One World For Peace - ABOUT THE TRIP
The Global Armistice school trip is planned for the end of term 2017 to Bournemouth and end of term 2018 to Manila from Bournemouth. We hope to achieve Global Nuclear Disarmament by remembering Armistice Day 1918 together.

Televsion and media enquiries are welcome. Please call the School Trip Helpline on
00 63 928 94 82 555

This is an overland trip open to all schools worldwide. It is being organised to promote remembrance of 1914~1918 for World Peace
from 2014~2018 when we remember the 1918 armistice together with The German speaking world.

We hope everyone will then join the tradition of wearing the Poppy to remember war so that we can achieve Peace for future generations.

Generations pass on the baton of World Peace and International
Friendship. My Great Grandfather served the UK in World War One,
My Grandfather served the UK in World War Two, my loving father in Australia served in the Cold War (stopping it becoming a hot war), we now serve to Stop the Third World War.

We can Stop The War 
can achieve World Peace
can remember together

Eva and Paul Bright are teachers from the Great British Philippine islands working for Peace through Education. Our lives are dedicated to World Peace with our UK=OK! Foundation for World Peace with the Inclusive Commonwealth.

God Save The Queen!
God Bless The Commonwealth!

War does not just "happen" it is started by corrupt politicians serving corporate interests as we are learning today in the news.

Germanic corporate interests started The Great War in 1914 and German Trade Unions helped stop it in 1918. It was resumed in 1939 and stopped again in 1945. We intend to stop all war  before 2018.
   This trip is designed to provoke debate and defeat the corrupt weapons making profiteers.


By the Grace of God The Commonwealth, Free French, Russian, Chinese, Philippine & USA permanent six 
will defeat the evil unholy Roman Empire of the evil Angela Merkel!

We are campaigning for the Philippines to be given a permanent place in the Commonwealth and for an additional Commonwealth seat in the United Nations security council. This will STOP RISK of further wars as The Commonwealth is for World Peace.
Global Education Together is the purpose of the 2017 Armistice remembrance school trip.

Everyone is welcome to support the trip which is an exchange from Manila to Bournemouth UK and is organised by Eva and Paul Bright of the UK=OK!  Foundation for World Peace with the Inclusive Commonwealth (including Russia, China, Philippines & USA).

Please call Eva and give what you can by western union or directly to the school trip bank account. Please ask for the Bank details.

Donations will be tax deductible once we are registered. Please email enquiries to

The School Trip donation helpline is
00 63 928 94 82 555
and the trip is organised by Bright Education.

We are registered with HMRC as HMS Royal Megayacht Travel service because the schools will be travelling by ship to and from the UK to experience the 1944 D-Day landings in real life, on Sword Beach.


Join the Royal British Legion
for World Peace today!

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