One World For Peace - One World For Peace
One World For Peace 

One World For Peace is dedicated to
restoring Peace and Justice to our world
through remembrance. Our mission is
to STOP ALL WAR by remembering
One World Of Peace which we all
enjoyed before Germany and Austria
started WW1 in 1914. Remembering
WW1 WW2 and The Holocaust is the
way to STOP THE WAR today. We
promote remembrance for Peace.

Remembering that Jerusalem has been
the capital city of the Jewish people for
over 3000 years helps us understand
why the EU is so opposed to Israel.

All true Christians Jews and Muslims
have suffered at the hands of the EU
and the German regimes that started
World War One and World War Two
and committed the Holocaust. Israel
defends humanity by protecting the
Jewish faith and all faith through
remembrance. Remembrance is
the key to achieveing World
Peace in our time today.

One World For Peace remembers the
Peaceful Palestinian state that existed
before the Nazi German regime started
deportations in 1933. We work to restore
genuine Peace in The Middle East by
recognising Jerusalem as the capital
of Palestine equally as the capital
of Israel as everyone has suffered
since the unholy Roman Empire
murdered our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ who was born on
Christmas day 2018 years ago.

All true believers are persecuted by the
corrupt, racist, antisemitic regimes in
Europe so it is important to report
racist, corrupt, antisemitic
incidents and do your
duty for Peace.

Antisemitic incidents should be reported
to The Police as well as Swiss Jews on 
the website link posted here:

I am a Jewish Trade Unionist
Disabled by a Traumatic Brain Injury
and am in Switzerland on business to
promote the new railway line to the
UK from The Jurassic Republic.

This railway line was closed down in
1992 after the West German expansion
into Eastern Europe. EU enlargement
impoverished millions of eastern
europeans as public railways
that provided good jobs were
closed down to boost the
profits of automobile
manufacturers like
Volkswagen, etc.

Historical and Political Education is
therefore vital to understand the good
role of the railways promoting peace.

As well as providing good jobs the new
railway enables everyone from eastern
Switzerland and Europe to travel to
Belfort and learn about the siege
of Belfort from 1870 to 1871.

The railway continues North to Verdun
and Dunkirk where families can learn
about World War One, World War Two
and The Holocaust by visiting
historic sites in person.

The railway continues west to Paris
where families can visit the museum
of the Holocaust and continue to
the Normandy beaches where
our British Royal Navy allied
 defeated fascsim
on the beaches in 1944.

Our affiliated ships sail directly from
Sword Beach to Portsmouth where
families can visit the birthplace
of Charles Dickens as well as the
D-Day landing museum and The 
Royal Navy Historic Dockyard
and HMS VICTORY, the flagship
of Admiral Lord NELSON.

I am very happy doing my job and
am supported by people from my
UK based organisation called
"One World For Peace"

We are trading as Her Majesty's
Royal Megayacht Travel Service
with Her Majesty's Revenue and
Customs Unique Tax Reference
UTR 291 037 6861 (Rochester).

We are promoting remembrance
of The Holocaust, World War Two,
World War One and the 1870-1871
siege of Belfort so as to illustrate
the need for political change in
the German speaking world.

Certainly I can understand why the
corrupt officials in Thurgau refuse
to speak English with me and also
discriminate against my legally
valid Health insurance cards.

I am a UK tax payer introducing
UK Euducation and Health for
everyone in Switzerland so
vested interests in swica
are being challenged.

As a friend of the Swiss Jews I
promise to continue to press for
recognition of all UK documents,
compensation and an full apology
which will be published here.

Here are the details of my case:
On the 3rd of March 2017 after
visiting the KVG in Solothurn to
confirm my UK EHIC cards are
definiately valid in Switzerland
I was adviced by The Police
in Solothurn (KAPO) to go
and report the corruption
in Romanshorn to the
district court which
I did with a formal
letter as required.

I was then taken, under orders of
the court of Arbon district president
Mr. Zanoni to Munsterlingen spital
and held against my will for seven
hours (which would have been an
indefinate detantion had the UK
emergency diplomatic service
and my Russian business 
partner not helped me).

This was a forced dissappearance
exactly as happened to Jewish and
Trade Unionist and minority grops
under the regime of Adolf Hitler
from 1933 to 1945 in Germany.

We thought we had stopped that
sort of thing in 1945. This is why
we need Israel and why I am now
requesting Israeli passports for
all of my family. I am afraid
we will suffer further
persecution here.

Thank you very much for your help.

We are Combatting Corruption
We are Reporting Racism and
We do not accept antisemitism
We are disgusted by Prostitution
of Public offices in Switzerland

By the Grace of God we shall stop
the ongoing holocaust and persecution
of Jewish, Trade Unionist, Disabled,
Foreign and minority groups here.

Thank you very much.

Bournemouth Against Racism promotes
sustainable remembrance tourism from
Bournemouth to Berne by local trains
across the battlefields of Belgium
and France to build One World
For Peace together today...


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The purpose of GREAT Public Transport is
to promote walking and cycling for everyone.
By completely removing the need for cars we
bring mobility and more opportunity for all.


With no need for cars on public roads risk
is removed enabling healthy mobility for all.

Promoting walking and cycling is a key
policy response to the health needs of the
population. Physical fitness is of vital
importance for the delivery of Public
Health for everyone which is one of
the responsibilities of the UK=OK!
National Health Service NHS

UK=OK! Free Public Transport
for those people who need it most.

With no need for private cars you can
sell yours today and live a healthy life on a
better planet which is free from risk!

Sell it now, because with no need for fuel
there is no need for war.

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One Happy Family

Peace and Freedom for all
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