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13 July 2002 - Prince Harry of Wales & Prince William of Wales played bicycle polo @ Tidworth Polo Club, Wiltshire for a charitable event organized by their cousin Zara Phillips. The event pitted the Jockeys against the Eventers in a match that raised money for Zara’s pet cause, spinal cord injuries research.
Zara is seen below at the same event 2 summers later (2004) —
And Zara again @ the 2006 event: /
4 People Riding 1 Bambike! Read this news item
mv Pont-AvenThe Queen inspects soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland during the Ceremony of the Keys at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh Pont-Aven

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Thailand Massage
Thailand Massage

mv Pont-AvenThe Queen inspects soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland during the Ceremony of the Keys at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh

Schweizerische Bodensee Schifffahrt

World Wide Winners UKOK
Deserve Excellent Travel

United Kingdom of Scotland and Shetland: Loyal to QUEEN

Policy Guidance is published to illustrate how OUR
FREE and independent state of Scotland is an excellent
destination and easy to get to from China and Russia.

Tourism makes us all so rich we can leave the Oil in the ground.

FREELY Together we can help each other and therefore Scotland
shares with other states, groups and individuals the implementation
of practical travel around the World for Peace. The United Kingdoms
are connected by Her Majesty' Scottish Royal Megayacht Travel Service.

FREE Public Transport for those who need it most in Scotland
is provided by the state and this enables everyone to be mobile
saving our Oil and Gas energy resources for future generations.
 Oil and Gas will be worth more in the future as supply falls.

OUR FREEDOM from being wrapped up in the Nuclear
arms race and NATO alliance enables Scotland to be a
bridge between the West and East which is not only good
for World Peace but also saves us billions of pounds!

FREE Education ensures Scottish young people are
very well educated and productive, meaning that they
can pay more tax to fund our Great Society.

means so much for humanity and the
FREE Scotland reaches out to the United States,
Russia, China and the World for Peace.

FREEDOM of thought and policy here means
we can help policymakers everywhere

FREE access to this site and others means we can
publish links to topics from a variety of sources
including Global Research and talk about life:

Free Transit and Beyond

The purpose of FREE Public Transport is
to promote walking and cycling for everyone
by completely removing the need for cars.

With no need for cars on public roads risk
is removed enabling healthy mobility for all.

Safe World

Promoting walking and cycling is a key
policy response to the health needs of the
population. Physical fitness is of vital
importance for the delivery of Public
Health for everyone which is one of
the responsibilities of the Scottish
National Health Service NHS:

NHS Scotland.png

Free Public Transport for those most in need
is provided by Transport Scotland who help you:

Transport Scotland

With no need for private cars you can
sell yours today and live a healthy life on a
better planet which is free from risk! Sell it now,
because with no need for fuel there is no war.

Travel in style with Royal Megayacht Travel.

Berlin Brandenburg Gate
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One Happy Family

Public Health for all
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