One World For Peace - Great British Schools

Dear Chamber of Commerce colleagues,

It was a great pleasure to visit the Chamber of
commerce in Constance to discuss our new UK
and German joint venture Great British schools

which we will now be opening up everywhere!

By offering the English National Education
to everyone in Germany we help
modernise thinking and expand the market
size for German exports to over Two Billion
Commonwealth consumers. Additionally in
the UK we have a new government waiting
to work together with our european allies
and friends. Jeremy Corbyn will soon be
UK Prime Minister and there will not be
the feared "brexit" but a TRUE BRexit!

The TRUE BRexit! respects workers rights
placing a priority on creating real jobs in all
of Europe as well as in The UK itself. We are
achieving this by expanding the EU market size
for goods and services created all over Europe
and by stopping the wasteful expenditure
on warfare and 'nato' which will now be
joined by Russia, China and members
of The Commonwealth of Nations.

Great British Schools are now opening up
everywhere with the support of The British
Council and Embassies in Germany, Austria
and Switzerland. In addition to UK English
students are able to study all the other UN
United Nations official languages:

File:Flag of the United Commonwealth (13 Fallen Stars).svgBritish English

This will ensure rapid integration of migrants
into the Labour market and will create exciting
new jobs as most people already speak at least
one official
United Nations language and can
therefore start work immediately. German
bureaucrats can survive if they are willing
to becomes truly international and serve
local business and The International
community upon which we depend.

Constance was always a pioneer of borderless
and barrier free thinking so our new Electric
Tram Network will enable The Disabled to
travel easily with a level interface between
platforms and all of the the tram openings.

Opening up is always good for business and
means we welcome more customers into our
"Euroshop" which is after all the buiness of
The International Chambers of Commerce
and Industry. We propose that IHK become
an International Handels Kamer as this will
help people transition from the old and tired
Industrial thinking to New Services thinking.

Zeppelin Airships is an excellent case study
where a traditional manufacturing business
is able to go on to thrive in the new English
speaking Global markets including China

Other examples include local Restaurants,
Pubs, Hotels and other Public services such
as railway, bus, shipping and taxi companies.

Germany is truly a World Class business
friendly location from The Lake of Constance
up to the North Sea Baltic passenger shipping
canal and will thrive by now opening up to
welcome The World to Germany in 2018.

As well as Great British Schools and Colleges
of further and higher education we offer easy
and trouble free access to the Commonwealth
universities. Our University integration with
Constance and Cambridge ensures promtion
of the EURASMUS UK scheme in association
with the International Office in Constance.

Other projects we are working on include the
promotion of the year round tourist season in
association with Mainau Island, ZeppelinSBS,
BSB, Vorarlberg linesSBB  CFF  FFS and SNCF.

Many exciting projects await The Great British
partners for World Peace and International
development: France, Germany, Ireland,
The Netherlands and all current EU states.

In France the new TGV  line to Constance via the
Rhein shore is under construction and has now
reached Delle on the Border with Switzerland.

French and English are both well spoken in all
of Switzerland and we are investing heavily in
eastern cantons of Zurich, Thurgau, St. Gallen
and Appenzeller land for more Global tourism.

Without the burdensome Juncker and Merkel
we will be able to do business with Russia, China
The Philippines and The Commonwealth will be
expanding to create One World For Peace.

Zeppelin Airships are already in discussion with
The Philippine Government about new Clark
Air Base to Borocay VIP diplomatic services.

Also in Friedrichshafen we are building the new
 Family "Kleinbahn" which will connect
the Terminal
 to The Meeting Halls "Messe" and
Gerbertshaus river Schussen swimming resort
 well as the Rolls Royce MTU Business park 
which we call
The UK office in Germany.

I am delighted to be working with you at this
most interesting and profitable time for all of us.

With very best wishes,

Paul Bright CEO  One World For Peace. and

We were delighted to take part in the German 
election process supporting our UK business
friendly FDP/Green/Left/SPD coalition for
getting the job done and moving Germany
into the 21st century to create real jobs.

The Great British coalition ensures that
true democracy and freedom are going
to be well respected in Germany and we
can work together for a Business friendly
BRexit! for British Railways and Sealink
Brittany Ferries Royal passenger ships.

German election result: SPD/Left/Green/FDP
Great British coalition wins 52% of all the
bundestag seats! A TRUE 
BRexit! is ensured!

The same proportion voted for BRexit!
299 of 299 constituencies are declared:

% of
+/- %
Die Linke

Let's work together for a Better Europe:

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