One World For Peace - Dear Visitors
Dear Visitors,

We are organising an RMT UNION Road Safety 
conference at Croyde Bay UNISON
RESORT and invite all to attend. The RMT is dedicated to helping Police, 
Fire and 
 Ambulance public services. Our mission is to make roads safe for Cyclists
Mobility scooter users, Children and The Elderly by empowering The Police to help
Victim support and victims of road crime to receive proper consideration including
proper compensation for injuries sustained at the hands of irresponsible drivers.

 CROYDE BAY UNISON to book your accommodation...

The NHS spends trillions of pounds every year subsidising cheaper car insurance
by failing to reclaim the cost of treatment for victims of road crime through the courts.
The taxpayer is hit hard by ongoing care costs for victims of road crime who are not
able to pay as much tax as they could if they had not been injured on the road in the
first place. Road crime costs the UK trillions of pounds in lost revenue as drivers do 
not pay for the cost of their actions. 

Making roads safe means effective deterrence to deadly drivers. Knowing that if you
cause a road incident it will cost you dearly in a lost licence as well as follow up costs
with compensation payable will STOP RISK on our roads and save millions of lives.

Instead of driving cars people will choose the bicycle and RMT UNION regulated safe
Public Transport. Money that previously was lost to the UK economy by costly imports
of Volkswagens, BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and Porsche 9/11 types from Germany will
stay in the UK. Instead of paying for Saudi Arabian petrol that funds ISIS terrorists as
well as Theresa May and her husbands' arms exporting family business we will pay
RMT UNION members to sell tickets at ticket offices and check tickets on our trains.

The RMT UNION Guard Guarantee means all trains will have a Guard as well as a
Driver and therefore the train will be safe. British Transport Police at stations will make
British Railway stations safe and accessible for everyone. Mobility will be for everyone.

Many people are dismayed by the so called ‘Brexit’ of Theresa May who may well be a 
terrorist as she is sponsoring Saudi Arabian attacks on children in Yemen. Our BRexit
which is known as the Left Exit or Lexit stops risk to the UK economy by focusing on
UK Trade and investment. Instead of threatening to deport valuable NHS workers
we will control trade at our borders and stop deadly car imports from Germany.

All our Europe will benefit from The RMT UNION Labour Party BRexit for British Rail.
In France we support the FRexit for French Railways and the SNCF with the CGT union.
In Germany we support the GRexit for German Railways with the GDL Trade union and
The LEFT Party. By moving Europe to the LEFT we will all be alright. Now Left is Right!

For right is of course far wrong so we encourage all Trade Unions and Trade Unionists
to join Hope Not Hate and Stop The War as we have the future of humanity in our hands.

Please feel free to visit our website dedicated to reopening lost railways and saving
Great Britain from immobility and irresponsibility. Let’s work together for safe roads.

As the organiser of this conference I am delighted to announce our NEW Partnership
with the Devon and Cornwall Police who are now committed to tackling deadly drivers.

Investment by North Devon District council in properpavements and cycle lanes to all
parts of Croyde will greatly enhance the visitor experince. The new railway line from
Barnstaple to Ilfracoombe and the connecting Royal Megayacht Travel shipping line
to Swansea and Cork as well as Lundi island all add up to offer a GREAT British
world class holiday. 

There is of course more sunshine in Australia and The Philippines so we also offer
you connecting rail and sail deals across eurasia to the Chinese Port of Sanya as
well as Vladivostok for Pyongyang honeymoons. 
RMT UNION World Peace
as well as international solidarity really means Rule Britannia with equal pay for
men and women of all nationalities on all our ships worldwide.

Always choose safe RMT UNION travel.

With very best wishes,

Paul Bright RMT Member 0129053 of Dover Shipping Branch because #JezWeCan
Democratic Europe. Total Liberation. 2018=1945=1918

mv Pont-Aven

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