the proposal for a ...
Putin meets far-right French candidate Le Pen, denies election ...
Russian official: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reached 'verbal ...

We introduce Basic Education in France and Eurasia with The Department of Education and The BBC so we can STOP RISK of Corruption, Racism, Antisemitism and Piracy of Public Offices. Both The Philippine Department of Education and The BBC offer real education to the whole world in English so everyone has the opportunity to succeed and lean to LOVE each other so we can build One Happy British and Philippine Commonwealth of LOVE and PEACE based on respect for each other and our shared remembrance of history. In this way we can stop all war and suffering and ensure the values of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood of the Republic of France are respected by everyone on the planet. 

Teach the Truth with 
Cross-curricular topics 5-11

French Diplomats believe in Equality and Freedom and Justice so we are very happy to invite everone in France to challenge their assumptions based on a Eurocentruc past and move into a better and brighter future together with The Philippine and British people who are diplomatically building One World For Peace in our time, today.

It is a sad fact that most Europeans STILL believe that "Christopher Columbus discovered the world" and this EUROCENTRIC view of the world is responsible for the horrific suffering caused by European wars and corruption. Only when Europeans STOP thinking they can steal OIL and also TRAFFICK Children for their own PROFIT will the people of The Whole World be able to enjoy normal peaceful family lives. European colonialism is very dangerous and the double standards and deceitfulness of European Public Officials in Europe towards foreign citizens must stop. The world is sick and tired of Racism, Antisemitism and the Corruption of Public offices by corrupt officials. 

Over the next year we will be helping the UK Government introduce Great British Railways to completely replace the need for imported cars which have caused so much misery to the people of our planet. There will be a complete end to fossil fuel based private transport and a better environment will be created for everyone in every city in every nation, by The Grace of God !

Roman Abramovitich and many other corrupt Russian Oligarchs have had their MEGAYACHTS SEIZED by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs so we will be putting these new PUBLIC MEGAYACHTS to good use and helping families cross the channel for remembrance educational tours to learn about history for a better future for the next generation by The Grace of God !

We do indeed sincerely HOPE and PRAY that we may, by The Grace of God, be able to advance VICTORY DAY to The 8th of May 2023 and save the people of France two entire years of misery under Macron by promoting remembrance of History today so that we can avoid repeating the same mistakes of yesterday tomorrow.
VE Day - 8th May 1945 - Seventy Fifth Anniversary
VICTORY over fascism on the 8th of May 1945 was achieved by the combined efforts of the VICTORS of World War Two following the allies sailing from Portsmouth to The Normandy Landing Beaches on the 6th of June 1944 very early in the morning. Preparations for D-Day were made over several years so that the landings would be a success and France would be successfully liberated. 
75e anniversaire du Débarquement : Pegasus Bridge le premier lieu pris ...
Learn more about the History of HM Royal Navy at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard before you sail to Normandy with Brittany Ferries on the Historic D-Day route and visit the D-Day Bunker in Ouistreham. From The Bunker proceed to Pegasus Bridge to learn about the important role of HM Royal Air Force in liberating the surrounding area the day before the landings so there would be minimal German resistance to the Liberation.

From Pegasus Bridge Public Buses will take you to CAEN where there are many museums and an SNCF Railway station on the line used by The allies to liberate Paris where the Memorial De La SHAOH educates everyone about the reality of life in Paris under German occupation. From the memorial travel to DRANCY to see learn how The Germans and French collaborators deported Jewish and Friends of the Jews to the AUSCHWITH death camp and other Death camps like Sobibor in occupied Poland. Learn how collaborators were rewarded with FREE apartments and furniture of the HOLOCAUST VICTIMS to understand why the Holocaust did not really end in 1945 becuase apartments are STILL being extorted from vulnerable foreign families today with the help of CORRUPT officilials in the 10th District of Paris. Understand the reality of life in France today to realise the need for much better education for all French and European people.
Au Mémorial de la Shoah, Valérie Pécresse fustige «ceux qui falsifient  l'Histoire»
From the Memorial in Drancy visit the reopend GARE De La Deportation in BOBIGNY and travel to MEAUX to understand the origins of the GREAT WAR which really started in 1914 actually 30 hours before the declaration of war by Germany against France. Travel on to VERDUN to see the reality of life in The Trenches and continue to Belfort to learn about how the HEROES of Belfort resisted the Germanic Siege from 1870 to 1871. Travel on to Joncherey and visit the Memorial to corporal Peugeot who was the First French casualty of German aggression in World War One. Continue to the HOTEL CHURCHILL at Rue Du Stade 2 in Boncourt to enjoy a well deserved rest and recouperation and learn how to really ride a HORSE into battle and on to VICTORY at a local Horse Farm.
Horse Riding Holidays in France – Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
Children love to actively participate in History lessons and it's not all GRIM Fairy tales with BRIGHT RAIL History because riding a HORSE is fun and the horses are well looked after and happy. When your horse is happy you will be happy too !

In Boncourt there is much to learn about history from the Didactic Tourist Trail which educates people about the HEROIC role of Boncourt as a place of safety for Jewish and other refugees escaping from the NAZI Germans in World War Two.
 Also in Boncourt is of course the Signals Intelligence BUNKER MUSEUM in The Hotel Churchill where the BRIGHT family were able to escape persecution by the Corrupt APEA GESTAPO Type of Child Trafficking organisation in Delemont where Human beings are bought and sold so it is also known as DEALERMONT by local people who you will meet on the Trains to BERNE and the Albert Einstein Museum at Helvetiaplatz 5. Become a FRIEND of the Museum today and learn more from the Museum website.

Bernisches Historisches Museum : Contact (

We encourage everyone to STOP RACISM and remember our shared COMMONWEALTH VICTORY on The 8th of May 1945 just 78 years later on The 8th of May 20231. We are a  registered company 11580511 at companies house in The UK. By sharing this website and visiting the museums you will HELP BRING VICTORY FORWARD by Two Years saving millions of innocent lives in Ukriane, Syria, Libya, the Congo and many other countries affected by the WARS and CORRUPTION of the Fascist Dictator Vladimir PUTIN and his associated CRIMINAL CRONIES Macron, Le Pen, Melenchon, Modi, etc, etc...

As our kidnapped and OFFICIALLY Trafficked daughter Sophie says to the whole world