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Let´s work together to save 12 million lives this decade
with the World Health Organisation Decade of Action.

~ Join STOP  RISK and help save lives ~
~ Leave driving to professionals ~
~ Call a TAXI & save your life ~
~ Travel by Boat Train Bus ~
~ Forget private driving ~
~ Live a decade longer ~

"World unites to halt death and injury on the road"

Lead the winners with Road safety collaboration:
Learn how to win: 
CLICK HERE for the pdf.

We proudly support of the United Nations Decade
of action for road safety
. Together we are:

Saving Millions of Inncocent Lives Everyday
With professional drivers, safe roads
and safe travel alternatives to driving.

STOP RISK for good

WHO | World Health Organization

Support the World Health Organisation
Decade of action for road safety 2011 ~ 2020


CLICK HERE to see lives saved travelling by train.
CLICK HERE to see the Message of support from Russia.
CLICK HERE to see the Message of support from Geneva.

...working with the WHO we can
save 12 million lives
 this Decade... achieveing safe roads and by
using alternative safe modes of travel.

Winners protect their families this Decade. Read the fact file 
and understand the risks of the roads and take great care

WHO | World Health Organization
Click on the WHO logo above to find out more.

WHO Fact #1: More people are killed on roads than by AIDS.
WHO Fact #2: Roads are the top killer of 15 to 29 year olds.
WHO Fact #3: Around 50% of road accident victims are killed
in their cars so, in or out of a car, everyone is at risk on the roads.

Join WINNERS at the Global Initiative for Safe Travel and save lives. 
We say: Take great care ~ make roads safe ~ avoid losers who drive.

Our Initiatives:
  • Global campaign to curb private car use.
  • Priority for the most vulnerable road users.
  • Lower speed limits which are properly enforced.
  • Car free areas in the centre of villages, towns and cities.
  • Separate cycle lanes and wide pavements for people to walk.
  • A global campaign promoting alternatives to motor cars.
  • Promotion of public transport, cycling and walking.
  • Safe lower speed cars available to all in need.
  • Reopening of all provincial railway lines.
  • Integrated safe public transport.
Winners believe in safe, risk free, mobility for all.
We are the global campaign to STOP RISK for good

The Official UN campaign is available in Official Languages:
Take care and stay safe ~ avoid deadly roads.
You are welcome to email us for help and enquiries:
You are not a dummy !
YOU ARE NOT A LOSER: so sell your car...NOW!

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